Birthday Bookends

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So this past week was filled with cakes and candles and celebrating – my week started with a birthday and it ended with a birthday party…which is certainly not a bad way to spend time, right? Everyone loves cake!

This is sort of a little more than a week because we celebrated my birthday a wee bit early on Sunday night at the local Mexican restaurant. I will be the first person to tell you – nay to shout from the ceiling – I do NOT like being the center of attention. As a child, having people sing to me at a restaurant was one of my greatest fears…even though I gamely endured it over and over…mostly because I love Mexican food! While I was quite certain that I’d endure that same treatment at our dinner, I should have known there would be something else involved when the girl to our left grinned at me and said I’d be getting a “special surprise” but she wouldn’t tell me what it was.

It was that while they sang and dumped that crazy sombrero on my head, they also dabbed chocolate sauce on my cheeks and nose. Guess what – I was not really wild about that at all. I suppose I faked it well enough but I wanted to crawl under the table. Oh well, I guess we endure what we must and at least Emily and Jimmy got a kick out of it.

Can you tell I’m not 100% sure about this? The other two loved every second!

Such sweethearts – and excellent help when it’s time to open presents.


Oooh…look at that number. Eek!

Eyeing my incredibly large piece of cake…I’m pretty sure my Mom gave me a fourth of the cake.

Amelia isn’t sure what all the fuss is about…

Jimmy’s birthday is two days after mine, so he got to open his present from my parents. So stinking cute!

Amelia couldn’t party quite as hard as the rest of us!

Monday was my actual birthday and it was a bit more quiet than Sunday night – we had breakfast at IHOP (blueberry cheesecake waffles are no joke – they are amazing!) and then spent a good part of the day shopping at the Leesburg outlet. That was my birthday present – a shopping trip and I thoroughly enjoyed it! We had supper at the frigid Leesburg TGIFriday’s…seriously, it was like a meat locker in that place…but the food was yummy!

Blueberry cheesecake waffles & hash browns!

Shopping can be tiring…but it sure is fun.

Also – and this is important – it should be known that I absolutely love shoes. So take a guess what I spent some of my all important shopping money on? More shoes…of course! A girl can never have too many pair of shoes. Never.

Leopard print heels? Of course I need these!

Sunshine yellow loafers…that were originally $150 shoes & were on sale for $9.99! I definitely needed these!

Leftover birthday cake – always the best treat ever!

Walking around the golf course with the pooch.

The best grocery store discovery – it’s like the holidays in a cup!

Windy Wednesday = weird objects ending up in the back yard.

I spent the weekend working (wait – isn’t that the exact opposite of this song? Hmmm…) and that meant that my pup spent a lot of the weekend in his crate. I get bad puppy parent guilt and even though I’m sure he was fine, snug in his bed and sleeping soundly while I was (as I tell him) “making us some money”, I couldn’t help but think he would be angry with me when I finally came home and did spend some time with him. However, dogs manage to see the best in us always and he was always thrilled to see me…even if I’d been at work for seven hours. However, I did get some looks from him at times…

This is the look that says “where did my Poppy & Nana go & when will they be back?”

He is an excellent helper – especially when it comes to to wrapping presents.

A little Saturday night by the fire!

After a rainy weekend, the sun finally peeked out for a little while on Sunday! Hooray!

So, as the title suggests and as I mentioned from the start, my week started with a birthday party and it ended with a birthday party – although this one was for Jimmy and I was just a guest. It was so much fun to see all the kids dressed in their cowboy and cowgirl best, racing around the yard and practicing shooting a BB gun like little cowpokes! I love spending time with all my friends here in Virginia and I love their precious kiddos too!

The birthday boy & I…& for some reason, his little bear!

Emily & I, waiting for time to open presents!

The two baddest bandits in the West – on the hunt for the Hunt sisters!

Ready to practice their skills with a BB gun…down on the range!

Happy Birthday to you sweet boy!

So – a week filled with plenty of sugar rushes? Always delicious! And now I think I’ll go check the freezer to see if there might be one more piece of my cake left – if one of my parents didn’t get to it first!

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