What I Was Into in August

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Books I Read

Written in My Own Heart’s Blood by Diana Gabaldon – The eighth (and final?) book in the Outlander series; and yes…this has been on this list forever! Don’t judge. I finally finished this book in early August and I suppose for now, this is it for the Outlander series. The Frasers and their extended family survived the arduous toils of the Revolutionary War (and the bad fashions of the 1980s) and finally returned home to Frasers Ridge, North Carolina…and as the book ended, I discovered that more than just Jamie and Claire had returned to their mountain home – it would appear Jamie and Claire will be reunited once more with their daughter and her family. Happy Ending – love it!
A Voyage Long and Strange by Tony Horwitz – September Book Club! I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about this book; it was a non-fiction book about the history of America (both North and South) and the people that settled these nations. You might think that the Pilgrims were first to our country, but you’d be wrong…just like you’d be wrong if you thought Columbus discovered (North) America; he actually never set foot on the North American continent. The author, Tony Horwitz follows in the footsteps of the Nordic, Spanish, French and English explorers that roamed the shores, woodlands and river of this place and details the stories tied to the explorers. Really interesting book that I’d have never picked on my own!

Poldark by Winston Graham – The book that inspired the TV series, so of course I’m reading it. The first book in a multiple book series; I’ve not yet entered into uncharted waters. The TV show seems to follow the book fairly closely so I haven’t been surprised or shocked by anything just yet. The story follows Captain Ross Poldark as he returns from the Revolutionary War and begins his life anew in Cornwall – he tries to establish his household, care for his tenants, produce a flourishing mine and keep familial bonds close in trying times.

Books in the Queue

Demelza by Winston Graham – The second book in the Poldark series.

Jeremy by Winston Graham – The third book in the Poldark series.

The Big Book of Virginia Ghost Stories by L.B. Taylor Jr. – The book club book for the month of October…of course! Who doesn’t want to read some spine tingling tales of haunts in the spookiest month of the year?

Can’t Miss Television

Poldark – Which only barely makes the list; the two hour season finale was on Sunday, August 2nd and so it barely squeaks it’s way in! The show ended on a rather sad note; perhaps that’s their way of pulling viewers in for season two? It certainly seems that Ross and Demelza can’t ever catch a break, so I’m hoping when season two comes around next Summer, things will start to look up for these two. There were many heart-warming moments from season one; enough to balance out the drama, so here’s to waiting around for the perils and parties of season two!

Until next season…stay buff. Also, can I apply for her job?
Nationals Baseball – Because, duh…this is going to be on here until at least October…even if the Nationals don’t make it to post season. This past month has been a rough one on the Nationals; they can’t seem to keep anyone healthy for very long and the bats died a little bit around the middle of the month, making for a tough stretch of games. Span was back for just two games before announcing he’s done for the season (and possibly the Nationals) and that’s just one example of how things have been going. They’ve pulled things together here at the end of the month and gotten 4 series wins in a row; here’s hoping they’ll pull it out in this last month of play. If not, there’s always 2016, right?
I don’t think boys ever really grow up…
Movies I Watched

Welcome to Me – Seriously, one of the oddest movies I think I’ve ever watched. The story follows Alice, a mentally unstable woman who wins the lottery – to the tune of $86 million dollars and decides she’d like her own TV talk show. She only wants to talk about herself and uses the show as a vehicle for reenacting the wrongs done to her in her life…at times even stepping into the reenactments to vent, rage and have a meltdown. The show eventually takes it to far and Alice ends up hurting friends she’s had/made along the way and learns that she has to think of someone besides herself from time to time. It wasn’t horrible by any means…just odd and not exactly uplifting.

Don’t you want your very own swan boat?

And that’s it – that is the only movie I watched this month. Crazy or what? Yea…the movie was definitely crazy, ha-ha!

Music I Listened To

Does sports radio count as music? I’ve listened to a lot of that this past month; mostly waiting to hear Nationals news and discussions. In the process of waiting I’ve learned more than I ever wanted to know about Redskins football and I’ve also gathered some information about Capitals hockey…hmmm. I’m becoming quite the sports savvy female…granted, I already knew quite a bit about sports in the first place.

It Is Well by Bethel Music – A song that I’ve heard quite a bit at the church I’ve been visiting; they use it in their praise and worship and I fell in love with it. Such a powerful and uplifting song, I’ve been playing it on repeat!

Deliverer by Matt Maher – Another song that is powerful, uplifting and on repeat on my iPhone. I love finding songs like this!

Yummy in my Tummy

Biscuits – Y’all, you read that right. I ate the best biscuit I’ve ever had in my life this past month while I was in MS. My family stopped by the Biscuit Shop in Starkville and if you are ever in the area, I recommend you make a point to get over to the shop and try a biscuit. It was AH-MAZING!

Seriously – this Raspberry Peach biscuit was to die for. YUM!

Popcorn Monkey – I would have never thought I’d be putting popcorn on this list. I don’t really like popcorn but when we stumbled (I literally stumbled…and then fell…up the stairs) on this place in Middleburg, I was in heaven. My special favorite is Cornfetti, a mixture of banana, lemon, green apple, blueberry, grape and strawberry pieces of popcorn. They have tons of flavors, both sweet and salty and I’ll be making a return visit. Hopefully there will be no stumbling this time…

Cornfetti though…eat it all!
What I’m Looking Forward To (as told by someecards…because…funny)

Camping – I suppose I’m looking forward to this… I’m not really outdoorsy; I like to hike and that’s all fine and good, but I generally enjoy having a bed to sleep in and electricity and good food. My parents have become die hard campers since they moved to Virginia and apparently they’d like to try and convert me too. We’ll see. I’m not buying it…yet…
Preach. The. Truth.
Hershey, PA – A town that smells like chocolate? What’s not to love? I don’t even want to know if you have answer to that question because if you do…well, we can’t be friends anymore. We are spending the weekend in Hershey and I have no doubt it will be delightful. I also have no doubt that chocolate will be involved on some level or another…which directly correlates to why the weekend is going to be delightful. That’s pretty simple math. And chocolate is one of the only things that could make math better. Oh yea – there is going to be a theme park involved too. 
I mean – probably not…but it’s worth a try, right?
Nationals Baseball – Times Two! That’s right, I’m headed to Nationals Park for two more games in September! I’m hoping my Nats can rally and win the next thirty or so of the forty games they have left and secure a position in the post season. It’s been a rough stretch recently for the Nationals and they will have to fight to get to the post season – but they can do it. I believe. I’ve ignited my Nattitude… We’ll be watching them square off against the Braves in early September and later in the month they’ll go up against the Marlins. They should be good games and they’ll hopefully be working their way towards the post season… And if not, there’s always 2016, right?
Hehehe – truth!
Weekend in DC – I do love my time spent in DC and we are going to drive in and spend a whole weekend in DC in September…I personally cannot wait! I have big plans to do a twilight monument walk – which isn’t actually a “thing”, it’s just something I made up and I want to do. I’ve suggested brunch at Old Ebbitt Grill on Sunday and perhaps a stop in at the Newseum, especially because I’d love to see the exhibit on the Nationals. Who knows what else we’ll find to do in DC? There are always plenty of options!
But really though…I love me some Washington DC!
Autumn – Oh joy and delight, my favorite season is upon us once more! I don’t know if the love of Fall is bred into my DNA since I’m an October baby or what, but I do love the sights, sounds, scents and things to do in the Fall (man – I ruined my whole S thing…). I don’t know what all is on the Autumn Agenda (that should totally be a thing…) at this point, but a Pumpkin Patch is certainly in order, going to pick apples should definitely make the list and drinking many a Pumpkin Spice Latte will also work just fine.

In that case – September 8th

And that’s all for the month of August! I can’t believe there are only four months left in 2015 – where has the year gone? I hope you had a good August and I hope you’ve got wonderful things planned for the last four months of this year; I know I have a lot to look forward too! 

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