Seven Weeks

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Another week…another week. These weeks always pass so quickly; there are only seven and a half weeks left in 2014!! Can you even believe that? While you’re wrapping your head around that revelation, I’ll share some photos from the past week.

Did you vote? I did – first time as a Virginia voter!

My first red cup of the season…Peppermint Mocha to sip during Book Club.

Long Branch by night…only slightly spooky.

The season has passed for ghost stories and spooky tales but I suppose I have a little anecdote that is slightly creepy. My Mom and I went to the first meeting of the Long Branch Plantation book club and I am thoroughly convinced that almost all the houses in this area that aren’t brand new are most likely haunted out of the wazoo! There is far too much history and blood shed in the state of Virginia for most of the state not to be haunted…but I digress.. While we were all sitting around the table in the elegant and historical dining room of Long Branch on Tuesday night, from somewhere in the house came the sound of a door shutting. As we were the only people in the whole house, my eyes got big and I whispered to one of the employees of the house “is this place haunted?” She grinned and looked at her fellow employee and said “did you hear that?” and the girl just smiled. So…who (or what) closed the door? No clue but there are thirteen more meetings of the book club…so who knows what else I (we) might hear?

Always begging for food. 

And sometimes getting lucky enough to get a bite…

The week itself was by in a flash and I apparently was busy applying for jobs, reading, taking part in general busyness and working…I didn’t take very many pictures. The weekend was where I really got into taking the pictures. My Dad and I spent Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon in the national park and quite a few pictures came out of those explorations. I don’t suppose I have too many stories from that, but I do have the pictures. So…enjoy!

Cinnamon Roll pancakes – basically the best thing ever.

Sticks in the ground for measuring the depth of the eventual snowfall…

The color was already gone at higher elevations…but the view looking into the valley…

A selfie with Dad at Skyland Lodge.

Getting much too cracked up posing with a statue of Harry F. Byrd at Big Meadows Lodge

A screech owl! How cool is he?

Slightly uncomfortable being so close to the edge…

Icicles on the edge of the tunnel….it’s getting quite chilly in the mountains!

Amelia was not feeling the Sunday morning selfie…

She was very interested in all the people at church…& Jimmy was interested in photo-bombing us with his He-Man…

Getting in a quick cat nap during the sermon.

We hiked to Fort Windham rocks on Sunday afternoon. Watson is an excellent hiker…

Amazing views, everywhere you look.

Oblivious to the stunning view right behind him – sniffing leaves is far more interesting.

The King of the log, patrolling his log kingdom!

Inspecting the crack in the rocks…

Sunset in the Shenandoah National Park

Pumpkin cheesecake – the perfect end to a wonderful week!

So – only a few stories this week, but plenty of photos. Also, a reminder…there are only seven and a half weeks left in the year. Which means that there are only about six weeks to Christmas; you’d better get shopping!

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