The Whirlwind DC Tour

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I’m about a week behind on this…well, I mean it’s been a week since we took our family on a whirlwind tour of DC. The McKeithens came to see us for a couple days after Christmas and so, as the theme with everyone who comes to visit – we took them to DC for the day to try and hit all the high points.

I realize I have posted about a million DC pictures before and that’s basically what this post is – so if you aren’t into seeing more pictures of DC then just pass on by. I’m a sucker for taking pictures of our nation’s capital and so every time we are there, I snap away. I hope I’m always as intrigued by all of these memorials to our nation and it’s history.

First Stop – The Marine Memorial…usually called the Iwo Jima Memorial…

DC from the Air Force Memorial

I tested out my new sneakers on our day long spree through DC…

Playing with camera angles….I had to practically lay down to take this picture. Let me tell you, stone is very COLD.

The Pentagon Memorial

We took the family to Arlington National Cemetery at my Uncle’s request – and I was glad we went; it’s been a long time since I was at Arlington. How long? Well, if I remember correctly I think the last time I was there was the 6th grade Washington Trip…and we are not even going to count how many years that has been. We saw Kennedy’s Tomb and the Changing of the Guard – both things that are must sees when you go through Arlington.

Arlington National Cemetery

Each tombstone had a wreath for Christmas…

Kennedy’s Tomb & the Eternal Flame

The Lincoln Memorial from Kennedy’s Tomb…

The Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns.

It’s obvious these two goons are related – couldn’t resist hanging their heads out the back of my Uncle’s truck to grin, wave & makes faces at us…

The Washington Monument…

Photo-bombed by this nut…

Our selfie with the whole monument behind us…

The WWII Memorial

My new home state!

All of the squirrels in DC are so chunky…they must get people food pretty frequently…

On the side of the WWII Memorial….

Everyone & their brother was visiting Mr. Lincoln….

The back side of the Lincoln Memorial is much calmer…

People everywhere!

The Korean War Memorial…

The most famous house in the US of A….

Our final stop to wind up the day was to the National Christmas Tree – everyone in my immediate family had seen the tree before but I had not – and of course the cousins from MS hadn’t seen it either. It was right on our way back to the car, so we stopped by for just a few minutes to check it out.

I think it has some growing to do to fit into it’s “frame”

Toy trains everywhere…

Virginia’s tree – so wee & spriggly…

And so, that capped a whirlwind day in DC – although we did have plenty of energy left to stop off at Old Navy and Bath & Body Works on the way home, ha-ha!

The sun sets on DC.

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