What I Was Into in July

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Wow – I cannot even wrap my head around the fact that it’s August already. There are only five months left in this year…I mean, are you kidding me? I feel like I missed part of this month or something, where was I? I mean, I know a week in Disney World will warp your mind (in the best way possible) but where did the other three weeks go? Oh well, some things I was into this past month…

Books I Read

Okay, I am ashamed to say that I don’t guess I read a single book this past month! I don’t know what I was doing but it obviously wasn’t reading and that is so not like me! I did start the book The Maze Runner just a couple days ago, but I haven’t come close to finishing it yet, so…nothing this month. Amazing. Who am I?

No books? What? I can’t…I just…

Books in the Queue

So, almost nothing has changed on this front list either…except that I did pick up The Maze Runner and start that one. I still have to get around to reading The Longest Ride and If I Stay! I do believe that I’ve discovered one more book that I’d like to read though…

The Hundred Foot Journey by Richard C. Morais – This book is another one that I discovered through a combination of seeing a preview for the movie and also seeing it on Buzzfeed’s list of books that you should read before seeing the movie! The book centers on an Indian family that move to a small town in Paris and set up house (and a restaurant) right across the street from a celebrated French chef! The wizened French chef clashes with the young Indian chef for a time…until she takes him under her wing and they form a lasting friendship; and some delicious food!

This books sounds great – I have a feeling it will make me hungry though…

Can’t Miss Television

True Blood – The show is in it’s seventh and final season and even though I don’t have HBO anymore, there are always ways to find the episodes online and that is exactly what I’ve been doing…I’m sneaky like that! I’m very interested to see how the show chooses to wind up since the book series it is based on have already ended and (at present) it doesn’t seem like the show is going in the same direction. I can’t decide if I want Sookie to end up with Bill or not… I guess I’ll find out soon enough though; there are only four episodes left!

Season 7 character posters…I know, probably too small to read. Oh well.

Girl Meets World – Why yes, I have…at the ripe old age of almost thirty…retreated right back to the Disney Channel to watch this gem! Hello, I grew up watching (and loving) Boy Meets World, so when you create a show with the same characters and their children, I’ll certainly watch it. I can be nostalgic and entertained all at the same time. Are parts of it a little bit less than plausible and maybe a tad bit silly (who names their kid Farkle?? Oh wait…)? Yes, they are. I don’t care though, I love watching Corey and Topanga again! 

They’re kind of cheesy…but I do love it!

Movies I Watched

Again we come to a category that is usually loaded with information and this time…there is nothing. I’m not sure what I’ve been doing all month but it certainly didn’t involve going to the movies. Maybe it’s because I’ve been spending more time outdoors? Again – WHO AM I???

Music I Listened To

Game of Thrones season four soundtrack – Because I still haven’t accepted that this season is over. It’s just on a really long break and will be back soon. Oh wait, nope…won’t be back till late March or early April. Oh well, till then I’ll listen to my music.

Lovely – right?

Disney music…because I was in Disney World for a week! I do love Disney music, even when I’m not at Disney World….

Yummy in my Tummy

Basically everything we ate at Disney World…okay, except maybe not the Shepherd’s Pie from The Rose and Crown Pub. It was supposed to be just veggies and potatoes, but folks…there was meat in it too and that is Shepherd’s Pie and that isn’t what I ordered.

Don’t even get me started on the Rice Krispie treat(s), the Olaf and Frozen cake pops, the French pastries, the Mickeroon (a Mickey Mouse shaped macaroon…) – the food alone probably deserves it’s own post but I’ll pass on that. Also, the food at the Brown Derby – oh my goodness! Amazing salad, (I’ll ask again – who am I?) a delicious pork loin and smashed rutabaga and the dessert trio…oh, the dessert trio. I love Disney food

I’ll take five more….

What I’m Looking Forward to in August

I have no clue! August on my calendar is currently wide open – there is nothing planned and I have to say it’s been a long time since I had nothing planned. So I guess I’m looking forward to the unexpected…the possibility to go and see and do at (sort of) a moment’s notice. I’m sure I’ll find something to get into!

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