Birch Box – Take Two

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Birch Box Number Two arrived in mid-November…which yes, reveals just how behind I am on this post. Oops! I’m telling you; between the rush to get packed and then being out of town for a week for Thanksgiving, I’m realizing I’m behind on a couple things. Thankfully nothing too important – like paying bills!

Seriously – the cutest boxes!

I have to say that one thing I’ve loved so far about Birch Box are the absolutely adorable boxes that everything comes in! My first box was just a simple cardboard style box but would have looked so cute re-purposed with a ribbon in red or green (Christmas on the brain anyone?) The November box was covered in a teal and black floral pattern and I hesitate to toss it because I feel like it could be used for so many different things! Okay…I’m done going on and on about silly boxes, ha-ha! On to what is actually IN those boxes!

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle Spray

Beauty Protector: Protect & Detangle Spray – You guys! This smells like cookies! I don’t know about you, but if I can get my beauty products to smell like baked goods and thus make my hair smell like cookies, I’m in! I also love the versatility of this product – in one small bottle you get a product that detangles, moisturizes, protects from heat and can ever serve as a leave in conditioner. At $21.95 for an 8 ounce bottle, it needs to be multi-functional. However…did I mention it smells like cookies?

LOC Lip Pencil

LOC Vibrant Matte Lip Pencil – So, prior to getting my November box I was sent an email that let me know I could choose whether or not I wanted to receive this item…and if I did want it, I could choose my color! I picked a pretty bright (didn’t realize till I put it on) magenta but it goes on well enough and I love the way it looks. The color is called Nite Owl and since it’s a small lip pencil, it’s easy to throw into a bag and take with you! I feel like this will be getting tossed in my bag for London! I also have to point out – had I not chosen to receive this lip pencil, I’d have received something else in it’s place.

La La Lagoon Shower Gel

Temple Spa: La La Lagoon Aromatic Bath & Shower Gel – I’ve only used this wee sample once and I can’t quite decide what I think of it. When I initially began soaping up with it, I was really into the smell but I found that the longer I used it, the more…overwhelming (???) it became. The gel is infused with botanicals including mint, peppermint and basil – I think maybe I am smelling more basil than mint and perhaps that’s why I’m not in love with it. I think this needs a bit more mint and a bit less basil – but I obviously am in the minority here; I just checked online and the full size ($18) is sold out! Oh well.

Make – Face Gloss

Make: Face Gloss – I’m still not sure what to make of the whole face gloss/skin illumination thing…and that’s exactly what this is. I’ve previously received an illuminating primer and used it once or twice but this is meant to be applied to the cheekbones or the bridge of the nose to make skin look dewy and refreshed. I’m still waiting for a situation to present itself where I want to look “dewy” but so far nothing has cropped up that just screamed “you’ll want dewy skin for this moment” and so this product is just hanging out in my purse. Ha!

Style de Paris Perfume Sampler

Catherine Malandrino: Style de Paris Perfume Sampler – I haven’t actually done much more than sniff this teeny sampler, but I can report it smells lovely! The scent has hints of Mandarin, ruby red grapefruit and pear but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing the larger size when this wee sample runs out. The gift set contains a 3 ounce bottle of perfume and a 3 ounce bottle of lotion…all for only $130! Eek! I’ll stick with my Bath and Body Works sprays for now… It does smell lovely though. So nice.

So – that’s what was in my November box! I felt like this box had samples that were a bit more my style and fit my lifestyle a bit better than the first box (remember the spray can of water???)…even if face illuminating cream isn’t really something I’m sure about yet. I’m sure my December box will be arriving any day now. Perhaps it will have something wonderful in it that I can’t take to London? Only time will tell! 

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