My Brain is in Fail Safe Mode

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Yea – that’s what I feel like today. I don’t know if it’s just a special Monday feeling (not really all that special, but whatever…) or what but I woke up with a headache and even though I slept a gracious plenty last night and didn’t even wake up multiple times in the night…it is only 10:29 and I’m on my second cup of coffee and the struggle is real. I think my body is already revolting against the week ahead – but that story is for next week…once I’ve survived this week.

Wearing my sassy new pants & trying to force Spring to come with sandals. It kind of worked…

Panera for lunch? Yes please.

I’m getting back into the swing of the whole working 8-5 thing (or in my case, 8:30-5) and that means waking up before 7 every morning, packing lunches (sometimes) and not getting home until 5:30 every day – and also learning that while it’s a good idea to take Tasker Rd. on the way to work, that is NOT the ideal route home – because oh my at the traffic! The work flow did lead me to discover the joy that is Panera Rapid-to-Go, which is basically the most brilliant thing ever in life. You order online, pay online and when you go in, your food is ready and sitting on the little shelf waiting on you. The quickest, easiest thing I’ve ever done as far as food is concerned! I’m probably a little too excited about it…but then again, I’m still just really excited by the fact that I live so close to a Panera. It’s the little things people.

Getting in my mid-week cuddles.

Cutest bunny rabbit I ever did see. 

If you’ve read before, you know that my Mom and I have gotten involved in a book club at Long Branch Plantation – which we love. Long Branch; as we’ve discovered, has so much going on and all through the month of March they are having speakers come each Thursday night and talk on different topics. This past Thursday a gentleman spoke about the life and friendship between John Mosby and Ulysses S. Grant – and my Dad was fired up to go listen, so I decided to tag along – I love going to Long Branch and there was wine involved, so that was a winning combination. The speaker was actually really interesting and I enjoyed listening to him talk about the Grey Ghost of the Confederacy; his talk may have been helped by the setting, sitting in an antebellum mansion that survived the Civil War certainly provided an ambiance.

I do love Long Branch – it’s beautiful in every season.
A little wine always makes things more enjoyable – hehehe.

Sunset from the porch of Long Branch…

Lanterns lining the walkways.

Weekends definitely mean more when you work all week – they are something to be cherished and enjoyed; especially sleeping late, that is truly one of my favorite things. I cannot even stress that enough. I went to see Cinderella on Friday night and it was truly just lovely, I enjoyed it so much. I did not enjoy the annoying punk kids sitting behind us who couldn’t keep quiet for the final 25 minutes of the movie. I love kids but even I have my limits…I was thisclose to throwing my metal food dish at a kid’s head. Yikes!

Lovely movie. Prince Charming is…well, charming.

Saturday was supposed to be plagued with rain all day – it wasn’t rainy all day, but it wavered somewhere between full blown sunshine one minute and innumerable clouds the next – very schizophrenic weather, to be sure. We spent both Saturday and Sunday perusing the countryside visiting our favorite local stores as well as some thrift/antique stores that we go in from time to time (my Dad goes to them more often than my Mom and I, ha-ha). I must say, I discovered something in one of the stores on Saturday that completely captivated me – a palace door from Switzerland, circa the 1700’s! It was only (only…hehehe) $4,500 but I was completely enthralled with it. Who was the woman on the door? Why was she important enough to be painted on the door? Who was the man in the picture she is looking at?? Also – how does someone come to be in possession of a castle door from 1700’s Switzerland?? I like the quirky and different things, to be sure!

Owls everywhere – I could have bought out the shop!

The castle door – seriously – I was (still am) completely enthralled. It’d certainly make a conversation piece, right?

Less than a month to go!

Sunday afternoon explorations in Sperryville….

Trying on a hat & stepping back in time – my Mom said this didn’t even look like me!

Spring – she is a coming!

So – there you have it. Another week has flown by…there are only two weeks left in March! What in the world is up with that? Time truly does fly by – and I don’t think it has anything to do with how much fun you’re having; although I’m having quite a bit.

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