And Time Passes On

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Another week has flown by – August is halfway gone and I feel like it just started! This week also feels like it just started; I look at the collection of pictures shown first and all I can think is that I can’t believe that was only six days ago – it somehow manages to seem like it was just yesterday and a while ago all at once. Time is a funny thing; having said that…a look at the week past.

Monday afternoon explorations in Sperryville & Luray!

Rainy days call for snuggles with the pup!

So – I spent the entire week on a quest to find some books…and I really wanted to find them somewhere besides Books A Million because they always charge an arm and a leg; both of which I’d like to keep. I looked on Monday in every thrift store and antique store we wandered through and I scoured the owl-laden shelves of the bookstore in downtown Luray. On Tuesday I hunted through yet another antique shop in downtown Winchester and was finally struck gold (sort of) at Blue Plate Books in Winchester! I’d been looking for the first book in the Outlander series and while they had every book but the first one I was okay with that…I went ahead and bought books two and three so that when I found one, I’d have back up! I finally had to cave on Thursday night and go to Books A Million to get it – it only cost $10 but when you consider I got the other two for $8.50…oh well, at least I can finally read it, right?

Gently used & ready to be read again – this time by me!

An absolutely gorgeous rainbow after some late afternoon showers on Tuesday!

The moon still hanging high in the sky on Wednesday morning…

And the sun piercing the clouds on Wednesday afternoon!

Wednesday night baby snuggles!

Wednesday through Friday seemed to fly by in a blur – working, walking the dog and just living life in general. I applied for even more jobs; hopefully something will come around soon and continued to discover more things in the area that I didn’t know existed. I also stopped by a thrift store to pick up some Wedgwood china that I bid on and actually won – I only bid $21! My Mom and I had our supper on Thursday evening in the gazebo in the Middletown Park; so far August has been unseasonably cool. I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or not… I like the absence of the blazing heat but I have to wonder if it feels like October in August, does that mean it will feel like December in October? Weather predictions show higher than average snowfall this year…

Thursday night lunch view!

Watson had a difficult Thursday night & needed some affection. Bless him.

Saturday mornings always call for lots & lots of coffee!

We spent the better part of the weekend going on “adventures” as I’m prone to calling them. I won’t go into too much detail here because I took enough pictures to make two more posts for later this week…. We had supper at John’s Family Restaurant in West Virginia on Saturday night and then went on up the road about 15 minutes to Harper’s Ferry and wandered around. After church on Sunday, we had lunch with a friend and her son and then headed out to Leesburg, Virginia to tour Morven Park and wander around the grounds before finishing the day with some supper on the grill. The weekends always seem like they pass too fast though and that was true of this weekend as well! There is just so much to see and do here and it seems there is not enough time in the day!

Harper’s Ferry WV – this was my second trip & I’d already like to go back!

Having some lunch with sweet Jimmy – so precious!

Oh yeah…I also spent the weekend reading, reading, reading…

Morven Park on an August afternoon – lovely.

So – there you have it. Another week has passed by; another good week though. I look forward to the weeks to come and the fun and new adventures they will bring with them!

Colossus…it that you?

Oh yes – last minute tale. I may have made my family watch quite a lot of Shark Week this past week and of course in one of the shows they were searching for Colossus, the great white shark that reaches around 16 feet in length. I didn’t ever realize my Dad had been paying too much attention to the show(s) until Tuesday afternoon when we passed this decrepit looking “amusement park” near our house called DinosaurLand. He poked me on the arm and loudly proclaimed “hey quick – get a picture and tag it for Shark Week; you can tell them we found Colossus!” Oh me…well, it is a rather large (if not also completely fake) shark.

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