Don’t Eat the Cookie Dough Brownie

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How was your first week of June? My first week of June was just fine, thanks for asking! There was wildlife activity, surprises galore (okay…maybe only one that was good) and I lost some weight – ha! I mean, I did lose weight but it was only because I had someone chop off almost all of my hair. I didn’t say it was a ton of weight, did I? I’m feeling cheeky today…not sure why…but that’s the mood you’re getting as I write this, ha!

Monday morning surprise – two little deer visiting the yard…

You guys – it rained all week long. Hear me “say” that again: it rained ALL WEEK LONG. Okay, maybe not actual continual rain but it was that gray, misty, moist & weird weather all week long. There was a day (Wednesday, maybe…) that the temperature didn’t even hit 60 – in June! I don’t love the rain and dreariness (which isn’t common here or anything…this isn’t Forks) but I do not mind that it isn’t blazing hot from late March to mid-October. Can I get a hallelujah?

Something spooked him on our walk – spooked him big time; he had to sit on my lap for a bit to compose himself…

Cutest face ever – right?

The brownie in question – it looks lovely; don’t let it fool you!

It pays to be the person holding the Cheerios….

Y’all – Amelia will be one soon! Where has the time gone? I guess that’s a crazy question because I’ll have been in Virginia for a year in just 5 short days…and Amelia was born three weeks after I arrived, so it all makes sense. Wednesday night she was showing off some of her skills that she’s managed to acquire as she nears a whole year of being in this world – including standing on her own – time slow down! It’s weird how much more impressive feats like that seem when you’ve seen a little human on a pretty much weekly basis since the day after she was born. I mean, seriously…wasn’t she just this tiny nugget that only weighed a wee bit and stared at me in confusion?? Stop standing up! Anyway, her favorite person is her Mom (of course) but if you’ve got the Cheerios, you are a pretty close second! So, she spent a good portion of our Wednesday night Bible study standing in front of me, clinging to my jeans with one hand while she took Cheerios and danced around in glee after getting those Cheerios. Such a mess!

Cheerios are awesome & I will clap & sway to prove this to you!


Okay – maybe it wasn’t the best surprise ever but let me tell you what; I was certainly dancing around my office on Thursday morning when I got an email from the Nationals telling me that I could take 50% two tickets to a game because I’d voted for the Nationals in the All Star Game Ballot – because like, what other team would I vote for? I may or may not (you know the answer…you don’t even have to guess people…come on…) have text my parents and been like “WE ARE GOING TO ANOTHER NATIONALS GAME – GET EXCITED! I need help…I do. But, like I said – we are going to another Nationals game – get excited! Plus, I’m pretty sure the game we are going to not only has fantastic baseball and the delightful experience of being at a Nationals game, but there are fireworks after the game – Freedom Fireworks y’all – what’s not to love?

Oh – you feel like poop & want to nap? Well let me lick your face & then lay on top of you in an effort to comfort you. 

Trying to force the sun to come out…oh yeah – I have like…almost no hair anymore. Hehehe!

So – the cookie dough brownie – oh y’all. Just no. I first spied it at Firefly Cafe on Wednesday and I knew I must have it. I knew it. When it was sat into the to-go box, it weighed a freaking ton – that bad boy was dense! I didn’t care; I knew it was going to be lovely. I was able to eat about 1/3 of the thing before I felt like I was going to be sick…so I put it away and went about my business. Don’t eat a cookie dough brownie – just don’t. I cannot 100% guarantee that the cookie dough brownie made me sick…but I stupidly ate a little more of it on Wednesday night and Thursday – y’all, it was all I could do to get home on Thursday without feeling like I was going to pass out…not from illness but tiredness. I slept for an hour and then drug myself to the salon and got all my hair cut off and again prayed I could just get home because I was pretty sure I was going to be sick.

I don’t know what caused all the awfulness but I spent the next two hours in the bathroom, praying I wouldn’t be sick. I never was…but still, that feeling is the worst and it was combined with a pounding headache and my legs cramping up at random. Did the cookie dough brownie actually cause all this? I don’t know…but it’s what I’m blaming.

Friday was Donut Day – did you get one?

My parents are growing tomatoes on our back deck – they’re fun to watch but I won’t be eating them.

The sun finally came out on Friday afternoon & let me tell you, a glorious sight it was!

My weekend was fairly chill and pretty solitary. I watched the Nationals game on Friday night, took a bubble bath and watched a movie – Watson spent a lot of time on the deck in the sun because he’d missed it while it was gone all week. I’ve never seen a dog who loved laying in the sunshine so much! I apparently don’t know my own strength because on Saturday morning when I reached for my glasses, I just snapped those bad boys in half. It probably didn’t help that they’d been damaged a year previous after having a “bath” in nail polish remover (long story) but suffice it to say, I’m going to need new glasses! I kind of repeated that pattern on Saturday; the only difference being that the movie was different and the Nationals won their game on Friday night…can’t say the same for the game on Saturday. I also picked up and cleaned up and generally just laid around like an epic bum. I guess sometimes its good to have weekend where you’re an epic bum – right?

It’s like I’m Superman or something….

Apparently being lazy is exhausting…oh the life…

Sunday involved some adventure…some good old-fashioned train adventure! I should mention that this wasn’t really my idea; my Dad was 100% thrilled that an old school steam engine was coming through town on Saturday and Sunday and he assured me if he’d been in town, he would have been front and center. No pressure, right? So on Sunday afternoon Watson and I loaded into my car and went to hang out on the wrong side of the tracks and wait for the big event. I have never seen so many people sitting around waiting to see a train zip by – and let me tell you, zip by it did! I was NOT expecting it to go by so fast; I don’t know, I know that trains are fast and all…but still. I managed to get two pictures and then…there it went! It was interesting to see though; I will say that. And I arrived home just in time to watch the Nationals game…that they lost. *sigh*

Watson says “I don’t see any trains…”

It was a bit hot, so we waited in the car with our windows down & a portable water bowl.

Here she comes…

And there she went…no clue it was going to be so big!

So – there you have it. Another week that has passed by and a word of warning to you – if you ever see a cookie dough brownie, just avoid it at all cost. Ha-ha! 

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