It Seems Like it was A Busy Week…but I Don’t Know…

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So – I guess because I’m splitting the writing of this between Monday and Tuesday (because Monday was a beast y’all…a beast) that will color a little bit of this weekly recap. The past week seems like it was filled with things…which is funny because I don’t think it really was. I don’t know, time is weird like that I guess.

A little Monday afternoon shopping.

What makes a rainy Monday better? A Red Velvet Frappucino, of course!

Monday somehow seemed crammed with so much stuff…ha-ha! I met my Mom at the mall for lunch and shopping; Bath & Body Works was having it’s semi-annual sale and the first day of the sale was on Monday. That was obviously the best day to check in, right? They would have more to pick from! I was probably unnecessarily excited about the return of White Tea & Ginger; I loved that fragrance back in the day and I wish I’d shopped a bit smarter and just gotten about 3 sets of it all…because it was only $3.50 a bottle! Oh well…

We also had big plans to go grocery shopping on Monday evening but the weather had other plans – as in, a gully-washer! Have you ever heard that word? A gully-washer is basically some epic level rain and that’s what happened on Monday night. We came out of the Mexican restaurant to head to Wal-Mart and it was pouring…pouring way too much to make the idea of trying to lug groceries out of the store and into the car and then into the house even sound remotely appealing. So we went to Starbucks instead and got frappucinos before going home to watch it pour.
These little things also made Monday pretty sweet. 🙂

What’s this – another Nationals game? I’ll take it!

Oh yes – you see, I voted for the Nationals 35 times (that’s the maximum number of votes) for the All Star Game in July and that was just an excellent life choice because shortly after voting that 35th time, I got an email offering me 50% off tickets to a Nationals home game! I don’t know how you’d react to such wonderful news, but I may have hopped around my office like a crazy person…and then proceeded to buy tickets to a game in August. A game that has fireworks at the end of it. I mean – splendid, right? Well – I’m thrilled, so there’s that.

Tuesday evening – Watson thought he’d just climb in bed with me.
Decorating my car just a wee bit more.

Wednesday passed without much incident…also without much really “happening” and yet I have a lot of pictures from Wednesday; I guess I was feeling a bit snap happy. I finally put my Nationals sticker on my car; I’ve had it for about two weeks now but between needing to get my car washed and just not thinking about it, I hadn’t slapped that bad boy on the back window yet. The Nationals have not been faring so well in June (that’s putting it mildly…they are in a SLUMP and it is SAD) but on Wednesday they played through 11 innings to beat the Yankees and so I was high on life when I got home from work and I immediately decided I really needed to get that sticker on my car – and so I did just that. It makes me smile…even though the Nationals bull pen needs some help and that doesn’t make me smile.

A pen thief in Bible study on Wednesday night…
Trying to get the little rascal to show us that she can take steps now….

Wee Amelia has also decided that maybe she’ll try out walking here pretty soon – she’ll be one in just a little less than a month; so that’s fun. We tried and tried (and tried some more…) to coerce her to show off her skills on Wednesday night but she was having none of it. I get it – crawling is so much faster right now, why walk? As we were leaving, my Dad plopped her onto her little feet and told her if she was leaving she had to leave the “right” way and she was pretty hesitant about it…until my Mom mentioned going outside and boy…those steps picked up pretty quickly! I bet if we’d asked her to come with us to get ice cream, she’d have probably taken off on her own. It’s really all about motivation tactics…

Some Wednesday night ice cream action? Yes – I’ll take it.

Watson’s plans for Thursday morning including napping in the guest room….

Watson’s plans for Thursday afternoon included hanging out with me while I read…

Oh Thursday – my dog was so well-behaved on Thursday. My Dad decided he’d let a Kirby vacuum salesman into the house on Thursday evening because the man said “it will only take an hour…”. HA! Watson and I hung out in my room for the first hour and he kept me company by napping while I read. He finally couldn’t take it anymore and so I released him into the wild of downstairs, kind of hoping he’d shoo away the salesman. Unfortunately they (he had helpers…) thought Watson was adorable and just kept talking. I mean – Watson is adorable, so I suppose I understand.

The week was exhausting – by Friday morning, he just had nothing left…

If you didn’t know the story behind this, you’d think I had a crazy person in my backseat. 

Oh – I will have a treat for you at the end of this next week. I promise. Why do I say this? My friend Danielle and I are going to a Bridesmaids Quote Along movie on Wednesday night and just preparing for it has been pretty hilarious. We went to a consignment shop on Friday afternoon to find ugly bridesmaid dresses (actually Danielle had already found hers…) and that alone was pretty funny. I’m fairly certain even though we were as nice as we could be, the woman running the store did NOT like us. She hovered constantly and we did everything in our power not to burst into hysterical laughter when she told me that the “ugly” dress I’d picked looked lovely and she inquired as to if I was planning to wear it to a friend’s wedding? She was less than thrilled when we explained exactly what it was for and when the three of us finally left, she told us she hoped we had a nice time because we seemed “like a fun group”…but I don’t think she really meant it. Tone, you know? It’s important in conversations and she had a tone.

Friday night views – & yes, really night…I took this around 7!

He was trying to get Watson to watch a video of some cats…he was hoping to get a rise out of him. Watson was not interested.
Begging for a snack – when is he NOT doing this?

The whole weekend was really packed full of spending time with our “framily” in one way or the other. Our friend Jennie and her son are moving into their own house and my Mom and I hosted a housewarming party for them at my Mom’s church. I think it really turned out well; Jennie got tons of nice things for her new house and it was a lot of fun! My favorite part probably had to be when Jimmy opened his present from my parents: a case of canned corn! You see, whenever he visits the house and is looking for an afternoon snack, it’s never chips or candy or something that any other kid would beg for…no – he wants a can of corn! So we thought he’d probably be thrilled to have his very own personal case of corn for his new home…and he was pretty thrilled with it. Mission accomplished.

Getting everything ready for Jennie’s Housewarming party!

One of the littlest guests in attendance.

What 7 year old doesn’t want his very own case of corn?

It’s safe to say just a few people wanted to see Jurassic World on Saturday night.

After seeing Jurassic World on Saturday night (go see it – it’s good!) we tried out a new church on Sunday morning; I’m looking for a place to go on a regular basis and unfortunately this one was a miss. It was also the church that never ended…the service started at 10:30 and since we were supposed to be having lunch with our friends and helping Jennie move…we finally had to use a prayer time at 12:25 to escape. Sorry guys! After a seriously delicious lunch of BBQ and homemade macaroni and cheese, we loaded up the cars…although I actually spent most of the time being a baby wrangler/kid entertainer/door holder in lieu of actually carrying heavy things. I carried around an 11 month old as well as a bat and ball since I was having a back and forth game with Emily out in the yard. I was also busily trying to convince Emily to cheer for the Nationals (and whispering in Amelia’s ear about the Nationals…) while watching bits and pieces of the game.

Look at the mohawk! Look at the face.

Artwork happening on the sidewalk while we are trying to move…

Taking a break from the hot & sweaty moving process.

Helping your friends move is exhausting!

The weekend seemed to slowly come to a close – once Jennie was moved in, we all went home and I took a much needed shower: moving, wrangling a baby and playing softball in the heat/sprinkling rain leaves a person smelling pretty ripe. My Mom and I picked up Starbucks, cold medicine for my Dad and Little Caesars for supper and I rounded out the weekend being thoroughly disgruntled, underwhelmed and irritated with the Game of Thrones finale. Oh well, I guess there’s always hope for season six…right?

A double rainbow kind of Sunday!

Every day is a Starbucks kind of day – but especially Sunday!

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