Fitness Friday

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I mean – hilarious, right?

Okay – I don’t actually think it’s so bad as that…I wouldn’t be able to hear my thighs cheering me on over the sound of the music I’m normally listening to! I thought it was funny though…

This week has been – chaotic would probably be an understatement and I’ll elaborate on that in a later post. Suffice it to say that I haven’t really had much of an opportunity to walk/jog this week. We’ve been here, there…all over the place and I haven’t had time to do much more than collapse in the bed at the end of the day. Again – that’s another day.
I did decide to try and make up some lost time on Thursday – when I finally had some time on my hands. I struck out (with my Mom in tow) and walked 4 miles! Definitely the farthest I’ve walked since I started this whole “get fit” initiative…maybe the sound of jet engines provided some extra incentive? 

Hey Mom – come catch up! 

So – I’ll be hitting it again hard core once I’m at home again – because yea…I’m not at home. I will say I think I’ve done well with trying to keep the diet/healthier eating in check in the midst of this crazy week. I don’t think I lost ground but I’m looking forward to getting back to my regularly scheduled program on Monday!

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