Let’s Do the Time Warp – November

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I’m SO behind on this post – eek! The rush and madness of Thanksgiving, travel, preparing for a Christmas get-together, work…. I just completely blanked on this one. Oh well, it may be a couple days late, but here’s my time warp for November!

On the field at Nationals Park – perfect way to start November!
Still love my Saints…even if this year it’s more like the “Aints”
Thanksgiving in MS – it’s hotter than it looks. Whoosh!
Double duty with the cow bells? Check! 

This Year – A busy November to be sure! The month (as I look at it) was filled with sports-related things, ha-ha! It started with a tour of Nationals Park the first weekend of November, a Saints game the second weekend of November and was the month was rounded out with a MSU football game. Hail State! Of course, there was plenty of turkey to be had by all in between!

A beat up chick (can’t tell, can you?) with Bully!
Hail State!
The first snow of the season…still laying peacefully the day after Thanksgiving.

One Year Ago – A running theme with all the November pictures? They’re almost all only of the week of Thanksgiving! Last November came to a close with both a bang and a blanket of white! The last week of November, my brand new (only 11 months old) car was totaled when I was hit by an 18-Wheeler on the way home from work….three days before Thanksgiving! I was spared any harm other than soreness and experienced a whirlwind 48 hour visit to MS before flying back home to snow and Black Friday madness.

Let me off this airplane before I lose my mind!
Christmas card picture taking – we’re pretty good at this, ha-ha!
Picking out the Party Wagon. Sniff…sniff. 
This is what nightmares are made of….

Two Years Ago – I spent Thanksgiving in Virginia (yay!) and had a grand time with my family. We ate delicious food, explored the countryside each and every day and I even got to look at vehicles to see what my Christmas gift might be…the beloved Party Wagon, bless it. Two years ago was also the Thanksgiving of the worst flying experience(s) to date courtesy of Silver Airways – at least when all was said and done, I did finally make it home in one piece!

Got Turkey?
Visiting the Gaylord Hotel at the National Harbor.
Look Out! 
Mount Vernon for the holidays.
I love a good fried dill pickle – thank goodness for Melting Pot!
Three Years Ago – My very first Virginia Thanksgiving! I had almost a whole week’s vacation that I put to good use and my family introduced me to some wonderful sights, holiday sounds and delicious spots to eat in my six days in Virginia! As much as I hoped for snow, it didn’t’ happen…even though it was chilly. I’d get my wish a few weeks later, but that’s a post for another day! 
Who will get the wishbone?
Hosting my family in my home for Thanksgiving!
A little Black Friday afternoon shopping!
My first Christmas tree – in my first home!

Four Years Ago – I can’t believe it’s only been four years ago since I hosted my family for Thanksgiving in my first home! My family came to MS to stay with me and celebrate Turkey Day; we had delicious food and enjoyed spending time with our family. We also did some shopping (of course) and my family helped me put up my first Christmas tree of my own!

Two turkeys…with two turkeys…
We can surely pose & cheese for the camera, ha-ha!
Watson isn’t so sure about all the posing.
Cousins (minus one).

Five Years Ago – Our last Thanksgiving in “our” house. I think that’s the thought at the forefront of my mind when I look at these pictures. If my parents were already discussing moving, I didn’t know about it. We hosted our family at our house and had some pretty delicious turkey – as always. Of course, we had to take family pictures…and so the above is one of the ones we wound up with, ha-ha!

I look like I’m heavily medicated….& maybe I was…
Watson looking majestic in his holiday finery.
Sure do love this kid.

Six Years Ago – This was Lindsey’s first trip home after starting school at the Air Force Academy; I think that is what stands out most to me from these pictures. We’d not seen one another in two months and the family hadn’t seen her in almost five months, so a joyous reunion was had by all. A joyous reunion…with turkey and sweet potato casserole!

A sibling visit to Southern Miss!
Paris – in the middle of Las Vegas, Nevada!
Touring the Hoover Dam!
Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada! Ta-da!
Inside the Luxor Hotel & Casino
After the air show at Nellis AFB – with Samantha Weeks. epic lady pilot & friend.
The Summerlins – cheesing it up at the Top of the World – The Vegas Space Needle

Seven Years Ago – Viva Las Vegas Baby! The month started out with Lindsey visiting me at the University of Southern Mississippi for the weekend – we shopped, ate and she attended a football game with me. Just a week later, we left for a long weekend in Las Vegas and we made sure to go from one end of the strip to the other in the four days we had to explore! We also made it out to the Hoover Dam and Nellis Air Force Base for an airshow. I have no clue what we did for Thanksgiving, ha!

Eight Years Ago – I’ve got nothing. Nada. Can’t find a thing. Oh well….
Radio City Music Hall – Ready for Christmas!
Heading out to see Lady Liberty!
Little sisters will do lots of things if you tell them to…things like grabbing the Hulk’s butt at the wax museum….
Giant Snoopy = The Best Snoopy!
Thanksgiving Lunch at Tavern on the Green!
An after lunch carriage ride through Central Park!
Chilling (literally) at the top of the Empire State Building!

Nine Years Ago – A trip of a lifetime, to be sure! My family spent Thanksgiving week of 2006 in The Big Apple! We took in Broadway shows, watched the Rockettes do high kicks in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, walked along the streets taking in the store front windows, went up…up…up to the top of the Empire State Building, out to see Lady Liberty, watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and had Thanksgiving Lunch at Tavern on the Green! Whoosh! Did you get all that?

Hail State! MSU wins 35-14!

Ten Years Ago – Yea…I’ve got no clue! What I do know is MSU won the Egg Bowl in 2005 and I was there! Whooohoooo! 

So – there you have it. I only made it ten years back in time this go round, but I think that’s pretty good – don’t you?

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