Let’s Do the Time Warp – August

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So – I feel like I sort of started something with this whole Time Warp thing. I suppose since I started something, I should see it through, right? Who am I kidding – I completely love this whole blast from the past thing! Looking back and seeing memories made, what’s not to love?

August 2015

Rosemont + Tea = a splendid afternoon!
Nationals Park – my happy place.
Freedom Fireworks at the Park.
Sunsets in the Shenandoah National Park.
Unexpected visits…
This Year – Oh August, you were a (mostly) good month! The month started off with a delicious and delightful afternoon Tea at Rosemont Manor in Berryville; just 20 minutes (or so) across the valley. A trip to DC and Nationals Park was probably a highlight for me, even with a loss for the Nationals. Exploring the mountainous countryside on the weekends was also fun. The month ended on a sad note as my Mamaw passed away and we closed out the month remembering what a wonderful grandma she was.
August 2014
Watson bonded immediately with our California cousins – he loves his family!
Outside Morven Park in the August heat.
First time to ever go into Ikea – in love immediately!
My little flower lover.
Riding the Tilt-A-Whirl at the Shenandoah County Fair
One Year Ago – It seems like we always like to cram August full…maybe we are trying to get all we can out of Summer while it lasts? Our California cousins came to visit in early August; Watson was in love with them immediately! We spent Sunday afternoon exploring Morven Park, home of VA governor Westmoreland Davis…it was basically one of the most breathtaking houses ever. I went to Ikea for the first time and was hooked from the minute I walked in the door and we rounded out the month with a trip to the Shenandoah County Fair.
August 2013
The movies with McKenna on a summer afternoon!
Being a little too sassy with these sunglasses…

Picking up this hobo from the airport….

Remembering my Pops – always!
Family – the most important thing.
Two Years Ago – A tumultuous month, to be sure. The month started with movie dates and me taking maybe one too many selfies. My families’ life changed forever in August of 2013 as well; my sweet Pops passed away near the end of the month and our family came together to remember what a wonderful Father and Grandfather (among many other things) he had been to us all. 
August 2012

Right on target with little to no practice – amazing!
Someone learned to stick his tongue out…
It rained until it just couldn’t rain anymore….

Three Years Ago – I couldn’t find much from August of 2012; I guess it was just life as usual. Sometimes the day to day of living doesn’t offer much to look back on – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I did learn that I was something of a natural with a bow and arrow; much to my friend’s shock…since he thought he’d take me down with ease.

August 2011
Watson making himself right at home in our new home.
Watching my favorite cheerleader in action!
Putting my artistic skills to good use, ha-ha!
Always adding to my little home!
Four Years Ago – What can I say, I guess I was just enjoying Summer in the South…which in my opinion involves a LOT of indoor activities. I was also just getting settled in to my new home; Watson of course loved getting settled in too! My Mom and I tried our hand at painting (I think we were both pretty good) and I cheered on my favorite cheerleader at one of her first football games! Of course plenty of shopping was done to spruce up my new home!

August 2010

Oblivious to the giant whale about to eat us…
Panama City Beach with Kristen, Lisa & Kayla.
Wasting away again in Margaritaville…
The beautiful beach!
My sweet munchkin!
Five Years Ago – I think it’s obvious what stands out from five years ago…my trip to the beach to celebrate graduating from college! I spent a week in Panama City, Florida with sweet friends from college: Kayla, Kristen and Lisa and we enjoyed eating good food, working on our tans and just having a blast before the “real world” came knocking. Of course I included a picture of Watson, because…hello, have you seen how cute he is?

August 2009

Six Years Ago – I cannot find anything from August of 2009 – not a single picture. It was the start of my last year at USM & I guess I didn’t start documenting things until September, ha-ha!

August 2008

The effects of Hurricane Dolly felt as we wrapped up our time in San Antonio
Always with the Sonic drinks…always.
Seven Years Ago – Back in the day…back when Summer was still a thing that involved being lazy and having nothing to do all day. Those were the days! David and I obviously made Sonic runs on the weekends; he had to have some Peach Tea! My Mom and I started the month of August in San Antonio and it started with a bang; Hurricane Dolly blew through the day before we were set to leave and left everything strewn around and soaked. Whoosh!

August 2007

Dinner at the Cherokee Grill
Waiting on the haunts on our Gatlinburg Ghost Tour
The babbling brook…
Lindsey is so little…she grew up so fast!
Eight Years Ago – We are getting on back in time…Lindsey was looking pretty wee! I also couldn’t find a whole lot from August, eight years ago but I know my Mom, Lindsey and I took a trip to Gatlinburg together before school started for the year. If I had to guess, I’d say the reason Jeffrey wasn’t with us is because he was somewhere overseas….Iraq or Saudi Arabia seem like valid possibilities. So, we Summerlin ladies spent early August soaking up all the beauty (and ghost stories) that the Tennessee Smokies had to offer!

August 2006

Alabama Adventure with the Youth Group – I think I was a chaperon. Eeek!
Sibling pictures – so fantastic!
My cake for my going away party…off to MSU!
Do I look terrified? I was.
Nine Years Ago – Oh my goodness. The number one thing that stands out to me from nine years ago? I spent a semester at Mississippi State and learned a valuable life lesson: don’t feel like you have to go to college somewhere just because you grew up cheering for them. I can honestly say that August through December of 2009 were not my favorite months. I did get to serve as a chaperon for a youth trip for the first time…that’s a little scary too, right? Ha!

August 2005

A bridesmaid for my cousin’s wedding…
Just relaxing after the festivities…
Ten Years Ago – The farther back I go, the less I find! I’m sure that’s not shocking at all, right? My eldest cousin got married in August…ten years ago. I was one of her bridesmaids and so we spent the weekend on the MS Gulf Coast celebrating all things marital. She isn’t celebrating an anniversary this year…but I do remember that weekend fondly since our whole family was together in one place for a whole weekend! 

August 2004

At a West Lauderdale football game with sweet baby Laurel!
Ready to go somewhere – although I have no idea where I was headed…
Eleven Years Ago – First of all…wow, I miss my long hair! Second…how did I ever think I was fat?? I have no clue what I was up to eleven years ago, besides starting my second year of college at MCC. I’m fairly certain I spent all my time studying for school (hehehe – right.), socializing with friends and baby-sitting one of my favorite little people – Laurel. Who by the way…is almost twelve? Oh my gosh, no way!

August 2003

Twelve Years Ago – I’ve got nothing. No clue. I’d just graduated from high school and I was probably living the terrified life of trying to figure out my first semester of college. Ha!

August 2002

The first day of my Senior year – look at that attitude. Yikes!
And to think – I thought I was fat, ha-ha!
Thirteen Years Ago – I was a Senior in high school. Just typing that makes me feel ancient…WOW. I was young and had a whole year ahead of me to make memories and take in all the fun that high school had to offer. I’m sure there was a football game thrown in there for good measure and probably plenty of mischief with my best friend Nickolee, especially since we could leave campus every day at 1:30! Oh the freedom of youth…
And – that’s all she wrote. All I’ve got. I could only make it thirteen years back in time for this one. Perhaps September will prove to be more fruitful? Only time will tell!

In loving memory of the best Mamaw a girl could have. 

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