What I Was Into in September

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There are three months left in 2015 – I don’t even know if I can wrap my head around that. Wow.

Books I Read

Demelza by Winston Graham – The second book in what I believe is at least a 12 book series (there may be more…) that centers on Ross Poldark; the beleaguered Revolutionary War soldier who returns to his home in Cornwall to build a life for himself. The second book centers on his young wife; Demelza whoe was originally his house maid and details her struggles to fit into Cornwall’s society life after being raised as a peasant.

For the Love by Jen Hatmaker – I have been following Jen Hatmaker’s blog for a few years now and since I love her style of writing, I was pretty sure I’d love this book. My Mom got a copy of it and I borrowed it (before she could get to it) and tore through it pretty quickly. Jen lays out some wise life advice interspersed with anecdotal stories about her day to day life and my special favorite…her very own thank you notes, inspired by Jimmy Fallon!

The Big Book of Virginia Ghost Stories by L.B. Taylor Jr. – October book club read…and one that took me a while to get into. I will confess that I am a huge pansy and while a good ghost story is fine from time to time…I don’t know about needing a whole book of them! However, Virginia has been through more battles and skirmishes than most states, so of course the history filled and blood soaked land has quite a few tales to tingle your spine.

Books in the Queue

Jeremy Poldark by Winston Graham – The third book in the Poldark series; I have no clue who Jeremy is as he wasn’t a character featured on the first season of the television series. So far, the first two books have covered story lines that were also on the show…this book will be entering into uncharted territory.

That’s surprisingly the only thing on the list right now – I still have at least 5-6 books that I’ve bought in the past few months and haven’t gotten to, plus I’ll be reading the book for our November book club meeting. Our book club has also asked that we suggest books for the next year…does anyone have any suggestions??

Can’t Miss Television

Nationals Baseball – Of course I’m still watching this; I told you I would be. However, I also mentioned that the watching might stretch into October…and it will for a couple days, but the postseason isn’t going to happen for my Nationals this year. Some of the games this month have been painful; when we went up against the Mets I had to turn the TV off more than once, shameful I know. I do love watching my Nationals play and I will admit, regardless of how the 2015 season ends (it’s ending sadly, and controversially) I’ll miss having baseball to watch for the next 6 months.

I was actually at this game (9.18.15) & witnessed this in person! 

Salem – I was turned on to this show by my friend Danielle and while the first couple episodes took me a while, I eventually got hooked! The show is set in Salem, Mass. (shocker, right?) during the town’s infamous witch trials and follows former lovers Mary Sibley and John Alden through the chaos and panic of the witch trials. Alden is newly returned home after seven years away fighting the French and Indian War and while he was gone, Mary has married the wealthiest man in town and all but rules Salem. When the town is thrown into panic by accusations of witchcraft, John tries to be the voice of reason for the maddening crowd…but in Salem, witches are real and no one is what they seem.

Which witch is which? 

Castle – Well…Castle has only been on two weeks but it’s certainly off to an interesting start! Kate sneaking around, being covert and what not…and then, doing what she did in the second episode? I mean, I’m not into spoilers around here but I’ll just say that my Mom was like “what…no…she cannot be doing that!” Yea – Castle is back and (so far) better than ever; certainly more twisty and turny than ever.

I want her hair…wow…

The Bastard Executioner – A new show in the line-up, look out! The show tells the story of Wilkin Brattle, a 14th century warrior whose life is forever changed when a divine messenger commands him to lay down his sword and lead the life of another man; a traveling executioner. The story is set in Northern Wales during a time of political unrest and rebellion and Brattle must walk a dangerous line between protecting his true identity and serving his mysterious destiny. He is guided by a mystical healer, manipulated by a devious Chamberlain and driven by a connection with the Baroness and must strive to find his greater purpose. I’m only two episodes in…but yea, I’m quite interested!

Life in the 14th century is no joke…
Scandal – I know, I know…I’m pretty much five years behind on this one. I’m well aware. This is one of those shows that kept popping up on my Netflix as “you liked this…you might like…” and I made the glorious mistake of watching episode one. Oh well, I’m only five episodes in and now I’m hooked. Which is both good and bad. Olivia is fierce but flawed and I do love that; I love how she puts people in their place and lets them know what’s up…but at the same time, while she’s mopping up everyone else’s secrets, lies and scandals…she’s hiding one that’s probably bigger than everyone else’s combined. Perhaps therein lies the intrigue? Regardless – I’m hooked.
I can’t decide how I feel about Fitz…
Also…I took a quiz on which character I am… I’m only through season one and I’m still not sure what I think about Fitz (except that he looks good). Should I be concerned that this was my answer??
I’m Fitz! And I don’t even know how I feel about Fitz…

Movies I Watched

If I Stay – I have really been slacking in the movies department…but I guess I’ve been a little busy going here, there and everywhere. If I Stay is based on the book written by Gayle Forman and was a Netflix pick. The story follows Mia, a high school senior and cello prodigy as she grapples with her future after a catastrophic car accident leaves her orphaned. The story is told mostly in flashbacks as Mia is “out of body” for most of the film as she contemplates whether she will choose to live her life, knowing she will do so without her family or if she will choose to move on.

Music I Listened To

Watch Me by Silento – That’s right, I’m over here listening to the song all about whipping and nae nae-ing (I don’t think that’s even a word) and you know what, I get down. And when I say I get down, I mean I might have a dance break in the cul de sac furthest from actual houses when I’m walking every day. You read that right – somewhere in a subdivision in Northern Virginia, this chick is breaking it down…

Outlander Volume 2 by Bear McCreary – This soundtrack came out the second to last week of September and I immediately added it to my collection because I love the gorgeous sounds of bagpipes. It’s true. I suppose my Scottish roots just call to me when I listen to this music or something. Regardless, I love it. And I also jam out to this music…just in a different way.

Can’t Go Back by Rosi Golan – A really pretty, haunting and slightly mournful song that a friend turned me on to. It really is such a pretty song, even if it has a sad feel to it.

Yummy in My Tummy

Ice Cream Jubilee – Because in case I haven’t mentioned it already a million times, I love it. So much. They have some of the most amazing flavors of ice cream, each one more unique than the last. The flavors I’ve had so far? Honey Lemon Lavender, Strawberry White Chocolate, Cookies and Cookie Dough and Maple Rye Pecan – all four of them amazing. If you live near DC…go get you some!

All the ice cream….

A few other good things I ate this month? That I actually cooked??

Cracked Out Chicken Pasta – make it…here!
Mississippi Pot Roast – make it…here!

And a special favorite for this soup loving girl, I absolutely inhaled the Ham, Bean and Bacon soup as well as the Seven Can Soup that I made this month. Both are delicious and this weather has been perfect for them! Make them….here!

What I’m Looking Forward To

DC for the Day – You guys…I have a friend who has never been to DC in her life. Like…ever, at all. I have decided to make it my mission to take her to DC for the day and show her all the wonderful things it has to offer. I feel like she needs to see DC for the first time with someone who loves DC and that person would be me! Now…if only the rain chance will drop from 90%…because no one wants to walk around DC in a downpour.*

Hehehe…but we don’t really live in a metropolitan area….

*The rain chance is still not leaning in the direction of “great day to wander around DC; so while this is still probably happening sometime this month, it isn’t happening this weekend as planned. I don’t want to drown/blow away. Yay Hurricane Joaquin!*

My Birthday – I mean, I don’t suppose I’m really looking forward to tacking that one onto the thirty, but it’s better than the alternative, am I right? Plus…I’m going to go ahead and assume they’ll be presents and cake and all those wonderful things and how can anyone ever hate that? Perhaps since it’s my birthday…if I eat the cake, the calories don’t count? It seems wrong that I’d have to walk that much more on my birthday…

It’s something of a comfort….

The Pumpkin Patch – I feel like taking the time to go to a farm, experience a corn maze and pick your very own pumpkin….among all the other things they offer for you to do, that should be mandatory at this time of year. I did this last year and so this year, I’m going to go ahead and do it again! I’m going with my friends Danielle and Meridith to take a hay ride, pick out a pumpkin, maybe slide down some slides and probably get semi-lost in a corn maze…so, that’s going to be great!

Sad but true…
Long Branch “Ghost” Tour – Which isn’t technically a ghost tour but a tour led through the dark house by candlelight which focuses on death, suspicions, death rituals and all manner of macabre things from the 1800s. I initiated this whole grand plan (I’m going with Danielle & Meridith) and to be honest, the person who will be most terrified – because I’m a complete pansy – will be me. So, this one should be interesting. Ha!

And…that’s all she wrote for this month. So, until next month…I’ll be reading, watching TV and trying to watch more than one movie, ha-ha. I can’t make any promises though. The holiday(s) season is upon us! It’s a downhill slide now…towards Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! Hang on!

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