A Season of Thanks

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I really hesitated when trying to decide whether or not to write a post about Monday night – but since I use this blog not just for others to read but to put down my own thoughts as a sort of digital journal, I figured I might as well.

It also serves to let anyone who is curious as to what happened read my account – it gets a little stressful recounting it over and over and over…I’ve had far too many people telling me how close a call it was and how much worse it could have been and honestly that is still really unsettling to hear. I am well aware (and will probably always be) of how much worse it could have been. So….

On Monday night, I was on the way home from work and I was hit by an 18-wheeler. I was in the right lane and the 18-wheeler was in the left lane…but he decided to move into my lane, while I was still right beside him. I ran off the road a bit to avoid being completely side-swiped, ran over some gravel that caused me to wobble and drove back onto the road, where the back end of the 18-wheeler struck the front end of my car, sending me back off the road.

Part of my front end was on one side of the median and myself and the rest of the car were on the other side. The 18-wheeler did not stop; they did not look back and so it was classified by the Virginia Highway Patrol as a hit and run. There were cops involved, a report was filed and my Dad and I hung out on the side of a highway until almost midnight on Monday night. There were marks on the frame of my car made from burnt rubber…where the 18-wheeler’s tires came up onto the frame of my car when it hit me.

The cops seem to think the driver of the 18-wheeler may not have even known he’d hit me – I don’t know that I believe that but it doesn’t really matter at this point. I’m more than alright even though my car is not. We still don’t know whether it will be totaled or not, so while we play that waiting game I’ll be driving a rental.

A few pictures from the night of the accident.

It’s amazing – in the lighting of this picture, the car almost doesn’t look damaged…

Just a couple bumps & bruises…that’s all I ended up with. 

So – now I wait and see what will happen. I’ll cruise around in my rental and may or may not be shopping for a new car for Christmas.

I know that I’ll remember this for what will most likely amount to forever and know that the Lord was watching out for me on Monday night.

One thought on “A Season of Thanks

  1. You are very blessed indeed!! It is very inconvenient to go through the car issue but that is replaceable you are not 🙂 I can't imagine the trucker didn't feel any of the accident.. I can see him not seeing you initially but there had to be impact even for him.. Big trucks like that always make me nervous and I try to keep my distance cause I can so see something like this happening… But it all worked out and you got to spend Thanksgiving with your family!!


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