Friday with A Friend – The Nickolee Roberts Edition

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The first edition of Friday with A Friend that actually involves one of my friends – Nickolee Roberts! I have known Nickolee since we were teeny; seriously, we have been friends since we were about 3! 

Nickolee is a wife, Mom, daughter, sister, friend and most importantly a sincere follower of Christ. She is such a source of inspiration and encouragement to me and I know the Lord is working through her life and the outcome will be – in her own words – glorifying. 

Nothing to do with this…per se, but it is related to an interview….

Okay, if this was a real interview…like on tv, I’d need a theme song. What should it be? 

The Broken Beautiful

When I think about you, I think of someone who is strong, dedicated, compassionate and most importantly, a lover of Christ. Your life in the mission field and the uncertainty that can bring about, coupled with the way you handle all things with such grace has always amazed me. In the last five years, what was your lowest low and how did you rise above it?
You are WAY too generous but you did make me smile and feel very encouraged!
lowest low was realizing I was depressed.  ha – there’s no way I could rise above it – i think it was the most significant time in my life where i realized how i was truly nothing without Christ.  He alone walked me through (and is still walking me through that journey) and allowed my head to come above the waves.  Being honest and vulnerable – laying everything out there for anyone to know about that struggle was a huge deal too.  i believe I had to let go of who I thought I should be for everyone (mostly myself) and just cling to Jesus.  Being open and talking about depression – not being fake about life – that made a huge difference.

And your highest high?
Wow it would have to be stepping off the plane onto the ground in Madagascar – it was a lifelong dream becoming a reality – almost nothing could beat that.

Living the dream.

Every good movie moment has a song playing in the background. What was the soundtrack for that moment – the highest high?
Never Once

What’s the hardest part of raising kids?
Seeing my own sinfulness on such a daily basis in such blatant ways

What’s the best part of raising kids?
0-24 months – watching them grow in such huge ways with becoming mobile and how fast their vocabulary grows and cuddling – always cuddling!
24months-4 years – watching them learn how to make God honoring decisions, hearing how they process the world around them, watching them develop their own opinions about things and a sense of pride, and cuddling – always cuddling!

Sweet as can be.

What quote do you hang on to right now?
It Will Be Glorifying

There’s a woman who thinks she’s hit rock bottom. She feels she isn’t enough, can’t do it, will never make it out of the mess she’s in. What do you have to say to her?
To tell her she’s right.  that we are not enough on our own and can not get out of the mess we are in.  But Jesus.  He and His power destroys all of the can’ts that we say.  He makes us enough through His blood.  He gives us the capability to do all things through His strength.  He is our Savior and Deliverer.  He makes the broken beautiful.  He truly changes things from ashes to beauty.

Okay, tell me about these things and their role in your life and survival through the hard stuff: Creativity, friendship, books and music.


Creativity i think would have to be in our thought process – it’s become a way of life (and will hopefully stay that way) but that’s just to have an attitude of gratitude, on the good days, bad days and everything in between.  To seek out the good, to be on the lookout for the gift in every situation.  Even when the gifts don’t look very beautiful to acknowledge them and to know that He only gives good gifts that are for our benefit to glorify Him the most

I have almost always freely admitted that I am not a good friend – probably one of the worst.  i’m just not good at staying in touch and involved unless we are face to face often – but my gracious Lord has provided such beautiful souls to be a part of every season of my life.  There are a handful of gorgeous gals that He has given me at different times (high school, college, seminary, teaching, madagascar) that are the type of friend that everyone wishes they could be.  These girls are easy to keep in contact with, forgiving, full of grace and desire for our relationships to be open and honest – which is the biggest type of gift.  I love them and daily thank the Lord for them.  I love how we can pick up where we left off and they are the first people I go to with prayer requests and just daily life.  I love that we can talk about Christ and life and struggles and victories and books and movies all in the same conversation.  They are quite special.

Who are these people??

Books and music
I love both.  music is just good for the soul.  my ideal morning involves gorgeous sunshine, a cool breeze, and worship music playing – Ellie Holcomb is hands down my favorite.  Music just makes me more relaxed and focuses me on my Savior in a way that the world can so easily distract me from.  i love having a song in my heart that flows out of my mouth all day long.  I’ve always enjoyed reading but just don’t find the time for it like I want to.  I have a whole list on my kindle that i’m looking forward to reading but am slowly making my way through.  Books encourage me, challenge me in my study of the Bible, and expand my way of thinking.

Compare these two things: Your view of yourself ten years ago and your view of yourself now.
10 years ago – hmm honestly? i thought pretty highly of myself.  I was a “good christian girl” and was engaged to the guy that I had prayed for and knew we were headed to the mission field as soon as i graduated from college.  I knew I had my life planned out and didn’t question it.
Now – geez, I can’t believe I was so prideful and selfish.  It’s pretty sickening to admit.  I’ve learned (and am still learning) that I am nothing with Christ.  I have no goodness that comes from myself.  I am a sinner saved by His marvelous grace.  The gifts of my childhood, teenage years, and young adult life are not because of anything I did or didn’t do but because it’s a part of His mercy, grace, and plan for my life.  I don’t deserve any of it – grace gifts…that’s the only way to explain it.  The past 10 years have sometimes looked like I thought they would and other times it’s been radically different – but what I’ve learned is that what’s happened isn’t nearly as important as why it’s happening.  Sometimes…most of the time…I can’t offer an explanation but I do have hope and confidence in the fact that He will use every detail to bring glory to His name.
Random, but fun. Finish the following. I hate when…
There’s bad weather and when I get a buggy that the wheels are messed up 🙂

And, I love when…
I get to travel anywhere, go on date nights with Steve, have one on one time with my girls

Three of your favorite women…
Ellie Holcomb, Charlotte Cearley, Reese Witherspoon (no judgement – she’s just so cute and so fantastically talented!)

If you had to get a tattoo right now, what would it be?
Oh hmmm probably – a small one that says “it will be glorifying” with little stars and swirly do dads around it 🙂

Let’s end this with an important question. What songs are on your playlist right now?
Because He Lives – Matt Maher
It is Well – Bethel
You Make Me Brave – Bethel
Lord I’m Ready Now – Plumb
After All – Meredith Andrews
King of My Heart – Love & the Outcome
Say Amen – Finding Favor
This is Amazing Grace – Phil Wickham
He Knows My Name – Francesca Battistelli
As Sure As the Sun – Ellie Holcomb
Marvelous Light – Ellie Holcomb

My Portion & My Strength – Ellie Holcomb

That’s all folks!

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