The District – A Photo Dump

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We spent the past weekend in DC and let me just level with you – I love DC. I honestly must admit that if it didn’t cost an arm, a leg, a piece of your soul and your first born child to pay rent…I’d go ahead and move myself into a place overlooking the Anacostia river…somewhere near Nationals Park, the Navy Yard, Yards Park…an area that’s been in the process of revitalization ever since Nationals Park opened back in 2008.

However – until such a time arises that I don’t need my arm, leg, soul and first born child (can you bargain with something you don’t yet have?)…or I marry a wealthy man who can set me up in the lap of luxury and a view of the river, I suppose I’ll have to depend on my Metro card to carry me to and fro to the city as often as possible….

And I’ll probably take a million pictures every time I go. Some people are enchanted by New York, drawn in by the streets of Chicago or hear the siren call of Los Angeles…but me, I’ll take the District any day of the week.

I could get used to a view like this…

Max Impact – the Air Force’s band, rocking out at Nationals Park.

If Mad Max is on the mound, I’ll have on my Scherzer shirt!

There’s just something about Nationals Park on a Friday night…

….that puts a big ol smile on my face!

Hey – if you buy a season ticket plan before October 5th, you can take a stab at hitting a homer to get your plan for free. Ha! 

Scherzer throwing some heat, getting those K’s.

The Presidents are off to the races…& George takes the win!

Matt den Dekker is ready to run on 1st..

So, they passed out free ball caps & that was great, but I hated the picture I took…so I had to take a selfie to make sure I hadn’t messed up my hair too bad – obviously. Ha-ha!

The Marlins pitcher kept walking Clint Robinson after he knocked one out of the park on the first pitch of his first at bat…

One of the biggest cupcakes I’ve ever seen. Whoa.

The Nats HD cameraman came over to our section for Fan Appreciation Month – we got hats!

Harp says “throw me something worth hitting…”

After a tense end to the ninth & a thrilling 10th inning, the Nationals took the win! 

Jose Lobaton’s sacrifice fly allowed Jayson Werth to run on home & score the winning run! 

A little chocolate sauce for the win? Of course!

When the Nationals get a Curly W, they pour it on…the chocolate sauce, that is.

Score! A Stephen Strasburg bobble head…and at the Air Show at Andrews, of all places!

Obviously one of the coolest vehicles ever…

Mom & I with the plane that Lindsey will be flying in the coming months.

The Trojan Horseman flying in formation…

Wondering to myself exactly how burnt I was going to be at the end of the day… The answer? Not too bad!

The skies the limit for the Thunderbirds…especially when they cruise past the sun with the greatest of ease.

The Delta formation shoots across the skies of Maryland…

Saturday night at the National Harbor…complete with a ferris wheel & gigantic TV screen.

Sunday brunch at Old Ebbitt Grill – such a gorgeous place.

The paintings on the walls were fantastic…

Jeffrey got fried chicken & waffles…& proceeded to clean his plate!

Mom & I went with the Peach French Toast with Pecan Honey Butter…& yes, it was as awesome as it sounds.

Just taking pictures in the basement of Old Ebbitt…not being a complete weirdo…I don’t guess.

It’s basically been around forever. I mean – yea.

Gorgeous exterior…& of course, valet parking.

A section of the Berlin Wall on display at the Newseum.

I wasn’t really sure what to do – surely you don’t grin really big for the Berlin Wall? I don’t know…

Such incredible displays of artistry on a piece of history…

Standing inside the entrance of a guard tower – again, no clue what to do. Notice – I look like I have my eyes closed; so I don’t know…

Touching history.

Guards sat in these towers with spotlights & were ordered to shoot to kill anyone trying to climb over the wall.

The view from the 6th floor balcony of the Newseum.

Everything in DC looks closer than it actually is…

The Museum of Natural History

The Federal Trade Commission, the Archives & further down the street, the Old Post Office.

The tower on the left is the Old Post Office.

Looking down from the top floor of the Newseum into the atrium.

The communications tower from World Trade Center I.

This was certainly a section of the Newseum that really tugged at emotions.

Articles from all over the world detailing the attacks of September 11, 2001.

A printing press (on the balcony at left) juxtaposed against a satellite – both “make” news history.

Press…Religion…Speech…Petition…Assembly – Only 3% of US citizens can name the 5 rights we are guaranteed in the First Amendment.

The World Press Freedom map – there are so many places where the press is 100% controlled by the government. An eye opener for sure.

Helicopter anyone?

Okay…time to get over to the Nationals exhibit.
Nationals at 10:Baseball Makes News – the Top Ten Media Moments from the Nationals 1st 10 Years.

Media Moment One: Baseball Returns to Washington on April 14, 2005

Media Moment Two: The Nationals play the last game at RFK Stadium on September 28, 2007

Media Moment Three: The First Game at Nationals Park on March 30, 2008.

The bat & ball that Ryan Zimmerman hit a walk-off home run with to win the first game at Nationals Park.

I didn’t really care about 4 – Obama’s Opening Pitch – I mean, the man wore a Chicago White Sox cap…really? No wonder he got boo’d.

Media Moment Five: Stephen Strasburg’s Sensational Debut on June 8, 2010.

The pitching rubber & rosin bag from Stras’ debut game; hailed by the Post as a “debut that’s 14K gold” alluding to Stephen’s 14 strike-outs.

Media Moment Six: Harper Makes Headlines…& makes his MLB debut on April 28, 2012 against the LA Dodgers.

The jersey, baseball cap & batting helmet Harper wore in his debut game…& a t-shirt referencing Harper’s response when a Canadian TV reporter asked if he’d buy alcohol while in Canada due to the lower legal drinking age.

Home plate from Harper’s debut game as well as the Sports Illustrated covers he’s been on…so far…

Media Moment Seven: The sneakers Teddy wore when he finally got a win on October 3, 2012.

Media Moment Eight: Jayson Werth’s Walk-Off Home Run to clinch the NL East Title on October 11, 2012.

Werth’s jersey from his walk-off game…this jersey has survived a “Werthquake”.

Media Moment Nine: The Nationals Clinch the NL East Title in 2014

The Washington Post & the empty champagne bottle from the clubhouse celebration…it was poured on Jayson Werth’s head…

Media Moment Ten: Jordan Zimmermann’s No-Hitter on September 28, 2014.

The home plate that Zimmermann fired strikes across to earn the first no-hitter in National’s history.

Definitely an awesome exhibit – even if you aren’t a Nationals fan!

10 Years of Nationals history in one small section of the Newseum!

The Newseum on a lovely Sunday afternoon.

The lofty spires reaching for the skies can only mean one thing…

The National Air & Space Museum – of course!

I’m sure the Capitol will be lovely once that scaffolding is gone…

A quick detour through the National Gallery…

National Gallery rotunda selfie…because why not?

Cruising past Nationals Park on Sunday afternoon…they’d just won the final game against the Marlins.

Honey Lemon Lavender & Strawberry White Chocolate from Ice Cream Jubilee capped off an awesome weekend!

So – there you have it. A weekend in the District. I’m already planning to be there again next weekend…and the weekend after that. What can I say, I have a little bit of a love affair with our nation’s capital.

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