Watson Wednesday – Bark Box, The Third

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This week’s Watson Wednesday post is a little longer than usual – because Watson got his third (and final, for now) Bark Box! This box was somewhat Thanksgiving themed, although I was surprised that there weren’t any turkey flavored treats or toys…but still, it kept the theme fairly well.

I sat the box on the floor and let Watson do his normal routine of sniffing things out and then letting him inspect each one. He always knows the box is for him because it is filled with delicious (it stinks to me…) smells that entice his little puppy nose!

Oh look – another box just for me?
Trying to reach in & pull something out – so he can eat it! 

I only signed Watson up for a three month subscription – I wasn’t sure what would come in the boxes and my pup tends to be extremely ambivalent about toys; as I’ve mentioned before, he could care less about them. I feel like that was a good call for us because after three Bark Boxes, he now has five toys (I gave one away to a friend) that he doesn’t do much of anything with. I know…I know…I could have given those away too, but they’re so cute and a part of me hopes that he’ll decide he likes them. One day.

Watson is NOT so picky about things to eat – he loves food, he loves treats and so the variety of treats that came each month offered him new and different things. I know sometimes the boxes have treats and a “clothing” article but sadly we weren’t lucky enough to get one of those boxes, so I think for now we’ll be done with Bark Box – but maybe I’ll try it out again after some time has passed!

Nature’s Bits with Bison, Apples & Peaches

Nature’s Bits – These definitely intrigued Watson the most; I thought they smelled awful but he wanted to dive into the bag snout first! He had some of these treats as soon as we got everything out of the box and inhaled them immediately – he loves beef flavored things and bison is honestly just a better tasting version of beef (have you ever had a bison burger?) – so I’m sure if that applies to human food, surely it applies to dog food too.

The Squash

The Squash – This is one of those toys that is designed to make the dog work for a treat. I think; for that reason alone, I might be able to get him to play with this toy! Victory! He sniffed and licked at this but so far, that’s all he’s done. I haven’t quite figured out what I might stuff into the Squash – it obviously has to be small enough to fit in and out of the hole but not so small that it falls right out! However, I think we might have finally found a winner as far as toys are concerned!

Peas in A Pod

Peas in A Pod – Isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I’m absolutely in love with this toy…and of course, Watson gave it one sniff and moved on to other things. The little stinker! All three peas come out of the pod and have squeakers, while the pod itself is crinkly. I think this could be such a fun toy but Watson has no interest and since I’m goofy, we’ll probably end up hoarding it because I have the hope he’ll eventually want to play with it. I just don’t have the heart to think of it getting torn to bits by some other dog, ha-ha! I know – I’m nuts.

Bully Chew

Bully Chew – Another one, eek! I know Watson loves these and he will no doubt devour this one just like he did the other…but I can’t get past the things ever since a co-worker let me in on what it’s made from. I won’t elaborate here, you can google that if you feel the need. I know that Bully sticks tend to be very high in Sodium content, so I’m glad we won’t be getting anymore of these. While I know I might be happy about that, I’m sure if Watson could voice his opinion online, he’d say exactly the opposite. Oh well!

Bark Box Approved – Pig Ear

Bark Box Approved Pig Ear – Another favorite for Watson, he can demolish a pig ear like nobody’s business and enjoys every last bite. I guess if there is one thing my dog definitely likes, its animal parts. Eek! Gross! I suppose if it makes him happy, that’s all that matters, right?

So – our final Bark Box may have been the most successful, if only because at least one of the toys can be used in conjunction with treats and so he might…maybe, just maybe he might play with it! I really enjoyed the three months that Watson received a Bark Box, I love what the company is doing and they were so easy to work with. 
We had an excellent experience with them and if my silly little pup would only play with toys, I’d have signed up for a much longer commitment! If you think Bark Box is something your dog might be interested in, feel free to check it out here – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed – and I know your dog will thank you!

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