Thinking of Titles Makes my Brain Hurt…

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There are days when I click on the links to these posts and the words just pour out…and then there are days like today when I can’t focus or I’m thinking about a different post or my mind is just 100% somewhere else completely. I’d call it the Monday Effect but it doesn’t always happen that way, so I guess I won’t name it anything quite yet…

From this angle, you can’t see the big Miller Lite printed on the other side, ha-ha!

I made a recap video…sort of.

Last Monday evening I was watching recap videos from the Nationals weekend games in Baltimore, including the game we attended. I know what you’re thinking – why would you watch recap videos of a game you attended?? Well, because while being at the game in person is SO much better than watching it on TV, those TV cameras sure do get a lot closer to the action than I’m going to get this season. Plus – you never know what you’ll see! Case in point – I discovered myself in a mid-jump celebration on a recap of Harper’s Homer on Saturday night! I watched in three times to make sure, but to the right of the word “Me” (which I stuck on the picture to show my sister) is my crazy self, Harper jersey billowing around me as I jump out of my seat to cheer… Too funny, right? It pays to watch recap videos sometimes.

This sweet baby – although I guess she’s really a “toddler” now…

No-No shirt – absolutely love it! 

So…I am now two weeks and one day into being really consistent with walking on an almost daily basis and I have every intention of keeping with it…basically for the continuation of time. The decision to really knuckle down and commit to this was motivated by 1) I just need to take better care of myself and theres no time like the present to start and 2) We are going to London in December (only 157 days to go) and I know we will be going constantly…and I want to feel good and look better while seeing all the sights London town has to offer. There is a street a little way up the hill from our drive…John Hopkins North…and it has an absolutely killer hill. I have made it my mission to walk it at least once a week in an effort to conquer it; I usually feel like dying once I get to the top. I beat it last week and I guess I’ll continue to fight the good fight each week. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be running up that hill!

The Hell hill – as I “affectionately” call it.

Watson after we conquered the hell hill – he immediately needed a nap!

I certainly never imagined I’d be someone with matching work-out clothes…

The saddest part of the picture above this…you can’t tell that my pants are actually leopard print! Isn’t that the most awful thing ever? I’m kidding, that’s not really a big deal. They are pretty cute though. You know what isn’t cute? I woke up at 6:20 on Saturday morning and could not go back to sleep for anything! I didn’t have anywhere to be or anything to do on Saturday until 3:30 in the afternoon and I woke up at 6:20! Are you kidding me? I finally gave up at 7 AM and just threw on work-out clothes and took Watson for a morning stroll – and we had to stroll pretty quickly because within minutes of starting our walk, rain drops started to spatter me and I could hear thunder rolling in the distance. We made it back to the house before anything too crazy happened and of course, then the rain held off for another twenty minutes – but at least I got a mile in, right?

Racing ahead of the storm…

Oh Wal-Mart…I just can’t….

I spent Saturday afternoon underground – literally. I met up with my friend Rachel and her daughter Sophia to tour Skyline Caverns, which is just about twenty minutes from my house…fifteen if the traffic isn’t too crazy. I’ve always loved touring caves; there is something really fascinating about realizing there is a whole world underneath you that you don’t even know exists! The caves have been opened since 1939 and are open 365 days a year (I mean…really caves? Even on Christmas?) to tour. I thought for the most part the caves were pretty impressive and I really thought the anthodites were fascinating (Skyline is one of the only places in the US you can see them) but there were some people who had kids that were just a constant distraction…all over the place, knocking into people and just generally causing mischief. Oh me – children that don’t know how to act…

The Capitol Dome

Anthodites growing from the ceiling…

The many views from deep within the caverns.

Supper at Blue Wing Frog – I don’t know about you but I always eat my supper at a giant picnic table.

Sunday – well it was just a great day. I’d say excellent but the Nationals lost their ball game and so that diminished things ever so slightly, but I still love my team and love spending time at the ballpark! Sunday was the first (apparently it’s going to be annual) Star Wars Day at Nationals Park and it was nothing but fun. I’ll elaborate on that in a later post – somehow in the 97+ heat, I still loved every minute of the day. Except the loss. I didn’t love that.

Nationals Park – how I love thee.

Some of the craziest Presidents I’ve ever seen…

Pictures from all around the stadium!

Well – that’s all for today. I still feel like the words aren’t really flowing too much today…maybe it IS a Monday thing? At least this week it sure feels like it is…

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