Five on Friday

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So – as you know, I normally do Fitness Friday but several of the blogs I follow do Five on Friday and I really wanted to get in on that. I also don’t want to lose the motivation and accountability that posting about my fitness gives me each Friday, so I decided that moving forward I can incorporate the two.

The purpose of Five on Friday is just to share five things that are on your mind and it can really be anything – from food to fitness to products you love, places you’re planning to go, etc…so forth and so on. As a way to keep myself motivated, I’ve decided that at least one of my five things will be a fitness update – so I can do Five on Friday and still post about my fitness! Sound good? Away we go!

One: Have y’all seen Ellen’s Halloween costume for this year? It’s great! Now I will be the first to tell you I cannot handle the Kardashians…but I absolutely love Ellen and this video she posted announcing her Halloween costume for this year is cracking me up! Check it out, I guarantee it will give you a laugh.

Two: Tomorrow is Halloween…but I’m celebrating a little early. When I interviewed for my job, our HR director (and now my friend) Danielle mentioned they’d been looking for someone who’d dress up with them on Halloween, especially if it involved dressing as the Sanderson Sisters! I told them I was in (I think it might be why they hired me, ha-ha!) Well, today we are all wearing our witchy finest and I think I’ve almost got Winifred’s signature smirk down….

Three: I have thin, lanky and pitiful hair. My little sister got all the luscious hair genes and I got none, so washing my hair on a daily basis has always been a must for me or else I look absolutely tragic and nasty. It’s true. Well, I have found a miracle! Living Proof PhD (Perfect Hair Day) is specially formulated to make your hair look and feel cleaner longer. I was skeptical at first but after two weeks of using it, I can vouch for it – it works! I’ve cut down shampooing to every other day – and my hair still looks great! 
This stuff isn’t cheap ($24) but it sure does work!

Four: A free weekend; I’m way too excited about that. The funniest part is that the whole weekend isn’t really free, ha-ha! Perhaps I should say a free Saturday? I can’t wait to sleep late, drink coffee in my pj’s and just see where the day takes me. I love having plans and I usually have things to do aplenty but it’s nice to have a free Saturday here and there.

My thoughts exactly, ha-ha!
Five: Fitness! This week has been a little bit of a bust; so far I’ve only walked two days because it was raining on Tuesday and Wednesday…which is really no excuse because we have a machine, but I’ve made that my excuse. I am losing about 1-2 pounds a week and surprisingly when I weighed last night, I was down a pound…so I guess this week hasn’t been a complete loss. I’m almost over the hurdle of Halloween and pounds of candy…now Thanksgiving is looming on the horizon. Also, time change is a real conundrum…
In honor of it being (almost) Halloween.

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