A Chocolate Covered Photo Explosion

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So – we went to Hershey this past weekend… And it was a really sweet weekend. Hehehe. See what I did there?

Anyway – I touched on our weekend in my weekly recap post, but as always…I took about a million and one pictures and I felt like you all would really be missing out if you didn’t get to see them, so I just dumped them all on this post and I know you’ll love them. I mean – why wouldn’t you?

A Hershey sunset – although it has nothing to do with chocolate.
Delicious Italian food for supper – of course!

Starbucks is one of my best friends. It’s true.
Hershey Park under a gray Saturday sky.

The roller coaster conquers strapping in for Sky Rush!

Already a blur & they’re only just pulling out of the station – yikes!

Up & over they go! Never in a million years…

The #1 roller coaster beast, zipping by as Great Bear roars out of the station.

Again – no thanks. I’ll keep my feet firmly planted on the ground.

I liked the scenery the park had to offer..even if the tranquil stream was offset by the roar of roller coasters…

Oh rain…rain…go away…

Storm Runner…cue me running in the opposite direction…

Those looks of horror – because their heads are getting whipped off as they shoot out of there. See – no good.

Can you find Jeff & Ginger on the Sidewinder?

Up…up…up…& then it will drop you…

Feeling pukey? Hey – you made it through six. I feel light headed just looking at coasters…

Fahrenheit – or as I like to call it – Well that’s a nightmare.

Coming down…

These two on the train – or as I like to call it, something more my speed.

Weird weather hair selfie – take one.

These have to be the best streetlights ever – right?

Irony in action – I don’t want to eat the chocolate for fear it will undo all my hard work…& these jeans…

However…I do want to swim in this chocolate…

Just a humble Hershey’s factory worker…

And a humble Hershey’s roaster…

Okay – I didn’t eat chocolate…but I did drink it!

Tanzania – robust & nutty – like me!

Venezuela – complex & ripe!

Mexico – bittersweet & slightly acidic – & yet it was my favorite. Weird.

Hershey’s – sweet, buttery & complex – also like me? Ha!

Java – sweet & rich – both good qualities in chocolate & men!

Ghana – It was way too sweet!

I’ll take all the chocolate please…all of it.

I just want all the streetlights…

It’s a sweet story. Hehehe…

Hello there chocolate bar…

Apparently Kisses are feminine? Interesting…

Milton, just chilling in the middle of the fountains…

Wildcat – nope. Pass. These two though…they’re like “yes please!”

Just going wild…on the wildcat…

The only thing that intrigued me about Laff Track (another roller coaster) was the black light while we waited in line…

I do love a good Himalayan – also, working on my “guns” here, trying not to crush my Mom. 

Weird weather hair selfie – take two. 

Cruising along on the Wild Maus – the coaster they thought was the “most unsettling”. Seriously people? You’ve been flung upside down at 68 mph & this one is unsettling….

Ye olde Hershey factory – which makes me think of Willy Wonka! 

The iconic Hershey smoke stacks!

Getting good and scrambled…

I’m sure this was right before our tilter (whirler?) went nuts & just spun us constantly. Whoa.

Adios Milton – you run a nice theme park.

Chocolate chips sandwiched between two silver dollar pancakes & topped with CHOCOLATE BUTTER. No one panic, but yes…I did say CHOCOLATE BUTTER.

Those street lamps though; I love em…

The cow at the start of the Hershey Factory Tour – singing an obnoxious song about…milk!

Milk + Cocoa = the stuff dreams are made of.

It’s hard to see the liquid gloriousness…but it’s there. And it’s fabulous.

They should make more Hershey’s bars & less Kit Kat…but that’s just my opinion…

Roll those Kisses right off the belt & into my mouth…

A chandelier of Kisses – reserved for only the most chic chocolate lover with a discerning eye for “good taste”. Ha!

The gangs all here!

Oh wait – now the gangs all here.

Chocolate World – where you’ll witness people buying more chocolate in one day than they could ever eat in a whole year…

The town of Hershey from the veranda of the Hotel Hershey!

Gorgeous day…gorgeous spot…

Gotta have a photo of these two lovable goons!

It’s me!

I think I’ll just stay right here & find a way to finagle myself a spa visit…

My hair looks so good here! I’m shameless…

Smoke. Stacks.

Are we indoors…or outdoors… I’ll never tell…

Just kidding – I will. We’re in the Fountain Lobby & it’s glorious.

I could hang out here all day & tell myself I’m in some exotic hotel in Morocco or Egypt….

Well…this one turned out a little darker than I’d have liked…

Did I take too many pictures? Nope. Sure didn’t. 

Flowers & hedgerows in the Formal Gardens.

There was a wine festival – I really wanted to take part to get a fancy wine glass holding necklace thingy…

Le Hotel – so stunning. And it has a spa…that uses chocolate in the treatments. Chocolate. I feel like going to this spa would be as close as I’d get to my dream of swimming in chocolate….

The actual fountain…not to be confused with the fountain lobby…

Yes – out of all the things in the bakery case, I got macaroons. Because I love them. And – one was chocolate. 

The knock-out department….obviously because I’m such a knock-out. Ha! I crack myself up.

Oh yes – let me explain these last three. While we waited in line so Jeff and Ginger could ride Laff Track (y’all, one of my biggest pet peeves is spelling things wrong intentionally. That word is LAUGH and why must you confuse children of an impressionable age and spell things wrong??? I’m going off track…) they had fun house mirrors..because the ride is fun house themed. We may have had just a little bit too much fun with those mirrors… They made us laugh. Not laff. Laff is NOT a word.

The instant slim – I want this one in my room; I’d always feel really good about myself.

Midget Mirror! 

The higher the hair…the closer to God…right?

One thought on “A Chocolate Covered Photo Explosion

  1. looks like a place i totally want to go!! and I would get on those coasters!!!!

    and personally i think your hair looks super cute when it's a crazy rainy do!!!


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