DC Day – A Photo Dump

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So – if we are friends on Facebook – you’ve already seen all these pictures and you’re probably wondering why in the world I’m posting these here too. Well, the main reason is because I want to and since it’s my blog…I can get away with it, ha-ha! The other reason is I use this blog as a sort of virtual “journal” for myself and things like this – they’re the things I want to remember! So, I post all the pictures to my journal, so I can look back on them and smile.

Way back almost two weeks ago…on Saturday, October 24th I took my friend Katie to DC for the very first time ever…in her life. She had never been to DC and she’d never seen all the sights and she’d never rode on the Metro and so yeah…it was pretty fun!

The day was a bit overcast and we hoped, prayed, begged and pleaded for the sun to come out…and of course, it finally did around 3:30…right before we headed into the Metro and away from above ground. Oh well, we still had a blast and I hope you enjoy the pictures and some anecdotes from the day’s adventures!

Katie told me “well, it’s much larger in person than in pictures…” 

Can we get ourselves & the entire monument in the picture??

It was a busy day at my favorite memorial – the WWII Memorial – I think it’s Katie’s favorite now too.

I was so glad the fountains were still on – I get why they turn them off, but I so love the difference it makes when they’re on!

My current home state!

The state where Katie & I met & became friends! 

Funny thing about that picture up there – we were trying to figure out the best way to get a picture of us with the Virginia pillar and we were hoping it wouldn’t have to be a crazy selfie. Well, a guy walked up and asked if he could take the picture for us and of course we said yes…and then Katie grinned and told him “we want a picture because Virginia is the state we met in!” We posed for the picture with big grins and as soon as he handed me back my phone and turned to walk away, we both burst out laughing as Katie said “I’m pretty sure he thinks we’re a couple after the way I said that!” Suffice it to say, we kept thinking back on that all day long and cracking up.

The state I’ve lived in the longest of my thirty-one years…
The state where my story started – I had to slouch because the California pillar was on a slant…

I bet those fountains will be turned off pretty soon…but they sure were pretty while they were on!

I was trying to be artsy fartsy & get the memorial, monument & flag all in one picture…
A huge group of WWII Veterans having a memorial ceremony; they even played TAPS, it was so moving to be in the presence of true American heroes.

Perhaps a better try at the whole artsy fartsy thing….

I wonder if we are distantly related to this Watson?

We couldn’t decide if it was appropriate to smile or not…but it didn’t matter, because you can’t really tell.

The man himself – Mr. Lincoln.

Cheesin like a champ with Abe – I’m so goofy, I know. This isn’t even the half of it…

Not a bad view if I do say so myself…

You know everyone tries to take those pictures where they look like they’re holding the monument or pushing it or whatever? Yeah – I tried to do that but I’m too much of a dork to be able to make a good picture, ha! I think I got a good one of Katie (did I Katie?) but I couldn’t stand my butt still long enough for Katie to get one of me. She must have told me to raise my hand up…up…up…over, good…no down a little…stop! But it was to no avail; I am just a goober and couldn’t get it together. The proof is (not in the pudding) in the pictures…

I mean…not quite…

I mean…sort of…

The back side of the Korean War Memorial – amazingly there wasn’t a single coin in this fountain!

The Korean War Memorial with some lovely Autumn trees….

I just love gorgeous Fall colors – I’m an October baby, I think it’s programmed into my system…

I did mention I was goober – right?

Oh yes, I most certainly did have Katie take this picture. As soon as we spotted this, I started acting like a complete loon…pushing my butt like the sign said and of course, I knew I needed a picture. I have no shame and we were in stitches standing there waiting for the light to turn so we could cross the street. It’s so nice to find a friend that has the same goofball sense of humor so you can do silly things together and think nothing of it – and that’s exactly what Katie is! I’m so glad to call her my friend and I’m so glad we could stand on the street corner in downtown DC taking ridiculous pictures and cracking up!

Not quite as pretty as they are in the Spring…but still lovely.

I craned through the trees like a fruitcake to take this picture…& Katie took a picture of me being goofy to try to take the picture. Ha!

Aren’t the red trees at the base of the Monument so pretty? I thought so.

This darling old man – a true hero & a genius about picture stylings.

So, when Katie and I were exploring the FDR Memorial, I told her all about how my sister and I used to get at the end of the food line to take a picture, pretending to be waiting to get food. Katie thought she might like to do that but right about the time we were going to get into position for the picture, one of the WWII veterans from the WWII Memorial ceremony came rolling along, being pushed by his daughter. Now – I don’t know why we thought this, but we immediately sat down thinking he’d somehow be offended if we tried to take a picture like that. Well – that was silliness because he told his daughter to roll him right up to the front of the line and take his picture…he told her to frame it so that it looked like they were all standing in line behind him and be sure it “was a good one” which cracked us up. He was so tickled with his picture(s) and we were so tickled watching him!

Again – trying to be artsy fartsy. Did I mention I’m a dork?

Franklin & Fala – Franklin’s finger & Fala’s ears are popular things to rub for luck.

A statue given to the US from Japan…along with those famous cherry blossom trees.

Another art shot – architecture & all that, you know?

Jefferson – SO tall!

I maybe take too many pictures when I go to DC. Oh well!

Cheeser picture! 

The White House…in all it’s glory…from far, far away…

And…on an ending note – the three states I’ve lived in (so far). I started on one side of the country & worked my way across…

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