You Can Never Have Too Much Coffee…Or Too Many Washington Nationals Themed Items

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This recap may be short and sweet…and it might evolve into being longer than I think. I don’t know. I feel a sense of urgency with this one; perhaps because the work day has been hectic and finally seems to be slowing down, but maybe I’m worried it will pick back up?

Who knows? The past week…as always….seems like it had a lot of not much happening and then the weekend wasn’t too full of activity either. I guess this past weekend was like the calm before the holiday (Thanksgiving and Christmas) storm! I’m realizing as I type this that it was probably the last weekend with nothing to do and nowhere to be until 2016! There will be holiday travel, Christmas parties, Christmas concerts, cookie swaps, ornament exchanges…and the list goes on and on…and then of course, LONDON!

And well, by the time we return from London, the New Year will have already started and then maybe there will be another weekend with nothing to do? Prefereably with some snow so I can curl up in front of a fire and drink delicious warm things like coffee and hot cider and maybe tea, because perhaps I won’t get a tea overload in London. Perhaps. See…I’m already rambling….

Such an accurate shirt. Which I suppose is why I own it.
The Christmas trees at home are up & sparkling!

I suppose one of the major themes of the past week was decorating for Christmas – we decorated at home and we decorated at work and there are Christmas trees everywhere now. Which I completely love. Our family is a little excessive when it comes to Christmas trees; we usually have at least five trees decorated in our house, at one point we had seven each year and I’m sure when my parents have a house again (as opposed to a town house) that will happen again. When I was living in my own home, I had five – so we like the Christmas trees. A lot. 

I don’t think my Mom has ever truly embraced that I’m a complete and total nerd. Geek. Dork…and decorating “my” tree revealed that as she looked at some of my ornaments like “what the heck?!?” Whatever you want to call it – I’m it. After more than one Christmas season as a Hallmark employee (college and last year…eek) I have more Christmas ornaments than any one person ought to have. A huge chunk of those ornaments consist of fairly nerdy things…such as superheroes and villains from many a comic book related movie…there is most assuredly at this moment a Batman, more than one Superman, an Iron Man and a Spiderman hanging on “my” tree. Bane is also holding court on one of the lower branches. I have a Darth Vader in a Christmas sweater that will wish you a Merry “Sithmas” if you pass too close to him and the tree also contains not one but two dragons (Smaug and Drogon) a dwarf king (Thorin Oakenshield) and of course, the Iron Throne. And half of you have read this and have absolutely no clue who in the heck some of those people are. Ha!

And the Christmas tree at work is all aglow too!
Watson is ready to do Thirty Day Shred with me….he thinks…
Oh hello – may I have what you’re drinking? 

The office tree is more traditional – all red and green and delightful. I’ve started dotting my office landscape with all manner of Christmas decor…but I suppose I’ll save the final push for when I return from Thanksgiving. I read somewhere that every time you decorate a tree before Thanksgiving, an elf kills a baby reindeer…at this rate, I’ve got some reindeer death on my hands. Oops! Having shared that horror, the rest of the week was spent tweaking decorations here and there…and otherwise just doing the regular weeknight things: exercise, dinner, catching up on TV shows, trying to keep my dog from crawling into my lap and stealing my food…you know, those kind of things.

And to think – it was supposed to rain on Thursday. 
National League MVP – yes sir! Sounds exactly right to me!

The weekend started with some seriously delicious food at what was literally a complete hole in the wall – Italian Touch – in the little bitty town of Woodstock. I’m always so hesitant about hole in the wall places because I’m just a weirdo about things like that…but I guess I should get over that, huh? The food was pretty much divine…especially the cannoli…and the place was literally on the side of a gas station. We followed up supper with a visit to Fort Valley Nursery for their Enchanted Evening, which was all sorts of delightful Christmas decor, live music and some pretty delectable looking sweets on display (I only got coffee). I got a coconut latte and lest you turn your nose up at that, let me tell you it was literally the best latte I’ve maybe ever had in all my life and I’m now on a mission to find Torani Coconut syrup for all my coffee. Forever.

Seriously one of the best lattes I’ve ever had. In the midst of a complete Winter Wonderland.
Gorgeous Christmas decor all over the place…
Watson is always a convenient foot warmer. 

Saturday was a fairly epic day in the category of being lazy – although I didn’t actually sleep in – I woke up at 6:55 and couldn’t ever get back to sleep, which always makes me sad. I mean, not tragically sad or anything…just slightly bummed out. I continued to be lazy almost all morning and didn’t venture out until around lunch time when I joined my Mom to go to a craft bazaar at the local Moose Lodge. As with all craft bazaars, some of the things we saw looked like junk and some of the stuff was actually seriously awesome…and there were lots of vendors there from random companies like Scentsy, Origami Owl, Thirty-One…you get the picture. My Mom and I bought Origami Owl charms, a Scentsy warmer and some homemade sweets. We continued our (mild) shopping spree at Home Goods and Old Navy, before winding things down at Cold Stone Creamery – where I will warn you that you should not get the marshmallow ice cream because while the flavor will draw you in, the fact that it basically turns into a giant lump of cold hard marshmallow will push you back out.

Who knew marshmallow ice cream actually had the consistency of a marshmallow???
Look at this sweet little face. It’s certainly changed as he’s grown, but it’s still just as sweet as it was on Day One.

Sunday was fairly slow paced – after church and lunch we went to Nibblins and Best Buy – where I purchased my brand new shiny camera. I purchased that camera at Best Buy, not Nibblins…just in case you’re confused. Nibblins sells food stuffs…and a camera is not food stuffs. However, they did have a glorious 24 ounces Washington Nationals Tervis Tumbler that my Dad thought he’d show me, I assume he thought I wouldn’t immediately decide to make it mine but I guess he still has some things to learn because I walked out of that store with that Tervis because 1) you can never have too much coffee and 2) you can never have too many Washington Nationals themed things. Those two sentences could be a life mantra for me if we’re being honest here. I spent Sunday night eating breakfast (for supper, true story) and watching Scandal and packing. So…there you have it.

Christmas Reindeer? Moose? ReinMoose? Who cares?

Also – I have successfully rambled like a complete and total spazz now and I think I should probably move on. I’d like to blame the third cup of coffee I’m drinking right now on my spastic-ness, but let’s be honest: You can never have too much coffee, so that’s not it. Ha!

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