I Think Three Day Weekends Pass Faster than Regular Weekends!

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We have cruised into the back half of 2015 and coasted right past the halfway point on this year; so much has happened this year and somehow I still feel like it just started! The past week passed in a pretty leisurely fashion – especially since it was only a four day work week – happy birthday America!

Monday afternoon puppy silliness….

I almost stepped on this – talk about freaking out!

Watson and I were on our own this week – which I actually enjoyed (I love you Mom and Dad, thank you for sheltering both me and my sweet angel of a puppy…) although I think Watson gets tired of only having me to look at, ha-ha! He spent a lot of his days playing outside while I was at work, although I did have to embark on a rescue mission on Tuesday afternoon ahead of a colossal Summer afternoon downpour. We spent our evenings watching baseball (go Nationals!) and taking walks, so the four work days passed pretty quickly and without incident – which is how I like it.

And then the clouds opened up & the heavens rained down!

Watching the Nationals….

At least, I’d like to pretend that he was watching with me…but he was sound asleep.

Watson has always been a little anxious when it comes to bad weather but I discovered on Wednesday that he can suddenly be brave if there is food involved! We went out for a walk on Wednesday evening and I noticed the sky was lighting up in a pretty spectacular fashion, so we came in pretty quickly…but he wanted to immediately go out on the deck! I followed him outside to try and capture a picture of the lightning as it spiraled out of the clouds and he immediately started crunching on some food. We were outside for a good ten minutes (with periodic checks of the baseball game) and the storm moved closer and closer, so I finally decided we should probably go in.

I stepped inside and beckoned him to follow me. He looked at me for just a second before going right back to eating his crunchy supper bits; he had absolutely no interest in me or going indoors. The storm on the horizon had initially been a big light show but as it moved closer, the thunder really started to ramp up too…and with every roll of the thunder, he’d look up for a minute and survey the scene before he went back to eating. I kept trying to persuade him to come indoors; I wasn’t really feeling like getting struck by a stray bolt from the heavens, but he obviously could have cared less…until suddenly the sky lit up and simultaneously sounded like it was going to split in half…and then he turned and ran for the comfort and safety of the house. Good thing to…because apparently we were on the edge of this. Seriously Watson…

Not to be dramatic, but I’d title this one: God’s Wrath in Action. Eek!

Office Pets: Take One

Office Pets: Take Two

This little stinker…into everything & all over the place.

The weekend started early this week; my Friday actually arrived on Thursday and I thoroughly enjoyed my long weekend! I started the weekend off with a Parks and Recreation marathon of sorts on Thursday night; broken up with the Nationals game, of course. I met my friends Danielle and Meridith on Friday afternoon at the Alamo and we saw Magic Mike XXL – yes, we sure did! The experience was made all the better because we split cheese fries and fried dill pickles and I even got myself a little something special to drink; it was blue and pink and pretty and called: The Happy Ending. Ha-ha! The movie was fine, the company was better but it all together was a good way to spend a Friday afternoon!

I do love colorful drinks, ha-ha!

Watson begging for some bites of supper on Friday night.

He discovered a new spot to nap this week & I think he’s slightly addicted to it.

Now…I don’t know how you spent your Fourth of July, but mine was fairly tame. I think this might be the first time in at least the past 4 or 5 years where that has been the case. When I say it was fairly tame, what I mean is that I had almost nothing to do. I had plans here and there that kind of fell through/changed/moved around and so while I did see some fireworks, the “cookout” I ended up participating in was actually in my living room, eating BBQ picnic style while watching…say it with me now…the Nationals game! They beat the Giants 9-3 with two home runs in the mix, one of those hit with a bat that was all covered in stars & stripes…and if that doesn’t say America, I don’t know what does! My Fourth also involved matching my sister…even if we were hundreds of miles apart, watching a torrential downpour, changing up my patriotic outfits and waiting for fireworks in a field with music that sounded like a club. Good times…no doubt about it.

Great minds DO think alike…

Fourth of July festivities…with a side of monsoon!

Watson, suddenly afraid of thunder after being fearless on Wednesday night…

Just having your basic indoor picnic & baseball kind of day…

Not just one but two patriotic outfits of the day…awesome!


The weekend came to a close much too quickly – it seemed like I had coffee, made a Target run and suddenly I was sitting in the recliner watching Poldark (new TV obsession) and it was Sunday night!

Apparently he’s just as interested in Poldark as he is in Nationals games….

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