The Orlando Experience – Let’s Go to the Movies

I must confess from the start – while I love, love…just love Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it is also probably my least favorite park out of the four there are to choose from…but that’s like saying you like a bar of milk chocolate a little more than you like a bar of dark chocolate – it’s chocolate, what’s not to love? I have to say that Hollywood Studios (which I’m still used to calling MGM Studios…oh well…) stepped up it’s game a little bit this time with all the Frozen-related things.

And yes – I’m almost thirty and I loved (love) Frozen. I’ve always been a sucker for Disney Princesses and I’m fairly certain age will never change that!

Wearing our Minnie Mouse ears on the Disney bus to Hollywood Studios – you’ve got to have the ears!

Oh look at that lovely hote…wait, maybe not…

Anyone want to eat Olaf for breakfast? Is it just me or do some of these Olaf look a bit menacing?

We started the morning off with breakfast at Starring Rolls Cafe; nothing fancy just some pastries and that’s where I stumbled onto those delightful Olaf cupcakes – in case anyone needed an extreme sugar rush at 8:30 AM, right? The family rode the Rockin Roller Coaster after breakfast and for any myriad of reasons, I totally wussed out and chose not to ride…even though I’ve rode it multiple times before. I don’t know what my deal is, but there you have it – to each their own. We then went to see the Beauty and the Beast show, which I love, love – because my favorite Disney movie of all time is Beauty and the Beast (closely followed by Frozen and Sleeping Beauty) and so I just love to watch that show every time we go. It’s the best!

Oh happy day – how I love Beauty & the Beast!Β 

The Royal Welcome parade – these are the best pictures I had….

We got out of the Beauty and the Beast show around 10:45 and made some pretty quick tracks toward Hollywood Boulevard to try and find a spot for the Frozen parade at 11 – and yeah, TRY to find a spot is the key word because folks, it wasn’t happening. When I tell you Disney is making a killing off of Frozen, I do not jest in the slightest…and I’m cool (pun intended) with that because I loved the movie. We couldn’t get within ten feet of the street because of the crowds of people; I feel pretty sure the entirety of the park was at this one spot – it was wild. We watched from afar because that was all we were going to get – a view from afar – and we tried to stand on the side of the hedge borders and were promptly asked to get down. *sigh* I just want to see Elsa and Anna….

It was pretty funny when both characters were on stage and Olaf (by video screen – as a snowman, that Florida humidity would melt him before he could say “summer”) led everyone in a sing-along of “Let It Go”…have you ever heard thousands of little kids sing the same song at once? It’s pretty precious. And yes, we sang along too!

At-At Walker…that means you must be close to Star Tours!

I’m just not sure which tour I should take – it’s all gibberish to me…

Prepared to tour the stars!

It was blazing on Monday…oh wait, it was blazing all week! The perpetual feeling of being sweaty, slick and gross was just something we all had to adjust to; you can still have fun if you just accept that you’re going to be slimy all day long! Ha-ha! We’ll be going in January next time – I’m not kidding! I wish Elsa would have shown up and frozen everything…

Seeking a small patch of shade while we waited in line for the Backlot Tour!

Hey look – it’s shrub Mickey!Β 

I found Superman’s cape!

Because Hollywood Studios was the hub of all things Frozen related, they were handing out Olaf to everyone…you see, Olaf loves summer and so everyone was supposed to take pictures with Olaf sharing in your summer vacation, post the pictures to Instagram with the hash tag #Olafsummervacation and your picture(s) might be chosen to be used in the Frozen Fireworks at 9 each night. Spoiler alert – our pictures weren’t chosen! We did have fun with it though – probably a little too much fun to be 23 and 29 years old, but I’m of the mindset that everyone is a little younger when they’re at Disney World…right?

Jeff & Ginger even got in on the Frozen fun with Olaf – because Olaf is awesome.

Olaf especially loves dessert on summer vacation!

One of the many perils of being hot & sweaty – automatic transfer of Sharpie from the Disney button to a person’s arm. Gross.

Trying to amuse myself while in the 120 minute line for Toy Story Mania – I am not even kidding, people LOVE this ride. It is pretty cool….

We had to cut our day at Hollywood Studios short – so sad! It came an absolute flood while we were having supper at the Brown Derby but it had passed by the time we finished, so we were pretty sure we’d dodged the rain bullet…but no. When we were getting in line for Toy Story Mania, it started to rain again and we were sure that by the time we waited two hours, rode the ride and came out it would have quit…but no. When we found out that Fantasmic (best show at Disney!) was cancelled for the night, my Dad and I headed for the buses in the downpour – Mom and Lindsey rode Tower of Terror (no thank you, not even remotely interested in feeling like my elevator is crashing…) and Rockin Roller Coaster a second time before following us back. Dad made a little friend on the bus; I gave a little girl my seat and as soon as the lights dimmed, she crashed into a near coma-like slumber. It was pretty funny!

Trying to rouse Sleeping Beauty from her nap – being little at Disney World is obviously exhausting!

Since I missed the Frozen fireworks, I got a Frozen rice krispie treat instead!

So – easily the best Monday I’ve had in a long time. How can you not love Monday when you’re at Disney World?

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