A Whole Year

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I can’t believe it’s already been a whole year that I’ve been in Virginia – my life changed so much when I sold my house, packed up my life and took the Interstate north – and it changed so much for the better. This is just a look back at the past year; my first year living in Virginia! Enjoy…I certainly have!

My exit – let this new journey begin!

Watson taking in his new surroundings. 

Enjoying the sounds of Foreigner & Styx at the Jiffy Lube Live Amphitheater!

Exploring the Virginia countryside on a sunny June afternoon!

One of our new pastimes – collecting rogue golf balls – I’ve collected almost 300 in just one year.

An amazing view at the top of Woodstock Tower

A coat & my own personal mini Statue of Liberty? Sounds like a good 4th to me!

Meeting Amelia Jane – only 24 hours old!

I finally made it to Delaware…around midnight…in the middle of nowhere!

Fresh blackberry ice cream at Matthew’s Arm Campground in the Shenandoah National Park!

Unbeatable views!

Ready to float down the Shenandoah River with my favorite river rat!

En route to Disney World in mid-July!

One of my favorite places – the perfect spot for tea!

The first family members to visit – & of course they loved Watson!

Have you ever captured an entire rainbow in one picture?
Sunday lunch date with this little cutie!

Absolutely breathtaking – when can I move in?

Meeting a pig up close & personal – as you can see, I was overwhelmed…

The cutest pup ever, enjoying the dog days of September.

Riding the Tilt A Whirl at the Shenandoah County Fair!

First trip to the drive-in at 29? Check!

Touring Civil War sites a plenty…throw a rock here & you’ll probably hit one.

Helping Francis Scott Key pen some familiar lyrics….

Wandering Fort McHenry in the rain with this cutie!

More rainy day wandering…this time with an even smaller sweetie. And yes…I have Under Armour stickers under my eyes…

The Bicentennial Celebration at Fort McHenry – memorable for sure!

An Autumn feeling in the air….

A visit from some of my favorite people – & finally meeting this sweetheart!

Apple picking with Ryleigh in the late September sunshine.

Lost in a corn maze? Maybe…we’ll never tell.

Fall Farm Shenanigans with the Roberts!

Birthday sombrero…and chocolate smeared everywhere…

SO happy to celebrate with some of my favorite little people!

How am I already 30???

Celebrating this sweet boy’s 7th birthday!

I found a little cowgirl – I think maybe I’ll keep her!

Autumn at the Arboretum.

Long Branch Plantation – absolutely stunning, especially with that tree!

Admiring the view from his carpet of leaves!

Sunday morning snuggles from Amelia.

Enjoying the October afternoon.

Spending Halloween with Rocket Raccoon, Merida & a tiny pumpkin!

Shenandoah Caverns on a blustery November afternoon.

The Rainbow Room in Shenandoah Caverns…

A stick to measure the impending snow? Prepare yourself – Winter is coming. Hehehe.

Autumn arrives in full force!

Exploring the mountains!

Hiking in the National Park.

He’s not even interested in the view…

I sure do love “my” three kiddos….

Getting a helping hand at Kitchen of Hope!

First time for everything – 911 call? Check! 

Whirlwind Thanksgiving in MS.

The first snow the week of Thanksgiving.

Old Town Winchester decked out for the holidays!

Winter sunsets just can’t be beat!

Taking a chilly walk through the lights at Clearbrook Park!

Christmas at Rosemont – absolutely lovely.

Having our Christmas with our “framily”.

Merry Christmas to me – my shiny new car!

Christmas reception at Long Branch Plantation.

A very blessed Christmas day!

Touring DC with the cousins – we managed to fit all 3 of us & the Washington Monument! Score!

The National Tree!

A sure sign that snow is on it’s way!

The first snow of 2015 – deep, fluffy & fun!

Sledding for the first time at 30!

I think I might enjoy this snow stuff…

Wednesday night selfies with Amelia – so funny!

Reaping the benefits of all the boutique style pet shops in the area.

What snow really looks like when it doesn’t melt after 1-2 days!

Baby…it’s cold outside!

Just looking for ways to mess up that pristine white shimmer…

Snow….creatures…made by my parents while I was sick with a stomach virus.

What’s that – even more snow?

After almost 9 months – a job! A wonderful, splendid job!

The “big” snow – certainly the most snow I’d ever seen all at once!

Careful…you’ll sink in to your thighs!

Perhaps Spring is on it’s way? Just maybe…

Antique store perusing…

All the snow is melting…the creek is trickling…Spring is on it’s way!

Coffee for breakfast – all the time. Yum.

The first day of Spring – ha!

Sometimes Mondays just wear you out…

Look at that face!

He’s in da hood – no doubt about it.

Starbucks – you make my heart happy – most of the time.

Wine anyone? I’ll take a barrel…

Irises in bloom.

A Spring sunrise in the misty mountains.

I don’t think this view will ever get old.

The Cherry blossoms in DC – putting a check mark on my bucket list!

I do love DC! Especially in the Spring!

Already 9? Stop growing up so fast!

Tis the season to duck & cover…

At our favorite place – the Arboretum – on an April afternoon!
The field of tulips at the Arboretum!
The apple blossoms begin to bloom in early May!
Sunday morning cuddles – absolutely the best thing in the world!
Spring in the Blue Ridge Mountains, not to be missed. 
A celebratory dinner on top of the mountain – celebrating my job; even if it was a couple months after the fact, the restaurant on the mountaintop doesn’t open until late April.
My first Apple Blossom – I loved experiencing it with this cutie!
Amazing tulips at Old South Mountain, MD – a little Sunday road trip we took!
The view from the original Washington Monument in Old South Mountain!

Just a wee crowd came out for the Arsenal of Democracy Flyover…
Friday night softball game with Katie!
So glad my sweet Nanny was able to visit! 
Saturday afternoons in DC – they can’t be beat!
A Curly W for the Nats? Always awesome! 
Always an amazing view….
My favorite visitor came in late May – love spending time with my sister!
The family – reunited once more – at Montpelier
The “Southern” end of Skyline Drive on a beautiful late May afternoon!
Ice cream, the airport & this kid – good times!
I’ve been here a year…she’s almost been “here” a year… She’s the best! 
Train sightings on Sunday afternoon.

Car decor is quite important – ha-ha!
Life is good!

So – there you have it – the past year, in pictures. While you may think this post is crazy long, I can’t believe I’ve managed to condense the past year of my life into just these pictures! I arrived in Virginia not knowing what to expect from life and I have been so abundantly blessed in the past year. I have made wonderful new friends, I’ve strengthened relationships with friends I already had and I’ve been blessed to get to spend more time with my parents (and while we may sometimes drive each other nuts, I know one day I’ll cherish these memories).

It took a little while – 9 months to be exact – but I found a job that I absolutely love; a job I do not doubt the Lord was having me hold out for because it is truly a blessing. I’ve just begun to experience things that have been on my bucket list for a lifetime and I am so looking forward to what the future holds for me – I know it’s going to be amazing!

Happy to claim Virginia as MY home.

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