TV Season 2014 has Arrived!

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Well – that time has come again, it’s almost time for the “good” TV to come back on again. Now, I’m certainly not hating on the shows that come on during the summer…I myself was a huge fan of True Blood and Outlander was a show that started in the summer, but let’s be honest – the real deal TV schedule starts in the Fall and carries us all through until Summer starts and then leaves us waiting with baited breath.

Just one of the multitude of reasons to absolutely love Fall – am I right? I am!

So…what will I be tuning in to this season?? Well, I think I’ve weeded down the list quite a bit and I’ve actually cast off a few shows that I just didn’t have the patience for anymore. Oh well, it happens! I also can’t decide whether I want to add one show to the list…I think six TV shows is enough for one person, don’t you? I just looked back at my post from last year and I’m pretty sure I was watching about ten shows…I guess you can do that when you have no life and live alone. I think I’d rather have places to go and things to do than ten TV shows to watch…so, I think six will do fine; but I just can’t decide about the last one…

Sleepy Hollow – Season Two

Well….we left Ichabod in a tomb, Abbie trapped in some random time locked dimension, Jenny laying in the road with the Horseman of Death fast approaching and the reveal that Henry the Sin-Eater was actually Ichabod and Katrina’s son, hellbent on revenge. The second Horseman of the Apocalypse is on it’s way to Sleepy Hollow – War. I don’t know how Ichabod and Abbie will face off against War while they’re locked away…only time and multiple episodes will tell! I also think they need to get Henry into some counseling ASAP – releasing one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse because of abandonment issues is not okay.

Castle – Season Seven

Oh Castle – where are you? En route to his wedding to Kate, Castle was apparently run off the road and we the viewer were meant to think he was killed in a fiery crash. We as the viewer also know that there is no way he’s actually dead…I mean, the show is named for him. Only time will tell who Castle and Beckett have upset that led to him being spirited away; I’m sure they’ll be plenty of intrigue involved in finding him and there will also probably be laughter along the way; if the previous six seasons are any indication. Either way, I’d love a happy ending!
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Season Two

I must admit – I felt like this show struggled a little bit near the midway point, but using part of the plot-line from Captain America: The Winter Soldier gave it a bit of a boost and I was more than intrigued by the time the first season wrapped! How will SHIELD rebuild after the revelation that it was overrun with members of Hydra? Can Agent Coulson…now Director Coulson, make a new and improved SHIELD? Of course he can…but still, you’ve gotta say that, right? We still have no clue what Skye is or who she belongs to…will she be an eventual danger to the team? Only time will tell; I can’t wait to see what happens this season!

Bones – Season Ten

Booth and Bones just can’t ever really be happy – can they? Sure, they have peaks where things are all going splendidly and life is good, but the valleys really seem more common. We saw season nine (which was meant to be the last season…but Fox apparently changed it’s mind…) end with Booth handcuffed to his hospital bed after killing several members of the FBI who’d gone rogue and were out to end both he and Bones’ life. Bones was barred from his room and trying to claw down the door to get in to see him. This season will open four months after the finale with Booth in prison and Bones doing her level best to set him free…and of course, there will be gooey bodies and witty remarks along the way!

Reign – Season Two

The life of a royal is never easy and for Mary, Queen of Scots it’s especially trying. We left her barring the gates of the castle in France with instructions to let no one back inside; even her husband, Francis…the newly crowned King of France. Francis was of course riding off to see Lola, who was struggling to give birth to his illegitimate son and the plague had broken out in the French countryside once again. Which is not to mention how Bash and his new wife Kenna will fare living in the countryside, far from the intrigues of palace life…my guess is it won’t last. Life as a royal – it’s a tangled web and I feel it will only get tied up in knots this season!

Once Upon A Time – Season Four

When Elsa came out of that bottle at the end of season three, I’m not going to lie…I may have dove off the couch and yelped with a little too much excitement. People either loved or hated the idea of bringing “Frozen” to the show; I am obviously in the former contingency. I can’t wait to see how they will weave Elsa and Anna’s tale into the story they’ve already been building over the past three years. I hope Regina will find a way to balance her good and evil sides; with Marian back in the picture that could cause her to lead more to the wicked side… And only time will tell how Hook and Emma’s relationship will play out; has he “hooked” her for good? Belle and Rumple – what will the Beauty do when she finds out her true love is still more a beast? I can’t wait to find out all this and so much more!
So – those are the tried and true contenders on my weekly TV watch schedule. I don’t know about you, but it seems like a lot of the shows I love to watch are on Monday night! And of course, the one show I’m interested in adding to the line-up? It comes on Monday nights as well! What is that show you ask? 


And lastly – the show I’m undecided about – Gotham. The premise is that it centers on Commissioner Gordon long before he was Gotham’s police commissioner…Bruce Wayne when he was just a child…all the villains from DC comics Batman before they became the master criminals that would run do plague Gotham at every turn. I’m intrigued…but I just can’t decide if I want to devote more time to a TV show. Who am I kidding – I’ll probably end up watching, if only because I’ve loved Ben McKenzie since I was an OC fan many years ago… The DVR has it set to record, so we’ll see.
So – there you have it. These are all the shows I’ll be tuning into this season. What are the shows I let go? The Vampire Diaries and The Originals; after six seasons with Damon, Elena and Stefan I just don’t manage to feel intrigued anymore. I will admit I am still a wee bit interested in The Originals but not enough to tune in on a weekly basis…so, in the words of the one and only Elsa, I “let it go…” 
Are you as excited about the Fall TV season as I am? What shows will you be tuning into? Do we watch any of the same things (and yes Mom, I know we do, ha-ha!) or am I missing out on the show that you can’t miss?

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