The Last Week of my Twenties

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September came and went with a flash – this past week and weekend managed to slowly move along while somehow simultaneously passing in a blur – time manages to do that pretty frequently. I do have to say though, for the most part time seems to clip right along…however, you know what they say…”time flies when you’re having fun…”

Monday morning hugs & smiles from these sweet girls.

Worn out after a weekend playing hard with new friends.

I’ve tried to get into the habit of walking at least 2-3 times a week…and most of the time I succeed in getting out and tooling around the roads; with Watson of course in tow, sniffing every bush and bug we pass. Some days Watson and I are out and about on our own and other days, my parents come along for the jaunt – which absolutely thrills Watson to no end. One of the frequent spots to walk is the golf course and earlier this past week, we set out to take a walk on the course and while we normally find some golf balls from time to time in our backyard, we don’t normally look on the course itself…because we aren’t often on the course. As we passed a small pond on the course, my Dad noticed some golf balls at the edge of the water and like a kid he immediately found a stick, scooted to the edge of the pond and gathered up some golf balls. 

I’m telling you – if we could find someone who bought used golf balls, we’d be sitting pretty!

Digging in the pond & showing off his finds.

Sunset on the mountain peaks…

The tress are really starting to show off!

A pre-birthday present to myself!

Two of my three favorites…absolutely precious!

He crawls into your lap, acting all sweet & innocent…& then the tickle war begins! What a little sneak!

Baby cuddles are the absolute best! 

One of the most wonderful parts of moving to Virginia (and there are actually a lot of wonderful parts about it…) is that I am able to continue a lifelong friendship. Rachel and I have literally known one another since we were born: we were both born while our parents were stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, we lived right down the road from each other from the time we were born until around two, saw one another every couple years as we grew up and now here we are again…living only about 45 minutes apart. We’ve managed to pick back up where we left off every time! We met up at an Irish pub called McMahon’s on Friday night for supper…she so kindly treated me to dinner in anticipation of my upcoming birthday. We reminisced, caught up, planned for future get-togethers and just generally had a great time.

Some good Irish grub – Boxty, Bread & Butter Pudding & a glass of white wine.

Saturday morning sunrise over the mountains!

Playground fun with Emily on Saturday morning….

And smiles from this little apple dumpling too!

Sunday morning the weather changed…& someone thought they needed some extra cuddles.

Sweet baby girl holding her Tinkerbell in church. 

 Sunday night I was blessed to be surrounded by some sweet friends for dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant and then everyone came back to the house for cake…ice cream cake that is! I’m so happy I was able to celebrate this milestone birthday in my new home, with all my friends and my close family (although you were dearly missed Lindsey!) to celebrate with. I’ll touch on my birthday more in another post…since it wasn’t actually until Monday….and Monday is the start of a whole new week!

Thirty – Here I come!

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