31 Things

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  • ONE – I drink coffee like a fiend. Please observe the exhibit below…and know that is just one of what might amount to about twenty photos just like that.
  • TWO – Apparently as much as I like to think selfies are stupid, I take a LOT of them. I updated my phone recently & it so kindly created a “Selfie” folder. There were 165. Fail.
  • THREE – I was born in California, “grew up” in Mississippi and now live in Virginia. That’s right, I started on one coast and worked my way across the US. 
  • FOUR – I have been to 37 of the 50 states (actually 51, counting DC)
  • FIVE – I cheer for the Washington Nationals, the New Orleans Saints & the Mississippi State Bulldogs…at this point I have no preference when it comes to basketball, hockey, soccer or whatever else there is to cheer for. Baseball & football provide me with almost year round sports coverage & that’s good enough.
  • SIX – I love purses & shoes. I can’t help it…I just do. I’ve been known to spend more money than necessary on both & I am not ashamed. 
  • SEVEN – My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love it. So much.
  • EIGHT – I also really enjoy Halloween but I don’t like to be scared or watch scary movies. I once screamed out loud in a movie theater…much to my best friend’s horror. I did warn him….
  • NINE – I read. A lot. I own SO many books & when I moved, the same friend from #8 told me if I didn’t re-read every box of books he carried into my house, he’d kill me. Ha!
  • TEN – I absolutely LOVE my job. It took me a while to find, I went through some crummy jobs before I found it…but I love where I’m at now. 
  • ELEVEN – I’ve been blogging for six years. It’s a constant work in progress, like all things in life.
  • TWELVE – I’m a dog person & I’ve had three over the course of my lifetime: a beagle named Hunny (yes, like Winnie the Pooh’s pots), a black lab named Tanner and a Jack Russell named Watson. 
  • THIRTEEN – I watch too much TV…and for that reason, I don’t know how I lived before DVR.
  • FOURTEEN – I don’t do heights. This probably has a lot to do with why I’m not a fan of flying, riding roller coasters and wouldn’t bungee jump if you paid me.
  • FIFTEEN – I love to sleep. My family makes fun of me but I just really like my bed & I’m not ashamed to say that on weeknights I usually get in the bed around 9:30. Grandma style? Maybe.
  • SIXTEEN – I visit Target once a week (at least). It just draws me in…& realizing there was not one but two Targets within mere miles of where I live…well that is a fairly accurate description of Heaven on Earth.
  • SEVENTEEN – I absolutely love Washington DC. If I didn’t have to sell my soul, give up my first born child and sacrifice a limb to afford the cost of living…I’d be there. Seriously.
  • EIGHTEEN – I like lists. I like to make them & I really like to cross things off of them. Sometimes I’ll make a list after the fact…just to cross things off. It’s a sickness, I know.
  • NINETEEN – I am an iTunes addict…or I suppose I should really say, music addict. My phone currently has almost 2,000 songs on it. Yep…
  • TWENTY – I knew the first time I entered Nationals Park that I was going to be a Nats fan. Why? Everything was “Nats” this and “Nats” that…and my nickname since I was small (whether my Mom liked it or not…) has been…Nat. Fans have “nattitude” & I was essentially born with that…being named Natalie and having attitude. A lot more has endeared me to my team since then…but that was the initial love affair.
  • TWENTY-ONE – I love history & I especially love touring Antebellum homes. I’m also convinced that ALL old houses are haunted. 
  • TWENTY-TWO – My favorite color is blue. 
  • TWENTY-THREE – While I love venturing into the mountains or down to the shore, I will almost always choose the mountains over the beach. I’m just not big on sand or swimming in water I can’t see through. Now if that beach is in Hawaii…
  • TWENTY-FOUR – My little sister says I’m the “awesomest” sister in the world…which is interesting since growing up, even though she is six years younger, she tried to convince me I was adopted. Hmmm… 😉
  • TWENTY-FIVE – I love owls. I think they’re impossibly cute & adorable. I have owl figurines, owl jewelry, an owl pillow, owl bookends, an owl bookmark, an owl notepad on my desk, an owl candle warmer…the list goes on & on….
  • TWENTY-SIX – I’m a bona fide nerd. I own comic books, I play with light sabers when I pass them in the store & I know the difference between Marvel & DC comic book characters.
  • TWENTY-SEVEN – My Hogwarts house is Hufflepuff, my District is 3 & my Faction is …well, I’m Divergent (Amity & Candor). If you have no clue what any of this means, you probably haven’t read some of the best-selling books of the past fifteen years.
  • TWENTY-EIGHT – My favorite actor is Benedict Cumberbatch…I don’t suppose I really have a favorite actor.
  • TWENTY-NINE – According to family history research, my family is descended from a Scottish Laird in Aberdeenshire, Scotland(the gateway to the Highlands). My family was essentially Scottish royalty…so…feel free to bow. Ha!
  • THIRTY – I don’t like reality television. At all.
  • THIRTY-ONE – It took me way too long to come up with thirty-one things; I don’t know what I’ll do when I have to come up with 40+. Hey…at least that’s nine years away.

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