A Sneaky Dog, Shredding and the Sad Saints

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I feel like I blinked and the weekend was over – I feel like that happens every weekend though, so no real surprise there. The past week passed in a little bit of a blur…I feel like I was here and there and yet also not doing much of anything all at the same time.

I feel like that’s my opening line every time – the week passed quickly – blah, blah, blah… It’s true though.


So true.
Forget sweater weather – it’s definitely soup weather.

My dog always manages to amaze me – and not necessarily in the way(s) that I want him to. He’s a sneaky little creature and loves nothing more than to snuggle under a blanket. Especially a blanket that is where he’s not supposed to be. Monday afternoon I left him out when I left for work and thought I’d secured the blanket in a very snug fashion on the couch – but I obviously don’t know Watson’s skills at dismantling blankets so he can climb under them. My Dad came home and sent pictures of Watson, barely visible but nestled ever so snugly under the blanket – he’s such a sneak I tell you!

The mastermind of maneuvering his way under blankets.
Loved this movie – so much.

Tuesday after work my Mom and I decided to go to the movies and see The Peanuts Movie – although how that should really be phrased is that I mentioned over and over that I wanted to see it and she said she’d go with me. We had some wholly unhealthy food to munch on at the Alamo while we watched the delightful antics of the Peanuts gang – and as a child who was raised on the Peanuts, I absolutely loved it. Yes, the movie LOOKS new and updated, but the story is the same. The heartwarming and wonderful that you know and love from the Peanuts gang is still there and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed the little kid behind us who exclaimed “oh – the duck!” every time Woodstock appeared on screen.

This silly little puppy never ceases to crack me up with his silly relaxation habits.
I got this because I’m fabulous & on top of trends. Insert laughter here.
He’s such a little weirdo.

I apparently lost my mind somewhere Wednesday because as much as I despise the elliptical and I can’t walk outside anymore because of the darkness…I decided the obvious choice would be to finally commit myself to the Jillian Michaels Thirty Day Shred. And well, what a commitment that is, let me tell you. It’s a commitment to pain – she may kill me before it’s all said and done – I thought it was bad on Thursday morning when it hurt to go down the stairs, but that wasn’t the half of it. I thought I was going to go ahead and die on Friday night just sitting still. I’m serious. Jillian is definitely shredding me but I won’t let her defeat me. I’ll push on through the pain tonight and hopefully it will start to get easier at some point…because I’m going to need to be able to walk and all that jazz.

Some of the ultimate comfort food on a fairly crazy Friday.
My cell phone camera can’t ever quite capture the colors…

As I mentioned, Friday night was pretty sad and pathetic. I went to bed around 11 because I just couldn’t handle the pain anymore; I felt like someone had hit me with a Mac truck, courtesy of the shredding and whatnot. I also couldn’t handle watching the news anymore because the world is a sad and troubled place and watching coverage of the attacks in Paris made my heart ache. So, I went to bed. Saturday my Mom and I were joined by a friend and we went to some of the Christmas open houses in and around our area; I even managed to get a pretty good jump on some of my Christmas shopping – which is really late shopping for me since I’m usually more than halfway done by now. Oh well. We tried to rally our Bulldogs to a victory on Saturday afternoon but it didn’t really work out that way… It wasn’t a good football weekend.

Wearing his Dak jersey – even though it didn’t work out so well for Dak & the boys.
Jingle the Christmas Owl – he’s majestic.

Sunday was supposed to be a glorious day – we had tickets to the Saints/Redskins game at FedEx Field and it was my very first NFL game to attend…ever. I got all decked out in my Saints best and had my Who Dat spirit all fired up…but it was for naught. The tail gating was interesting and I loved the fire and spirit of all the the Saints fans around us; especially the guys who’d made a sign that said “Breesy Like Sunday Morning” but there isn’t much to stay excited about when the defense decides they aren’t going to show up to play. Blah.

Filled with such optimism for my Saints.
The selfie stick for these Saints fans.

We went to the game with some of my parent’s friends from church – all Redskins fans (well, one was a Steelers fan…) and can I just tell you that I maybe get a little bit intense about my sports teams. I do. The stadium was interesting, the whole thing was an experience…to be sure…but after the Redskins scored on the first drive of the game, I started to get a little worried. Sure, Drew threw some pretty passes and the we scored early on, but after we got our fourteen points…well, we just seemed to lose all our steam. And the Redskins just rolled right over us – which made me sad and mad and frustrated. I’m telling you – I get too excited about sports. It’s a thing. After the heart-breaking loss, we had supper at Chili’s and headed home to prepare for a whole new week. 

Socializing with the enemy – not sure about those Redskins colors…
Excited about my first NFL game – the excitement didn’t last long.

So – another week has passed. Thankfully by the time I post this, another Monday work day will have passed too. And in case you were wondering, I’m counting down the days until Thanksgiving break. Are you? 

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