Quick As You Please

A short and sweet little wrap-up of the past few days before I head out with the family to DISNEY WORLD and UNIVERSAL STUDIOS! I mean, I’m a little bit excited but I’ll do my best to reign it in. No promises though…I mean, it’s Disney World. And Universal Studios…and I’m kind of wildly thrilled….but that’s another post.

Downward-Facing Dog….he’s good at yoga! Yikes!

Absolutely delicious Swiss chocolate….

I’m trying to get her hooked on Game of Thrones & I’m also trying to sway her to the Lannisters….hehehe

Watson went to the vet on Tuesday and happily, Lindsey decided she would go with us to the vet and we got such a mess out of watching him while we waited to see the vet. He thinks most of the time that he is just a little person and so he climbed right up in a seat beside Lindsey and made himself comfortable…and would NOT get down because…hello, he deserves a seat. I was so glad to find out that he’s very healthy – he weighs a whopping 16 pounds, is a little muscle man and has a very athletic heart! So I guess I’m doing alright as a pet parent!

Lindsey & her little “nephew” waiting at the vet’s office.

We spent Wednesday afternoon tubing the Shenandoah River and that was quite the adventure – well, I say that but the river didn’t move very fast so there were times when Lindsey and I had to work to get ourselves moving down the river. Thankfully we didn’t see any animals beyond the occasional turtle sunning itself on logs at the edge of the river and some cows in a field to one side of the river…thank goodness there were no snakes because I think Lindsey and I would have probably have managed to get moving REALLY quickly. It was fun but we definitely ended up with some sun – Lindsey moreso than the rest of us, but I guess they serve as our battle scars, ha-ha!

Ready to float on down the river!

Munching on our 7/11 free treat for the day!

The rest of the week was pretty laid back – just spending time with Lindsey and getting ready for our trip…and of course going to see sweet Amelia one more time before we set out because little babies grow like weeds; she could have doubled in size in the week we are gone, ha-ha!

I think that is just seaweed…it doesn’t look like lettuce.

Lindsey meeting Amelia for the first time – she hasn’t grown too much in this first week!

The many face of sweet Amelia!

I could cuddle her all day long!

Watson tries to teach Lindsey that “sharing is caring”….

Some Friday barbecue!

That’s all for now l- I’ll probably post pictures from Disney and Universal during the week…but don’t expect much more than pictures; I’ll be too busy having fun! Adios for now!

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