Sweater Weather

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I can’t think of a title for this post – I am sitting here on a Monday afternoon, having just applied for three jobs (three on a list of the at least 100+ that I’ve applied for since I moved to Virginia…but that’s no matter, right?) and watching an old episode of Sherlock (because it won’t be on again until the end of next year…) while I eat leftover Halloween candy – and I just can’t think of a title for this post. Maybe I’ll think of one before I get to the end of the post? Only time will tell…

Gorgeous Autumnal color….it’s everywhere you look!

Watson being completely uninterested in anything beyond lying on the rug in a patch of sun…

My ticket to the “theatre” on Monday night. 

I had one of those spur of the moment things happen this past week; well, it really happened on the weekend previous and unfolded on Monday night. I was scrolling through a Facebook news feed last Saturday while on a break at work and saw that the National Theatre’s production of Frankenstein was showing for two nights only – October 27th and 29th – and that a theatre in Leesburg, VA (about 40 minutes away) just happened to be one of the places that it was showing. It took me all of five minutes to snap up a ticket and on Monday night I scooted over to Leesburg to watch a play…in a theatre…but not quite. You see, it was the play Frankenstein recorded during it’s run of showings in London back in 2010 and then shown at a movie theatre. Either way, it was lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

See? Autumn colors everywhere! 

Whispy clouds on Tuesday night…in the near 80 degree weather. A last blast of summer? I think so.

Watson in a Wednesday panic!

Wednesday was an interesting day – especially for Watson. My parents have oh so kindly taken me in and with me came my sweet little dog. My parent’s landlord okayed that Watson was here but the company that actually comes to inspect the house once a year states that there should be no pets on the premises – oops! We found out about a week ago that the home inspectors would be making their yearly visit on the 29th and so once the morning started, my Dad and I had to hide all signs of Watson’s existence…which naturally made Watson nervous. We hid all of his treats, tucked his bag of food behind a box in the storage room, put his food bowls into the pantry behind some food and broke down his crate…and then we waited. Around 12:45 a strange car drove up and Watson and I quickly ran down the stairs, through the basement and out the back door into the back yard and away from the house. Only five short minutes later my Dad sent me a text to let me know that the home inspector was gone and by 2 o’clock, Watson had all his things back in place. Ha-ha!

Heavy clouds rolling in on Thursday…the last patch of blue sky!

Yes – I got another mug! I can’t help it…I have a mug addiction. It’s alright.

Friday night was….Halloween! Our church went on it’s first foray into the land of Trunk or Treat and after many idea were tossed around, our family decided to make the Emerald City at the end of the yellow brick road. I tried to find a Dorothy costume so that I could be Dorothy and Watson could be Toto…but apparently if you’re an adult then the only Dorothy option is to be a slutty Dorothy and well, we just weren’t having that. Yikes! We put Watson in his green coat and he made a wonderful little Wizard of Oz while the three of us just bundled up and watched the little trick or treaters come by the car – my personal favorites being a little frog, Merida and Rocket the Raccoon! I’m only slightly partial to my three sweet kiddos! After the Trunk or Treat was over, Halloween night was ended on a perfect note: watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and eating leftover Halloween candy!

Three of the sweetest little Hallo-weenies I ever did see!

This little pumpkin wasn’t sure about all these pictures!

The Great & Powerful Oz says “welcome to my city!”

Rocket Raccoon is ready to take all your candy!

Such a sweet little froggy was hopping around the parking lot!

A sweet little strawberry came to see us too!

All of the festivities wore this little frog out!

The many faces of this funny little froggy!

A belated but still beautiful birthday present from my sweet little sister!

Have you asked Siri who is number one in college football?

I was finally off on Saturday this past weekend and we spent the day in front Royal and the nearby town of Mount Jackson…having lunch, shopping and taking a walk about 100 feet under the mountains in Shenandoah Caverns; which I loved! I’ve got a post dedicated solely to Saturday, so I’ll save anymore about that for when I post that. Saturday night was spent at a surprise birthday party for a sweet family friend – there was the surprise, good food, fun and time with wonderful people. After the party we watched MSU (barely) squeak out a win against Arkansas and I decided if I am going to keep watching these games, I’m going to have to take up heavy drinking to make it through the games. Just kidding…but man, wow.

Stalagmites, stalactites…formations everywhere!

Beautiful rainbow lights make the caves come alive!

The America on Parade museum, right down the hill from the caverns…

Poking around underground on a rainy Saturday afternoon!

Trying to will MSU toward a win – so frustrating!

And here we are…at the end of the post…and I still have no clue what I’m going to call it. Oh well, another week has come and gone, so I leave you with a picture of Watson all ready for sweater weather. And…there’s my title!

He’s not chilly.

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