I Published this without a Title…True Story…

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Spring – something that Northern Virginia has flirted with all week. It really likes the idea of warmer weather, fluffy clouds and gentle breezes but can’t decide if it’s 100% ready to commit. However, 95% of the citizens of Northern Virginia are ready for it to make it long term and usher in sandal season. This week started off absolutely lovely and descended into a less lovely place all week long – well, the weather that is. The week itself was fairly lovely and left me with no complaints, ha-ha!

Gorgeous Spring skies on Monday afternoon.

The creek that christened where I work as Creekside… I wish it was closer to my office…

The weather for sitting on the porch in the afternoon & early evening is almost here again! 

The start of the week feels like such a blur! Monday night was the only night I had at home until Friday rolled around and I tried to make the most of it by enjoying some time sitting out on the deck with Watson on Friday evening – that little dog loves the deck – and just relaxing in general. This past week was my last “full week” at Hallmark; I will only be working one day this week and then I’ll be done! I’ve settled into my job at CWM really well and I just decided working 50-55 hours a week wasn’t really for me. Thankfully they were very understanding and so supportive of my decision – and I was so glad for that because on Tuesday and Thursday I left the house at 8 AM and didn’t arrive back home till 10 PM and I didn’t really relish doing that every week. Yikes! So, that’s why Wednesday seemed to arrive almost out of nowhere – because Monday evening through Wednesday evening passed in a haze.

Oh my – yummy tea.

Wednesday morning – drinking all the coffee. All of it & then some more. 

Wednesday night fun – tasting an Oreo for the first time! 

When Thursday rolled around, I was starting to struggle for sure – I don’t know about you but I need my sleep and I need it to be good and consistent. I also need down time and by the time Thursday arrived, I hadn’t had much of that. I’d been going all day every day until I fell into my bed at the end of the day and I was straining for Friday. I was literally having pep talks with myself, ha-ha! Coffee certainly helped the struggle…but when does coffee not help, lets be honest? Hehehe.

Thursday morning sunrise – never quite as magnificent on camera as it is in person.

Please let this be a joke…

As I mentioned, this week started out as sandal weather and I was loving it – although I do need a pedicure… That’s neither here nor there, I was wearing some sandals on Monday and even on Tuesday but then the temperature decided to start creeping toward the colder end of the scale – not good. No me gusta. By the time I left work place #1 (at least until Tuesday, March 24th…after that work place #1 will be work place THE ONLY ONE) to head to work place #2, we were under a Winter Weather Advisory for Friday. Rain that was most likely going to turn into 2-4 inches of snow…on the first day of Spring. Apparently that happens here a lot; snow on the first day of Spring. Funny, right?

So – this is amazing.

Happy First Day of Spring 2015!

My house vs. my office – they’re 15 minutes apart…

I woke up on Friday to rain, which that’s fine…April showers and whatnot (I know – it’s not April yet). My co-worker text and asked how things were weather wise at my house and I let her know it was just raining. Her response? She sent me a picture of the 2-4 inches of snow at her house. I was blown away! I set out to work in the rain and after I’d gone about 5 miles up the road, it was like someone flipped a switch – there was snow everywhere! The ground was covered, the cars I passed were draped in it and it was swirling from the sky! I have to say that has been the most interesting drive I’ve had in a long while…probably since that really interesting drive where an 18-wheeler decided to fling me off the road. Ha-ha! Wait…what…

My Friday night was a Netflix marathon – Watson decided his Friday night would be a nap marathon…in my bed.

Saturday was gorgeous – 65 degrees & sunny! The weather; as mentioned, just can’t make up it’s mind.
Post cat encounter – still at the ready, should the little cat come back for round two.

I had all kinds of plans this weekend but somehow they all fell through – my Saturday afternoon and evening plans crashed early Saturday afternoon and so I used the sudden free hours to go to Old Navy and pick up a pair of jeans (and two cardigans and a new tank) and then stop by Country Treasure to grab a gift. Watson and I took a couple long walks around the neighborhood in the awesome sunshine and I began a New Girl marathon on Netflix. Yeah – my weekend turned into a Netflix marathon weekend. It had been the plan for Friday night but when my Sunday afternoon plans didn’t materilize either, I did some more shopping at Target (all their shoes are buy one, get one 50% off this week – go, go and get some shoes!) and walked all over the place with Watson some more and watched even more New Girl. This post could have been much more thrilling but I basically was a bum this weekend – so, there’s that.

Sunday night supper yumminess. Except the soup wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be.

She is so serious & she was seriously not sure about that bow in her head.

Sunday afternoon nap!
I will never understand some of the weird ways he sits…he thinks he is human.

So – the week passed in a blur, the weekend passed even faster…isn’t that always the case though? I can’t believe April is almost here! I’ve been at my job almost a month and that seems even more unbelievable. Another good week in the books; not a great week but not a bad week either, life keeps rolling along and I’m enjoying the ride…so…on to the next!

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