Fitness Friday

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Who knew?

Well – I guess this week is confession time – which is fitting since the Pope is in DC. Sorry, is that not a PC thing to say? Oops. *Insert grimace emoji here*

I have been falling off the wagon a little bit and in the worst way possible! I’ve been drinking calories and that’s just not acceptable. We have traveled every weekend this month (camping, Hershey, PA and DC) and for some reason I guess I told myself that maybe those calories didn’t matter on the weekends…and ordered soda after soda for lunch and dinner. 
While I know that’s not a huge thing, it’s definitely a little thing and sometimes the little things can add up to a huge thing. Now, I’m not saying I’ve put any weight back on or suffered any irreparable consequences because of having a Sprite with my supper…I guess I’m just a little down on myself for hopping off the water bandwagon. So, I’m back on it…full force…and that basically means I spend half the day in the bathroom. Good grief.
I guess? I don’t usually take my phone to the bathroom.

So, I guess that’s really the only confession at this point. Otherwise I think I’ve been “behaving” pretty well and I’m just keeping up the walking on a daily basis – this week I’ve managed to walk 2 miles (or a little more) every day.
I will say – Thursday’s walk was especially cruel because someone in the neighborhood was baking cake and it didn’t matter where we walked…you could smell it everywhere! It was completely wild. It was also completely mean, ha-ha. I say that like the person baking the cake was doing it intentionally to make me hungry. 
That’s all for this week. I’ll be over here drinking all the water and going to the bathroom all day long. Ha-ha! But really, that’s where I’ll be.

A picture – because hey, why not?

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