Eight Pictures – was this the Dullest Week Ever?

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Okay – maybe I’m being a little bit dramatic with the whole “dullest week ever” scenario. It wasn’t that; it was just kind of a slow week. I’m sure that it was compounded by me succumbing to a cold on Tuesday and struggling through the rest of the week…coughing and not being able to breath will certainly make you feel less inclined to take pictures…and maybe more inclined to take a nap…

Watson begging for some breakfast on Monday morning. He even has his little paws crossed for extra effect.

I’m new to the whole “following a baseball team obsessively” thing…but this little tool certainly helps.

Watson enjoys a mid-morning nap on Thursday…since I was napping, he thought he’d join the party.

So – as mentioned, I succumbed to illness this week. My Grandmother was here visiting us for the three weeks previous and she had a cold pretty much the entire time she was here. I guess you can only fight for so long (or accidentally drink out of the water bottle she left in the car) before the cold comes to visit. It wasn’t too bad until early Thursday morning when I was fairly certain my head was going to crack open and I might possibly die…so I stayed at home and slept for what amounted to three-fourths of the day. There is always that point in any sickness where it’s the darkness before the dawn; I made it to Thursday evening and then things started getting better. Now if I could just kick the cough that seems to have decided to stick around, I’d be back to feeling 100%.

Fat little birdies outside the office on Friday afternoon.

Friday night supper goodness – yay for the weekend!

Friday night was fairly wild – let me tell you about it, ha! I had supper with my parents at Applebee’s and took Watson on a nice little walk/outing combo to Starbucks around 7:30. I got a S’mores frappucino because those things aren’t going to be around for a long time and so I’ve got to capitalize on that while I can. Watson definitely thought the drink was for him and tried to scale the console to get to the drink as the barrista handed it out the window. I did let him have a bite or two of whipped cream, but that’s all the delicious coffee drink that he got to sample. I closed out my Friday night by watching the Nationals/Padres game – because, why not? In the words of the commercials on MASN (the channel I discovered that plays all the Nationals game…ALL the games) “Ain’t baseball fun?” 

Indeed it is – but I don’t know about them using the word “ain’t”…because it isn’t a word. *sigh* Oh yeah, the Nats won. Because…of course. 🙂 Hehehe!

He definitely thought that was for him & was crushed when it was not…until he realized he was still getting to ride in the car & so his life was a bit better than he thought!

Sunday lunch at the Griffin Tavern – delicious!

I won’t pretend to understand how the mechanics of time work but let me tell you – somehow this weekend, when we had next to nothing to do – it seemed to pass even quicker than the weekends previously when we had tons of things to do. Now, can you explain that one? 

I slept in on Saturday and then proceeded to watch Outlander because the episode was supposed to be quite intense (it was) and I really just couldn’t wait until Saturday night for all of that. I also watched the back half of the Nationals game from Friday night – because again, why not? What are lazy Saturday mornings for if not to watch some TV in your pajamas…especially when that TV involves attractive Scottish men in kilts and attractive American men in baseball pants? HA! My Mom and I spent Saturday afternoon getting pedicures, going to see Pitch Perfect 2 (hilarious I tell you, hilarious) and then watching the Nationals beat the Padres (again) 10-0. 
Y’all – the baseball bug has gotten a hold of me. If that isn’t painfully obvious. Which – I’m sure it is. I only have 8 pictures for this week’s recap and one is of a computer screen where I was “watching” a game. It’s bad…but it’s good too. So, there’s that.

Gorgeous flowers outside the Griffin Tavern in Flint Hill.

Alas – Sunday somehow passed just as quickly as Saturday! I don’t know how these things happen but all of a sudden it was 1:30 in the afternoon and we were eating lunch in Flint Hill and how did I already get to this point in the day because I felt like I’d just woken up. Ha! We went to a couple thrift shop/antique stores…I use that term loosely because the first place was basically just a huge cavernous tin building that had years of junk and a collection of the world’s most backward and strange people inside it. And lo – when one leery man made a really uncomfortable suggestion to me, I fled the building and called it a day – because gross, no…I don’t want to come “look in your booth for some hidden treasure..”

I couldn’t make it up if I tried. I kid you not.
There was a child wondering the building barefoot. *cringe* There was a woman who looked to be about 50; she was completely transfixed on a decades old TV set showing the movie “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” and her focus was so complete that I felt like maybe she’d never seen moving pictures before Sunday. It was just all a little too twilight zone for me and I could NOT. Thankfully stop no. 2 was nice and sunny and had normal humans; I bought a really cute handmade bowl and dish that I cannot believe I don’t have a picture of – but alas, I don’t. 
So – I think I’ve rambled long enough. I know you’ve enjoyed this as much as I have, right? So we’ll meet back here again soon and hopefully they’ll be more pictures involved! 

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