Not the Week I Thought

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The last week of February – well, there was less snow than the previous week. I can at least say that much…not to say that there wasn’t snow, ha-ha. This week unfolded much differently than originally planned but it was still a good week.

My parent’s snow creatures…because they aren’t really people, are they?

I had big plans to go to Mississippi for the week but the closer Monday got, the less likely that trip became. After 48 hours of no food and not feeling well, even though I was on the mend on Monday I still wasn’t feeling grand. The weather along my route was not exactly a glowing forecast and let’s be honest; the South doesn’t really handle ice and snow so well. The chief reason though? If I’m being honest, I still have a lot of issues with driving since my wreck back in November – and that anxiety, combined with still not feeling 100% and the possibility of inclement weather…well, I just decided that I’d be better suited to stay at home in Virginia. The letdown of that decision was that I didn’t get to spend time with my wonderful little sister nor did I get to see my friends…but looking back, things all turned out the way they should have.

My first real meal after almost 72 hours of no real food.

Walking the dog on Monday – first time out in the 9+ inches of snow from the weekend – my foot disappeared into the snow.

I found this jolly blast from the past courtesy of Timehop.

The joy of winter – as soon as one sickness passes, another comes along to take it’s place. Tuesday seemed to be the only day this week that I really felt like a human being, which I suppose worked out since it was really the only day we had something to do. Monday night I was over the stomach bug but still so apprehensive about actually eating real food that I had Tums for dessert; which isn’t that always delicious? By the time Tuesday night had rolled around, a raging head cold had firmly settled itself from the neck up so I was drinking NyQuil like a person doing shots. I did enjoy our Tuesday outing to Ikea to fetch Lindsey’s last minute furniture requests and have lunch at Bonefish Grill…but once that stupid head cold settled in, I was glad I didn’t have many commitments for the rest of the week. I especially liked Ikea because I got to visit my couch and my chair – furniture for a house of my own that is getting closer and closer to being a reality because I start my job on Wednesday! Also – my couch is great for taking a nap; since Ikea is not too crowded on a Tuesday morning, I laid down on my couch a minute and tested it out – and it’s still just as lovely as the first time I spied it and knew it was my couch.

Rolling Lindsey’s furniture through Ikea – I’m not saying my Mom drives drunk, but I wouldn’t put her in charge of one of these bad boys…ha-ha!

The frozen Shenandoah River – brrr!

Not much golfing to be done on this course – you’d never find you ball.

The wee creek running around the edge of the golf course.

A Tuesday selfie – the only day I actually felt like a human.

As I mentioned, my plans for a journey to Mississippi didn’t exactly work out and as it turns out, it would seem things all worked out for the best. I felt like I was filled to the brim with illness all week and I wouldn’t have wanted to share that with Lindsey; she actually had her own cold. As the week progressed, the plans I had in place for my visit to Mississippi would have fallen through – a friend I was meant to spent the day with later in the week had two very sick little girls, another friend who I was meant to have dinner with came down with the stomach bug (not interested in getting that again – Saturday was enough to last me for a long, long time) and a third friend I was meant to spend time with had a change of plans. All week the things that I would have been doing…well, it worked out that none of those things would have happened. The funniest part about all of it? It snowed in Mississippi – more snow than I think Mississippi has gotten in a long time, so even my plan to escape the snow wouldn’t have worked, ha-ha!

Watson tries to climb every pile of snow he can – all the way to the top. A good lookout point maybe?

I finally took him on a ride in the “new” car – he loved it, basically because it was a ride in the car.

Look at this sweet little face! 🙂 

They may not be the healthiest thing but they are absolutely delicious.

My weekend was pretty much centered around one thing – the third season of House of Cards dropped on Netflix! Okay, I’m just kidding…I didn’t really plan my entire weekend around that, but I did manage to get through the entire season by the time Sunday night rolled around. The weekend was probably one of the laziest weekend I’ve had since I’ve been in Virginia; it was nice but I wouldn’t want too many weekends like that. There is so much to do and see in Virginia, but it’s not much fun to do and see alone, so I just decided to hang out at home, rest and try to kick this cold to the curb…which I mostly did. I did spend Saturday afternoon with my friend Katie and her husband Chris – we watched Despicable Me 2, had some delicious homemade pizza and cheesecake bars and cuddled her weenie dogs! Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon, not a bad way at all.

Oh – the Underwoods. Such an amazing season.

He always thinks he needs a bite. Always.

Cooper & Lola – I guess all puppies love to beg for food!

He hates when we close the curtains – he wants to be able to watch the world outside 24/7

The first day of March? Have some snow & ice!

Making tracks through the newly fallen snow…

Watson says “okay – this has been nice, but when will Nana & Poppy be home?”

So – another week has come and gone. Not exactly the week I thought it would be but a good week all the same. Now we’re on to March; can’t wait to see what the next few months hold for me!

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