Five on Friday

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Friday has arrived! I’ll admit, I’m hugging my coffee mug extra close this morning after an evening spent in DC attending a Transiberian Orchestra concert….and I’ll probably be hugging it again this afternoon for a pick me up! As always, I’m sharing five things that are on my mind today…or that have been on my mind this week.

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One. Christmas Cards…which have been a catastrophe of epic proportions this year! I ordered them at the end of November, thinking that I’d be ahead of the game. I received the confirmation that they’d shipped on November 30th and then received confirmation they’d arrived on December 7th. All of this confirmation and whatnot was through – Wal-Mart! Guess what happened though? No one could ever find the cards, customer service could not locate the cards and after a long and drawn out back and forth, I finally got my money back…and turned to Staples. Staples did in three hours what Wal-Mart was unable to accomplish over two weeks. The verdict? No more photo projects at Wal-Mart for this girl.

I’ll share a look at my card once I’ve gotten them in the mail…which is happening later than I thought it would…thanks for nothing Wal-Mart!

Two. Resolutions…it’s that time of year. I’ve noticed in the past few years that people seem to select a word or phrase (a mantra, if you will) for the new year and try to apply that aspect to all areas of their life. I wonder if this route might not be so much better than making resolutions…because I am most certainly one of those people that plans grandiose resolutions (the ever popular weight loss option) and commits for about 2 weeks before falling off the wagon. I think as the next three weeks of this year draw to a close, I’ll be thinking about what I want my “mantra” for 2016 to be. Maybe that’s not too crazy…

Three. Ornament Exchanges; like cookie exchanges, can be loads of fun. Granted, you can also end up with some completely random and awkward ornament…I guess when ornament exchanges are done Dirty Santa style, you never know what you’ll get! All that to say, I’m going to an ornament exchange tomorrow morning with my Mom and I picked out (what I think is) the cutest little ornament to wrap and submit to the melee that is an ornament exchange. Wish me luck (and hopefully a good number) as I do battle for the perfect prize! Of course, I suppose if that doesn’t work out…there’s always the comfort of Christmas snacks, right? I’ll report back on how this all goes down on Monday, ha!

Can someone just bring these? They’re pretty….

Four. EOS Lip Balms are one of my favorite things. I’ve suggested these to so many people and I find that people either love them or hate them. I’m in the love them camp and earlier this week I picked up two new “flavors” because my desk EOS and my purse EOS had run out (yes, I keep them everywhere). I grabbed Sweet Mint and Coconut Milk and they’re both wonderful! I think the next time I need one, I’m going to grab up a Lemon…doesn’t that sound amazing?

Does anyone else love these? 

Five. Fitness Friday…I actually have something to update on in this spot besides just saying “oh well, I tried…” like last week! However, before I share I will just say I obviously have no shame because I included a picture with this update and well… all I can say is you’re welcome.

Y’all, I absolutely don’t love using the elliptical. I think I’ve said that just a time or two (or ten) and I was desperate to just keep walking…but I also didn’t want to have some kind of epic wipe-out on a stray branch, pebble or small creature in the dark. Enter the headlamp. Yes – I said it. The headlamp. My Dad has one of the goofiest looking headlamps I’ve ever seen, but when perched atop my head it shines a path for me to walk and walk and walk. So, I’ve started bundling up, strapping my light source to my head and walking along – looking like an absolute nutcase, I’m sure. But hey – if it works, right?

Very chic – I know.

So – there you have it. Five things on this Friday, two weeks before Christmas! I hope I’ve provided you with a laugh sharing my absolutely glorious headlamp photo; I know I laugh at myself while I’m walking. I hope you all have an awesome weekend filled with festivity, friends, family and food!
And – if you have any suggestions for some other way to keep walking without a headlamp attached to my head – they’d be greatly appreciated. 

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