The Snow has got to Go!

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Well – another week has come and gone; hopefully this will be the last week that snow was a huge part of the forecast, I’m really hanging on tightly to dreams of Spring. This week the temperatures are supposed to hang out around 50 to 60 and I can get behind that 100%. The week started off warm enough but it took a pretty fast dive into freezing as it progressed. Even though I say I’m tired of snow, it’s somehow a little less annoying when you actually get a snow day…but I’m getting ahead of myself…

My daily news email – I did lots of things between House of Cards episodes this past week too!
Sitting the the smallest cell phone lot I have ever had the pleasure to sit in…& the metro roared overhead every 5-10 minutes…

So – as mentioned last week, I was supposed to be going to MS for a week but that didn’t really work out. I missed seeing all my favorite people but I enjoyed my lazy week at home too! I spent a huge part of the weekend watching “House of Cards” third season and so when I drove into DC on Monday to pick up my parents from Reagan, that was pretty much all that was on my mind – especially when I parked next to a black Lincoln town car with a diplomat tag. That will make no sense if you’ve not watched the third season (and none of this will make much sense if you’ve never watched the show at all). Monday was a really lovely day and I drove into DC a little too early…I was sorely tempted to sit at Gravely Park until my parents text me to come get them, but I just occupied my time sitting in the cell phone lot and perusing on my phone – the sun was out and it was almost 55 – I just enjoyed being warm, ha-ha. I also rejoiced in the fact that I’d driven in DC traffic (which wasn’t so bad) without freaking out…since my wreck, I’m not the most stable of drivers.

\All the way from New Orleans through Lindsey & to our house. Yum!

Watson meets Fudge – a bear from when I was very young, discovered in Lindsey’s boxes; she sent him home to me!

I have never met a more rotten little guy than W – he loves to snuggle in his blankets.

I started my new job on Wednesday – and I could not be more thrilled about finally having a full time job; what’s more I’m thrilled to have THIS full time job. I think the company and the people I will be working with are an exceptional bunch and I’m so glad I was chosen to join this team. I have to tell you though; there is nothing like starting a new job to make you feel completely stupid! New jobs are always interesting because it’s like starting all over again…and usually learning something completely new. That is certainly the case for me because I know absolutely nothing about wealth management…but I guess I’ll learn, right? I know one thing and that is that I absolutely hate to feel slow and stupid and starting new jobs always make me feel that way, so adjusting to all these new things will take some time…and until then, I’ll just have to keep telling myself that it’s alright and I’ll figure it all out soon enough. *sigh*

Not pleased with me because I’m about to leave him at home all day….

My new job – first day! 

Sweet baby #3…I sure do love her precious smile & sweet fat cheeks!

Sweet baby #1….I sure do love her curly hair & sassy attitude!

Alright – I know the title of this post is the snow has got to go…and it does, but snow can actually be alright if you have a snow day! To my great surprise, even though Wednesday was only my first day on the job, I got a snow day on Thursday – so when I woke up at 6:30 to see fat flakes of snow starting to fall, I was able to be secure in the joy of knowing I got to curl up and be cozy! I took tons of pictures of the snow because 1) I was at home all day and took Watson out several times; plenty of opportunity for picture taking and 2) I’m fairly certain that this was the most snow I’ve seen in my thirty years of life. They called for 5-8 inches: it snowed from 6:30 in the morning till almost 8 at night – there was over 8 inches of snow. In some places there was at least a foot – no kidding!

And so it begins….

This tree seemed covered – but that’s a laugh. At this point it hadn’t even been snowing 2 hours!

Watson says “let me sleep now, I’ll go conquer the white fluffy stuff later…”

My snow dog – attacking the drifts before they got too deep!

This was heavy snow – nothing light & fluffy about it. Because of that, the trees almost immediately became weighted down & looked absolutely gorgeous.

Trademark snowfie!

Still exploring, even though the snow is creeping up under his belly now!

Lovely snow-covered bushes!

Have you ever shoveled snow? If not – oh Lordy.I wouldn’t exactly add it to a bucket list or anything because it’s not a miraculous experience. It finally quit really snowing (it came down on & off until almost 8) here around 4 and so I decided I’d go out and try to dig out my car. That first involved digging a path to my car to begin the process – surprisingly the snow wasn’t as heavy as I thought it would be, but it wasn’t light! I had grand plans to try and build a snowman but the snow wasn’t cooperating all that well and honestly – after shoveling a path, digging my car out, helping dig my Mom’s car out and salting the walkway – I only wanted to go sit down and take a deep (not frozen) breath.

There is a car in there somewhere….

The snow is a bit deep! 

Oh irony – hehehe!

Friday night sunset.

The weekend seemed like it passed in a blur – I feel like part of that is because I’m now gainfully employed full time and so the weekend seems shorter than it did before I was “free” all the time. I barely made it to 10 PM on Friday night; I don’t know what was going on but I could not hold my head up and as soon as it hit the pillow, I just passed out cold for almost 9 hours. After a ladies meeting on Saturday morning at the church (with delightful breakfast included – yum) my Mom, my friend Rachel and I shopped the afternoon away at the Leesburg Outlets and thankfully I actually managed to stay awake until at least almost 11 on Saturday night! Sunday was an adventure because I intended to meet my parents at church around 10:45 but when the time came to head out to church, I couldn’t find my keys. After searching high and low, I realized my keys were in my parent’s car – already at the church! And they’re my only set of keys,so instead of scooting down the road to church, I put Watson’s leash on and we scooted around the neighborhood in the sunshine!

Shop til you drop!

Another selfie in the snow – I do love them!

Begging like a champ – but that’s not exactly a new thing, right?

Exploring the melting snow on Sunday morning!

And as the snow melts…little streams pop up everywhere!

So – temperatures this week look to not go below about 50 – maybe Spring is getting ready to…spring? I sure hope so, because as much as I’ve enjoyed my first “real” Winter, I think it’s about time for a glorious mountain Spring!

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