Life is Getting Fuller….

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I guess by fuller (is it more full?) I also mean busier…I think that is the territory that comes with it being two weeks until Christmas. That’s right folks – two weeks till Christmas! Take a deep breath because I can guarantee you that the next ten days to Christmas itself will fly past in a blur…time always flies when you’re having fun and sometimes it flies even when you aren’t having fun!

Monday morning nap – this dog cracks me up.

A final farewell to the Party Wagon on Monday…

Monday was a day off for me and it was also a day of endings. I found out that my car was considered 100% totaled and so I had to go and collect the last of my things from the car at Patriot Collision. The cause of the verdict of a totaled car? A destroyed wiring harness. I didn’t know what that was but a lovely gentleman sharing the waiting area with me explained it all to me – side note, he was lovely…so lovely…and I’ll never see him again….hopefully the deer he hit will not total his car… *sigh* I also found out on Monday that instead of keeping the rental car for up to thirty days, I had to turn it in on the 15th (hey, that’s today) and so we had to switch the car shopping into overdrive – no pun intended!

Watson wearing his sweater on Monday evening – he likes it more than this picture would suggest…

Talk about a chilly Tuesday!

Seriously frosty fronds!

If you know me, you will know that at times I can go from 0 to crazy in less than nothing – I don’t guess I mean crazy in a bad way, but I do tend to have a flair toward the dramatic. Anytime I hear a noise in a car I’m driving, I call my Dad and imitate the noise and it never fails that I ask him “is my car going to explode?” I think it drives him nuts because he always wants to know why I immediately jump to the car exploding…but hey, go big or go home, right? I digress…it did this icy/snowy/freezing rain mess all night Monday and into Tuesday morning and the world was frozen solid on Tuesday morning – which led to me immediately being like “well, I’m going to crash into a ditch on the way to work…” Hey – in Mississippi when things like this happen, no one leaves the house for at least 2 days. I forget that in Virginia this is normal and so they have machines that clear the roads and life goes on as usual. I made it to work without incident and was probably far too pleased with myself. Life adjustments people – snow in Virginia does not a snow day make!

Watson still loves the cold – I don’t know about this little goofball.

Even the back-up camera was iced over.

Tuesday was a day that just didn’t stop – but I don’t mean that in a negative way. I worked from 9:30 to 5:30 and as soon as I got off, I met up with my Mom and two of our friends to celebrate my Mom’s birthday with a dinner together. We had reservations (made at 3:30 PM on Tuesday no less) at a place in Winchester called The Cajun Experience and we were all excited about eating there but much to our surprise, we arrived to a locked door. The manager explained that he’d just bought the restaurant that day and they would be closed through the end of the week – which didn’t sit well with me since I’d only made reservations two and a half hours earlier! It was to no avail though; he tried to encourage us to drive to Leesburg (about an hour away) to eat at The Cajun Experience there, but we were pretty unimpressed with him and his business practices, so we walked down the way to Union Jack’s for supper. Happily they saved our night and after we had a delicious meal there, we returned to the house for cake and presents!

Amelia made the fifth member of our ladies birthday supper!

Happy Birthday to Mom! Singing, cake & presents!

Mia is growing so fast – only 5 months & already sitting up on her own!

The giant tree at the Winchester Walking Mall on Tuesday night.

The Cajun Experience – a glorious house; not so glorious business practices.

Enjoying a lazy Wednesday morning with the pup…

Be on the look-out for Christmas cards!

Wednesday night Bible study with the smallest member of the Ladies Group.

Thursday and Thursday evening passed in a blur of work and reading (Wild by Cheryl Strayed) and just doing general stuff…life is certainly made up of lots of run of the mill activities, right? When I got off work on Friday I relaxed at home for a little while before we were joined by our friend Jennie and her son Jimmy for pizza. After we finished our delicious Italian supper, we piled into the car and went to watch a Christmas musical at Handley High School before continuing on to Clearbrook Park to see Christmas lights. One of the best exchanges of the night came from Jimmy (he’s 7) when I asked him something during the Christmas musical. Once the shepherds had come to see Baby Jesus, I asked him very seriously “who came to see Baby Jesus after the shepherds?” and he looked at me with a dead serious face and said “how should I know, I’ve never seen this play before!” Ha-ha!

He recovered though and gave me a smart look and said “oh yeah…the wise-men” but the joke was really on us because a little drummer boy came next! Hey, we hadn’t seen the play before so how were we supposed to know??

Gorgeous sunsets are pretty routine around here….

I mean – are you kidding me? Beautiful!

Clearbrook Park with Jimmy, as well as Jennie, my Dad & my Mom.


Who can resist a good picture as Santa & Mrs. Claus?

Saturday felt like a whirlwind…but then again, most of the weekend did. I can’t believe it’s Monday again already and I’m sure I’ll be thinking the same thing this time next week! My Mom and I went to our church Ladies Ministry Christmas Brunch and Ornament “Swap” on Saturday morning and it was quite a lot of fun. We swung by the house and grabbed Dad and spent the rest of the afternoon hunting for cars…which is both exciting and exhausting but I do think I’ve found the car for me and so we’ll see how that all shakes out. Saturday night was spent selling cards and Christmas cheer to people at Hallmark and I finally crawled into bed at 12:15 AM – extra festive mall hours my rear end!

Outfit of the day on Saturday…I took this while I was just sitting around waiting on Mom.

Dad & Amelia Claus at church on Sunday morning…

Sunday, I finally got to go to church for the first time in a month! Yes – a MONTH! Got to love the joys of retail at Christmas, right? The children’s musical was on Sunday morning and I do love getting to see little people sing a tune – although one of the kids in the musical did a little more than sing a tune, she threw up right in the middle of The First Noel. Blegh. We had a soup lunch at church and then I had to rush off to work for a few hours. Once that was done, I rushed home so we could have supper because on Sunday night we went to a local church’s live nativity production called Follow the Star. Our friend Jennie and her son Jimmy joined us again and it was really neat – they even had a live camel! 

We finished the night with homemade cookies and hot chocolate in the barn at the end of the “show” and that rounded out my action packed week and weekend!

Assembling for the wintry weather!

On the hay ride out to the live Nativity!

Just one of the many stops on Follow the Star!

Cookies for miles…but Jimmy found a fave!

So – see what I mean? There is just so much to do around here and I don’t want to miss anything. So, I’m just doing my best to take it all in when I have the chance. Only ten days till Christmas guys – ten days! I can’t wait! 

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