Eats and Sweets

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Seriously – I just scrolled through this feed and I swear, I did more than eat this past week but it seems like a ton of my pictures are of food! *spider killing break…oh geez!* Okay, while this post is mostly food and baby pictures (because who doesn’t love a sweet baby?) I guess there might be a couple recaps. Ha-ha!

White Chocolate Key Lime almonds – yes, they’re as delicious as that name makes them sound. Cracker Barrel – go get you some.

Pink cup fill-up night at Sweet Frogs – always the best night!

White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks on Tuesday night….

I guess I should explain all the food – or not; I don’t know. I feel like there are so many pictures of food on this post but I guess that equates to all the great places here to eat or get something to drink or to grab a little snack. Sweet Frog’s is a yogurt shop that is about 2 miles from the house and man; that is dangerous! It’s just a place where you get yogurt and mix-in’s but they also have a loyalty app that will notify you when they are having specials (like Monday night – fill up a pink cup with as much as it will hold for $4) and that’s dangerous too. It’s definitely one of my favorite snack spots here! Starbucks is obviously nothing new and fancy but my Mom and I finally stopped in on Tuesday evening and my White Chocolate Mocha was gone in about ten minutes – so yummy!

Another favorite spot? The Melting Pot! And it’s not what you’re thinking, there is no fondue involved – this is a pizza place in downtown Front Royal and it has some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. They also have really good fried dill pickles but that is neither here nor there right now…ha-ha, what I’m talking about is the delicious pizza! I’m especially a fan of their ham and Canadian bacon pizza, thin crust with really good sauce! And don’t get me started on the cheese sticks – oh my! We had some cousins pass through town on Monday and Tuesday and we thought when they came in from DC on Tuesday night, some Melting Pot pizza was the perfect supper – and they must have agreed because there was one piece left from three larges! Whoa!

Watson being thoroughly rottened by Wayne & Kyleigh – he thinks he’s human & getting to sit at the table just confirmed his suspicions. 

The jail breaker – curled up in the chair on Wednesday morning, not looking at me because he knew he’d broke out & that was bad.

Trying to recreate my waffle & fresh fruit sandwich from Disney World – it was a pretty good copy!

So…our friends Doug and Jen have a precious new baby girl, Amelia…and I might completely be a baby hog, but she’s so sweet and teeny and babies only stay tiny for a short while. You have to hold them as much as you can when they are tiny, as they get bigger they think they need to explore the world around them and don’t like to be cuddled as much. So honestly, I’m just making sure I get in all my cuddles now! Ha-ha!

Wednesday night Bible Study with Squeaky – she didn’t make a sound…or a squeak!

So teeny – I love it. 🙂

So foggy on Thursday morning – couldn’t even see the golf course, much less the mountains in the distance!

Another near miss golf ball; this one happened to have Lucy from the Peanuts on it. Go figure!

I have concluded that living on a golf course is extremely dangerous and will prove to be even more dangerous to me one of these days. I’ve now had three experiences where a golf ball just whizzed right past my head…near misses are becoming a regular thing. I’ve never played more than a competitive round or two of goofy golf but even with no knowledge of “real” golf, I have to conclude that some of the people playing on the course behind the house really stink at playing golf! I mean, the ninth hole is nowhere close to being in the same direction as our house/backyard and yet golf balls come flying our way all the time! It’s wild. Saturday night I was standing at the sliding glass door when a golf ball flew onto our deck, smacked the wall and rolled all over the porch before stopping in the middle of the deck! Emily was with me and her eyes got wide, she opened the door and flew across the porch, snatching up the ball and running back inside – I know kid, I don’t want to get hit either!

Golf, sprinklers & the foggy mountains in the distance!

Thursday night snack – chocolate fruit & chocolate snacking bark; as you can see, Watson was interested.

Friday night restaurant test – Osteria 510…it was fine but we’ll probably get Italian in another place.

Saturday night cookout – kabobs all around!

Jen, Doug and their two girls came over Saturday night to have supper and visit – which meant more time to hold the sweet baby and also plenty of time to explore the golf course and go on scavenger hunts (of a sort) with Emily. We ate some delicious kabobs for supper; beef and chicken with onion and pepper and then had fruit kabobs for dessert – I put together those lovely looking fruit kabobs…and some of the meat ones; beef does not appreciate being put on a skewer! After supper Emily and I went on a golf ball hunt with Watson and later; after the sun had set, we went on a walk on the golf course to find the flag at the ninth hole. In the midst of each of the Emily adventures, I spent plenty of time talking to sweet Amelia too and we ended the night watching cat videos from YouTube on the TV – ha!

Watson was not sure what to think of Amelia – especially when she would peep & squeak!

Dad finally held Amelia – he said he’d wait till she put some weight on, but she’s too cute & I guess he couldn’t resist. Ha-ha!

On a scavenger hunt with Emily – I made rhyming clues because I’m just that good!

I somehow ended up with a little Emily stuck to my leg! 

Cuddle time with Amelia Jane!

We were having an important conversation, ha-ha!

Shark Week snack food!

So there you go – this post starts with food and ends with food, Lord help us all! I don’t know what you’ve got planned for this week but I plan to watch a ton of stuff about sharks (it’s Shark Week…you knew that, right?) and maybe not take so many pictures of food…

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