A Little More than a Week….

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Another week (or so…) has come and gone. I can’t say that long has passed since I’ve done a post because I have made a post every day this week and that’s highly unusual but since I treat this as my virtual scrapbook, I had to recap the amazing time had by all in Orlando last week! As quickly as the week in Orlando went, somehow this past week seems like it sped by a bit quicker – so, I’ll look back on the week (plus some) that has passed us by!

One last picture at Wilderness Lodge last Saturday – bittersweet!

So – a little more than a week in review; I’ll start with last Saturday and move from there. A funny about the picture above: the last visit we took to Disney World, I had a small incident with the buffalo on the right. When Lindsey and I were told to stand with the buffalo and pose, I thought I’d be cute and hang on to one of the horns…alert – don’t do this! As soon as I barely touched the thing, it flipped upside down and I almost had a heart attack! I mean, would you really want to be responsible for damaging a Disney plant creation? No. So this time, I kept my hands firmly planted on my own person and smiled. No maiming buffalo for this girl!

Our plane tickets home had Mickey Mouse on them – which was ironic since we were leaving Mickey behind!!

Fluffy clouds from the airplane!

Hello DC – we are back!

Sunday afternoon after church, my family joined one of our dear friends that we’ve known since my birth – literally – I’ve known her all my life and we all had tea at the Horse and Carriage Tea Room. My Mom has talked about this place for a while now and so I was so excited to finally get to try it out…and I’m not really a hot tea drinker; although this place might have started something. Oh well.

The house is an older place, historical…but as I’ve mentioned, there doesn’t seem to be much in Virginia that isn’t older and historical. They have a whole catalog of teas to choose from and the package you choose dictates what you get – we got the George Washington, which included as much tea as we could drink, a soup or salad and an assortment of tea cakes, sandwiches and desserts – it was divine and I enjoyed every minute of it!

I wonder, do they put out these glasses just for the people who have the George Washington tea?

Lindsey & I stuffed with tea & cakes!

The table set-up was so neat & I loved all the blue!

A fruit tart, some absolutely delicious tomato basil bisque & a gigantic tray of goodies!

Our tea “party”!

Monday was spent doing all kind of things to get Lindsey packed up and loaded in to make the drive back to Mississippi on Tuesday since she’ll be three for the next year or so for pilot training. This involved taking her car to be weighed, which was a new experience for me….it was also a very quick experience and the only thing I took from it was that the house for rent in front of the place the car got weighed was really cute. Ha!

The wilderness explorer takes a break from being the packing supervisor to investigate some tall grass….

Locked & Loaded!

Just chilling in the breeze while Lindsey & Dad loaded up cars!

I was the packing supervisor…because that’s just what I do.

This packing supervisor needed to take a break in the shade.

Monday night snuggles with Lindsey.

The rest of the week seems like it blurred by…I have a part-time job right now and so I spent Tuesday through Saturday working in the mornings (still on the search for a full-time job, so if you are reading this you can send up a prayer please) and the afternoons hanging out at home, spending time with the pup and feeding my Dad supper every night since my Mom was in MS with Lindsey for the week. I guess life has fallen into something resembling a routine and it seems like life goes much faster when things have a pattern – right? Oh well, it does to me.

He thought he was going to get a bite of my very last treat from Disney World….

160 golf balls – I still have no clue what we are going to do with all of them & I find a new one (or two) every day!

Watson wanted to go on a bike ride too!

The deck was redone on Wednesday & Thursday & the guys doing the work found this & moved it. So sad. 

My Dad worked the night shift all week this past week, so after about 8:30 each night Watson and I were left to amuse ourselves. I guess in the six weeks that I’ve been here I’ve already become accustomed to having someone around to talk to in the evenings because even though I’ve lived on my own for almost three years prior to moving here, it was really strange to be by myself and I could not wait for my Momma to get home on Sunday night so I’d have someone to talk to again! I may or may not have followed her around the house on Sunday night once she got home, just chatting her ear off.

He would do this every night when my Dad left for work…little nut!

He struggled after everyone was gone – I don’t know what he’s going to do when we end up back in our own house again. He’ll be bored stiff!

This is obviously the best way to sleep.

On an evening walk with the pup…

You’ve got to love Elsa jelly beans – they look sparkly!

He would love to explore those mountains – I see a hike in our future!

The face of the ultimate beggar! This is him trying too hard.

I spent Saturday afternoon at the movies (go see Guardians of the Galaxy; it’s surprisingly really good) with my friend Jenni and her adorable little boy, Jimmy – who has movie watching style down and used his hoodie for maximum movie coziness! Sunday sped by in a haze of church, Mexican food for lunch, the good old Sunday afternoon nap and just some poking around and being lazy. I can’t believe another week is here and I really can’t believe it is August! 

Jimmy right before he put the hoodie plan into action!

A Sunday afternoon roll in the grass!

Until the next time – I suppose that’s all for now! Hope everyone has a great week!

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