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Well – here I sit and yet again it’s Monday and another week and weekend (especially the weekend – what nonsense is that?!?) have flown by! This week feels like it was busy; there were so many things crammed into it to do…places to go, things to do and people to see. I joked with my parents a while back that they’d ruined me because I’m so used to always having “adventures” to go on and when I end up just sitting around, I feel stir crazy. Well – I definitely wasn’t stir crazy this week!

Wait – you mean you don’t drink a quart (or more) of water a day??

Monday was fairly run of the mill but Tuesday started off pretty wonky. I got up at 6 to go walking/jogging and that all went perfectly fine; it wasn’t too hot out yet and since part of my walk/jog was on the golf course there was even a pit stop for water. I’m not sure why, but for some reason by the time I ended up back at the house and in the shower, I was struggling…hard. I managed to get my hair washed before I knew I had to get myself as close to the ground as possible or my body was going to do it for me…it was rough y’all! I ended up sitting in the bathroom floor for a good ten minutes before I felt like I could go to my room and continue the morning. A glass of orange juice and coffee helped, but I felt shaky for what amounted to the rest of the morning – not exactly the best way to start a day. And I still have absolutely no clue what caused it…

Up with the sunrise on Tuesday!

Long Branch is beautiful in every season – always breathtaking!

A balloon flower on the grounds of Long Branch; can’t imagine why it’s called that!

Book club was on Tuesday night and it’s always a complete delight; mostly because I love going to Long Branch, I think the house is completely lovely. We discussed Pride & Prejudice and I don’t know if it was because I jumped right from reading one book, to reading P&P to immediately jumping into another book…but every one of the questions just made me feel completely stumped. I kind of sat there like a loon, not making much conversation, ha-ha! We did get a “tour” around the gardens after we finished talking about the book and I had no clue there was a vegetable garden at Long Branch – but there is! Strolling around the grounds seemed like a perfect fit for ending the night we discussed Pride & Prejudice because the ladies of Austen’s novels are always taking a turn through the garden…

Flowers abloom in the gardens at Long Branch!

Another food Watson loves – Cheerios. I’m pretty sure he’d eat just about anything if one of us was eating it!

I absolutely LOVED this movie – so awesome!

This book – also pretty awesome! 

The rest of the week seems…well…as I previously mentioned, a bit blurry. My Mom and I met with the ladies from our Bible study on Wednesday night to see “Inside Out” which was absolutely delightful and if you haven’t seen it, I definitely suggest you get your butt to the theater and do that! Watson and I took a mile+ walk on Thursday afternoon after work and apparently by the time we got back to the road running in front of our house, Watson was done. I fully intended to walk down the street and into the actual driveway/parking lot in front of the house but Watson was having none of it. He pulled away from me and set out across the yard, taking the shortest route possible to get to the front door…and so, I followed him because I’m not a monster or anything. Funnily enough, two hours later when my parents went to walk, he hopped up and headed out with them again. Goofy dog!

If this isn’t the cutest face you’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is…

Gross…but also really impressed at how detailed a picture my iPhone camera got!

Friday night was supper at Red Lobster (those biscuits always get me…) and then we went by Target and I finally persuaded my parents to relent and buy themselves some Washington Nationals gear! I mean, when you’re headed into the enemy camp for a game – which we were on Saturday – you need to be sure to represent for your team loud and proud! I got a huge laugh from my email on Friday; the Orioles wanted to remind me that I’d bought tickets to Saturday’s game. Don’t worry O’s – I’ll be there. And I’ll be cheering for a Curly W!

Like I’d forget – ha-ha!

Ready for some baseball on Saturday!

Fort McHenry

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor & historic ships

We spent Saturday in Baltimore and we came out alive! I say this because my co-workers have been joking for weeks that I’d end up getting shivved (is that even a word??) in the streets but I wasn’t buying it. Has Baltimore been nuts lately – no doubt! Was Saturday an awesome day in Baltimore – oh, certainly! And no one was shot or knifed while we were there…at least, no one in our trio! I love that Baltimore is less than 2 hours away because it offers so much to do! Not interested in going to DC for the day(who would ever NOT be interested in going to DC…wait, is it just me that’s nuts about DC…okay, whatever)…well then go to Baltimore! Granted, you have to get on the beltway and the traffic can be nuts, but suck it up sister and go eat some seafood and ride the sea monsters around the Inner Harbor. It’s totally worth it! And you most likely will come out unscathed! 😉

The USS Constellation

Camden Yards – Checked that off the bucket list & the Nationals got a Curly W to boot!

Curly W on Saturday night – I’ll take it!

We spent Sunday afternoon at Amelia’s first birthday party and I cannot even believe she is already a year old! I don’t know how we got here so fast…I feel like it was just yesterday that I was meeting her for the first time! She loves food and when her smash cake was put in front of her, she definitely didn’t disappoint – she attacked it with both hands! The sugar rush kept her going for opening presents and even doing a dance or two and the cupcakes were delicious!

The birthday girl!

She wasn’t sure about the crown but she definitely thought it was funny! 

Cake is GOOD!

Can’t believe this sweet baby is already one!

That about wraps up my week and weekend…in a nutshell at least. If you’ve been to this blog before, you know that I’m going to write a whole post about going to Baltimore for the day…heck, I could write a whole post about the Nationals game alone – but if you aren’t a baseball/Nationals fan or my Mother, it would probably bore you to tears. Until next time, hope your Monday is a little cooler than mine…the AC in our office is broken. Yikes!

Watson obviously had an exhausting weekend…

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