Time Change Struggles…Among Other Things…

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What a week…what a week. I can’t believe another one has gone by so fast! Granted, I feel like at this time of the year the weeks pass quicker and quicker…the big run up to Thanksgiving and Christmas! The end of the year is drawing ever closer, the parties and events are starting to fill the calendar and I don’t know about you – but I love it!

Oh yea – there are also only 45 days until I am in London! Cue the wild dance of celebration!

The sun setting on Monday night – I’m still adjusting, ha-ha!

There is a meme floating around that’s a girl freaking out about the darkness and the time and assuming that it must be midnight…and in reality it’s only 5:30. That meme is my life and it has been all week; I cannot adjust to it being dark shortly before 6 PM! I feel like somehow the whole evening has passed in a blink, there are things I didn’t get done and the night is half gone…and once I realize it’s only 6:15 then I have to adjust my whole thought process. Not to mention – I keep waking up at 6:05 and I can’t go back to sleep! Not cool! I mean, sure the whole extra hour was really nice…but now that a week has passed, well I’m just not sure about the whole thing.

This is NOT a red cup. What’s up with that Starbucks?
So shiny. So in love with it already.

This whole week has just been a struggle – ha-ha! I mean that in the best way possible because the struggles are just silly ones; and what a blessing to only deal with the silly “struggles” in life as opposed to the real struggles! Christmas decor is going up everywhere and while I want to try and be in “the moment” of thankfulness, I also want all of the Christmas decorations up everywhere – right now! I turn into a complete child again at Christmas: the twinkling lights catch my eyes and warm my heart instantaneously; and I think we can all agree that there is just something in the air at Christmastime that makes the world seem a little kinder, a bit more gentle. Perhaps that’s the feeling I want to arrive at? I’ve already played Christmas music at work (even though my boss just shook his head at me, ha-ha) and I may even be listening to it now. Is there really any harm in being thankful for the Christmas music playing in the background while we all eat our turkey? Hmmm….

The colder it gets, I swear the more vibrant the sunsets get…
A friendly reminder on Friday night – thanks Wal-Mart!

The weekends are always the most vibrant part of my week – mostly because there is some sleeping late and free time involved and you know, nothing makes me feel more vibrant than being able to sleep until I actually wake up as opposed to being alerted by an alarm clock, ha-ha! This was one of the first weekends in a while that I had nothing planned (beyond tea at 2 on Sunday) and it was glorious – absolutely glorious! I love going places and having things to do…probably a little bit more than the normal person, I can’t help it because I was raised that way. I enjoyed dinner out with my parents on Friday night and then we explored a few stores here and there…I may have found a couch I quite like at Ashley Furniture – now I just need a house to put it in. I also found Christmas decorations aplenty at Hobby Lobby and consider it a rousing success that I only bought three things. A rousing success I tell you!

Why yes, that is Christmas decor creeping into my room…
There we go – that’s what I’m talking about!
Another seasonal favorite; so excited to see these! 

Saturday was just downright lovely – although I have to admit, my Mom and I went into Wal-Mart three times in less than 24 hours. I feel like I’m confessing a sin just typing that! Who goes into Wal-Mart that often, ha-ha! I didn’t even sleep that late on Saturday morning, but the joy of snuggling deeper into my bed and being able to read before I got up was a lovely thing! Another lovely thing was having nothing on the agenda, which meant we poked around in a general store in downtown Front Royal, perused the shelves at Wal-Mart and Target (this was visit number 2 to Wal-Mart) and then head home and do nothing all afternoon. Well, I didn’t do nothing. I read, watched a little football, made a pot of chili for my Dad to take to a men’s ministry event, helped him move a chair downstairs in preparation for putting up the Christmas tree…you get the idea, just little things here and there. My Mom and I spent Saturday evening going here and there to buy things for Operation Christmas Child boxes; I always enjoy picking out things for those boxes and wonder what child will get them, what will they think of those things that seem like small treasures to me but will be greater treasures to them…

Watson keeping an eye on the neighborhood.
A Christmas find this week – my frosty Nationals fan is going to keep my car festive!

I started my Sunday morning with a big cup of coffee – as you must! I followed that cup of coffee with a cup of coffee at church, because if your church offers you free coffee – you’d be a fool to say no! Right? I found the cutest little Washington Nationals ornament in Five Below (think the Dollar Store but a wee bit more pricey…like…$3 instead of $1) and decided he’d need to keep my car festive this Christmas season. I enjoyed church with my friends Margaret and Trish and then headed home to relax for a little bit; my Mom joined me for tea with my office at 2. The tea went so well and I think everyone had such a good time – I’m lucky to have such wonderful people to work with; to be able to spend a Sunday afternoon with them and have such a good time. And of course, the food was delicious. It always is though.

Too much delicious food, so much yummy tea & laughter with my office on Sunday afternoon.
This little stinker – still watching things out the window.

Sunday evening I continued to struggle with the time – after having some supper and getting clothes planned out for the week, I felt like I’d have to get into bed imminently because of the darkness outside. I figured it had to be at least 9 PM already…and then I discovered it was only 6:30, ha! I watched my Dad put up the Christmas tree, watched my Mom shape the Christmas tree, watched Watson inspect the Christmas tree and I rooted around and found some ornaments to go ahead and hang on it. I caught up on my TV watching and really felt like the night stretched on and on before it was finally close to 10 PM. I can’t believe another week and weekend have already passed – but with one week passing, it just leaves another new week full of possibilities and adventures to look forward to!

Yes – the Christmas tree is up. And I LOVE IT.

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