Fitness Friday

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Here we are again – it’s Friday! I know we all look forward to Friday for so many reasons and silly me, I’d like to think you look forward to Friday because you are just so excited to read my post. Ha – I know, I’m absolutely hilarious, right?

Or…a new pair of jeans in a smaller size?

This week has been SO much better! I don’t know what has made the difference but I guess exercise, like all things in life is about your day to day, your mood…all those things. You have good weeks and bad weeks. This week is certainly a good week for me! I’ve looked forward to walking and actually really enjoyed my walk/jog each afternoon. That’s a pretty good feeling!

Another thing that walking really helps with? Headaches! Who’d have thought? I know I’d mentioned probably two weeks ago that I really didn’t have issues with headaches too often anymore but my allergies/sinuses have really been acting up recently. Monday and Tuesday when I got home, my head was hurting so bad that I literally felt dizzy…but within fifteen minutes of starting to walk…*poof* headache gone!

About 5 weeks in on the right & about 15 weeks in on the right…I don’t know if I see much of a difference or not…

I’m averaging anywhere between 1-2 pounds a week, which I’ve been told is the healthy way to lose weight. I haven’t dropped another size yet (hoping to be down at least one more size before we head to London for Christmas) but each week when I get on the scale…I guess that’s the proof for now. 

My Mom assures me she sees the difference and I’ve stared at that picture up there more times than I care to admit since Wednesday of this week. Is there a difference? There is! Wait…not really. They look just the same. Or do they? I don’t know…I can’t decide…and that makes me a little discouraged. I know I’m not going to look at a picture one week and just immediately look excessively skinnier and I guess I need to wrap my head around that.
So – I’ll keep right on trucking. I’m almost 4 months in at this point; only a week to go and I’ll be there. I suppose I’ll just keep taking this thing week by week by week. So – until next Friday!

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