Getting in my History Lesson

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Another day, another adventure…only this time I traded out one adventurer for another. My Dad was off on Tuesday and so we went and explored Winchester for the day. We oh so kindly let Mom join us for lunch because we’re nice like that…ha-ha! So, yet again this is basically a big ol post filled with tons and tons of pictures and just a wee bit of explanation, because A) I took too many pictures and B) I know you all wanted to see all those pictures.

The log cabin across the street from the Winchester Visitor’s Center…. 

Arbor walkway selfie…because I’m goofy like that!

The arbor walkway to the backyard of Abram’s Delight – which is a house.

Abram’s Delight

Our first stop was the Winchester Visitor’s Center, which seemed kind of funny since neither my Dad nor I are visitor’s to the area…I suppose I’m still more clueless about the area than my Dad, but that’s fine. They had a nice little video to watch and across the street was Abram’s Delight, a house built in 1754 that has housed five generations of one family in the town of Winchester – you can tour the house, but we saved that for another day since Mom wasn’t along for the fun. The visitor’s center had t-shirts that said “Virginia is for Lovers” and I still think I need one of those…ha-ha!

Abram’s Delight – from another angle. I want to go inside, ha-ha!

Inspecting the teeny garden behind the house….hello sundial!

There wasn’t much to the gardens – there was a dead bird skeleton, but I spared you a picture of that. You’re welcome.

Another little look at the cabin that is also on the property….

The log cabin even had a teeny garden – I love it!

Dad and I met Mom for lunch at the Piccadilly Public House in downtown Winchester, which has some delicious food! We had some pretzels as an appetizer that were absolutely divine and as my lunch, I had a delicious grilled cheese sandwich with bacon that was exactly the perfect thing – so yummy! As I’ve said before, everything around here has history and the Piccadilly Public House has been there since 1900 when it was first used as a grocery warehouse – go figure! We also stopped by a couple places of historical significance in downtown Winchester before we made out final stop….

The Pub House – that’s our stop!

So cool on the inside & the food is delicious!

George Washington’s Office – I think it’s fairly self-explanatory…

A cannon on the property…

Everyone has a garden – even the office…

George Washington worked as a surveyor in Winchester, VA from September of 1775 to December of 1776…

Imitate the statue pose!

It’s just another shot of the museum, just taking pictures like crazy…

Another cannon – BOOM!

The final stop on our adventure was the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley – which I don’t believe has been opened very long. It was interesting, if a little small but what I was most interested in was the Glen Burnie house and gardens that we also checked out as part of the ticket. I think I’d like to go back and see the gardens again when the temperature wasn’t 90+…but thankfully there was a good bit of shade and the house had an ever modern water fountain, praise the Lord! So, this is where there are really a lot of pictures because, hello…a house and gardens!

The Museum of the Shenandoah Valley

Warren County – hey, that’s the county I live in now! 

Old Jake – he used to be the weathervane on the fire house; they took him down to clean him & found bullet holes from the Civil War. Yes; the fire house in Winchester has been there THAT long.

I’m pointing to Front Royal – my Dad is pointing to Manassass Gap; the route we take to get to DC…

I’m sneaky – I took a picture of one of the food safes that were on donation to the museum….shhhh…

A lovely barn we passed as we walked toward the house & gardens…

And from here we go to all the tons and tons of pictures I took once we were on the grounds of the house and gardens – I absolutely loved the gardens, even in the heat! Granted, I’m sure I’ll love them more when it gets a little bit cooler but that will probably be a couple months, so I’ll wait till then and let you know how I feel. The Glen Burnie house was built between 1794-1797 and passed through generations of one family until the gardens were added in 1950; there are six acres of garden and I can assure you we didn’t check out all of them, but I definitely loved what we did look at!

Looking down a tree-lined alley that would have probably once been the driveway…I can see the house…

A portion of one of the gardens and one of the side houses….

I loved this spot – I bet a wedding would be pretty here…

A random little room to the side of the portico area….

The building was painted a lovely shade of blue…

If cooler, I could have sat out here for quite a while….

There were numerous busts all throughout the gardens – not sure what the deal is with busts, but alright!

I would guess this was the barn at one point – the horse heads on the outside look horrified.

The Glen Burnie House

Look – the shrubs are in the shape of a heart!

Looking out the window of the house….I see the garden!

I took this picture for Lindsey – isn’t that Venice in the picture?

You couldn’t go upstairs…

The Asian garden….

A part of the Water Gardens….

Cheesy bridge photo – gotta love it!

So many dragons!

Another look at the Glen Burnie house….

See – another dragon!

I don’t know if I’d want a Ram head planter….

See – all the busts. Everywhere….

At the front of the rose garden….

By the way – I’m an excellent tin typer….who knew?

So – there you have it! Another adventure re-capped for your enjoyment, maybe… Ha-ha!

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