Mission Cute

Mission Cute is yet another product that I was turned on to through some of the numerous blogs I read; I discovered Mission Cute through April of A. Liz Adventures.  Now listen, if you click that link you’ll see that her review is over a year old – I stumbled onto her blog and literally played catch up for a couple months!

Mission Cute is a company that I can’t help but get behind because the whole idea is really quite inspired. The boxes start as cheaply as $17 a month and are curated to have some of the cutest and most unique vendors in each monthly box; April jokes it’s like Etsy in a box, but I really think that’s the best way to describe the things you’ll find inside each box. The boxes ship on the 15th of each month and the shipping is always free via UPS!

The best part about these boxes – besides getting an awesome box of cute things each month? Every month a different non-profit is chosen and 50% of the proceeds from all boxes purchased goes directly to that non-profit. The non-profit that is chosen each month is voted on by the subscribers and you can put in your vote each month on their website and you can also offer up the name of a non-profit that you’d like to see sponsored. A couple of the non-profits that have been supported in the past are RAINN, Ekubo Ministries and Feeling Fine Canine & Equine Rescue, and those are just a few of the many that have been supported!

Mission Cute – November

My subscription started with the November box and the non-profit that the November box supported was the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue; located in North Carolina this group is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of migratory birds. I was SO excited to get this box and I couldn’t believe all the awesome goodies that were inside the box! Let’s dive right in!

A 5×7 print with a message of gratefulness.

I think Mission Cute is all about a good art print – I took it upon myself to look back at some previous boxes and it seems like they include an art print of some sort almost every month! I love this one for the month of November; a reminder to be grateful, which is essentially the same as being thankful. I also love that the colors and design are simple – this print could be used year round. I’ve got to find a cute little frame for this and then I plan to display it in my office!

Blood Orange Smoothie Loose Leaf Tea

I absolutely love a good cup of tea and when I pulled out this little bag of loose leaf tea and began reading the ingredients, I knew I would be in love! I mean – I love orange and citrus flavored anything and this also has some vanilla as well. I’ll go ahead and let you know it tastes as delicious as it sounds! I’d love to get myself to a tea shop and get the chance to sniff all the teas, pick out some delicious blends and be able to steep myself a lovely cup of tea…which leads right into the next item…

A Steepware Tuffy Steeper

A steeper! I have an absolutely adorable tea steeper that is shaped like an owl and he usually roosts at home; I am going to keep my Tuffy Steeper at the office. I especially love this steeper because it allows your tea to steep and provides a clever cover over the hot water concealing everything handily inside your mug! I love when something is both handy and cute – which this tea steeper certainly is!

Good Morning Sunshine mug

Isn’t this the cutest mug? I certainly don’t know how often I feel like “sunshine” in the morning but a cup of coffee in a cute mug is a step in the right direction. I have this mug at the office and I try to absorb it’s happy little mantra each morning…especially on the morning I’m not feeling too much like being a ray of sunshine, ha!

Gold Leaf Necklace

This necklace might be my favorite thing from the November box! I’m not a huge fan of gold jewelry; or so I thought, but in recent months I’ve become a bit more interested in having a few pieces of gold jewelry and this necklace definitely fits the bill! It’s lightweight without looking cheap or tacky and can be worn for any season…although I think it’s a winning piece for Autumn for sure! The first time I wore this, I got so many compliments and I love jewelry, so I hope some of the future boxes have cute pieces like this too!

Thank You card note set

That’s right – it’s a whole set of thank you notes! I was raised on writing thank you notes and I fully believe you can never have too many thank you notes; you never know when you’ll need to pen one and send a little thanks someone’s way! I love the aqua and gold color scheme these cards have and the clean lines are especially pretty. I couldn’t believe there was an entire set of note cards – normally you see a box like this having maybe a note card or two, so I was really tickled with these!

So – there you have it! My very first Mission Cute box. I’m so glad I signed up for this subscription service and I can’t wait to see what the next few months hold – I’ve seen some really neat things in other boxes and I love the surprise of receiving a little box of happy each month! I also like knowing that some of the money I put toward the box is sent along to help a charity each month. I wonder who December’s box will benefit? I guess I’d better go offer up my vote toward that, huh? Till next time! 

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