Part Time Golf Ball Hunter

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Well, I have found my new calling life and it’s as a part time golf ball hunter. Seriously, I spot those things with my eagle eyes (shhh – don’t tell anyone I’m blind without my contacts) and then go out with the dog to collect them. Okay, obviously I’m kidding but I have really contemplated setting up a stand at the edge of the course to sell golf balls to back to the golfers as they pass the house. I’m thinking my slogan should be “Lost your Balls?” 😉

I digress thought – looking back on the week that has passed us…

The Original Sacher Torte – all the way from Vienna, Austria…a gift from Lindsey!

My beautiful rose, still holding strong 2 weeks and 2 days after it was given to me!

My weeks at this point are filled with applying for jobs and trying to get all the things that moving to a new state requires, such a getting a driver’s license and registering to vote. The classified section of the newspaper has become my favorite spot to search for jobs and yes, even though I’ve only been here two weeks, I also check to see what kind of houses there might be…hoping that somewhere in there I might find a possible new “forever” home for myself here in the great state of Virginia! 

I was here less than 24 hours before I made my first trip to Target and I’ve already discovered so many other things I love about my new home. Just this past week, My Dad and I met my Mom for lunch at Chipotle, which might have excited me a little to much…but what excited me even more was that when we finished eating, we drove right across the street to Hobby Lobby. I also made my first visit to a Home Goods store and that was love at first sight; I mean, if you haven’t been in one of those you need to get there asap because it is delightful! I guess it’s fairly obvious to see that so far, I’m loving every minute of my life here in the great state of Virginia.

Such a delicious lunch – I mean, yes please. Once upon a time Taco Bell was my fave…but I’m fairly certain that was because there was no Chipotle anywhere close.

Home Sweet Home on the hill!

Watson exploring the 9th hole!

I should say that this week is mostly pictures – it’s 10:20 at night and I can’t seem to get my brain to work 100%, so I guess you all will have to take what you can get. Ha!

A Wednesday night Bible study welcome from all the ladies!

A slightly rotten little puppy taking a nap in my lap.

I might have doubled their golf ball count in just two weeks…

Thursday night sunset – beautiful!

I know Watson looks so thrilled to take a selfie….

The twilight view out the bedroom window.

Watson and I take daily walks and at this point we’ve explored the whole neighborhood at least twice; he’s meeting people all over the place and it cracks me up because he has become the favorite pet of all the children in the neighborhood. They see us coming and one of the kids will holler “hey – it’s Watson” and three or four of them come running to pet him, talk to him and just love on him. Of course, he eats up every minute and loves all the little kiddos too!

Deer tracks & giant plants on our Friday morning walk.

When the US Postal service fails…sheesh!

Dinner & a movie, courtesy of the Alamo! We saw Maleficent & I had a Philly Chicken Sandwich!

Waiting for his Nana to come downstairs on Saturday morning – he loves his people!

Saturday morning first stop – Lantz’s Pharmacy & Gifts, which is amazing & was celebrating 25 years!

Saturday stop two – Marker Miller Farmer’s Market & Orchard…always a delightful place to visit!

Using the dog to hunt golf balls…ha-ha!

Visiting with some of the neighborhood kids – the think Watson is “so adorable”

A Saturday afternoon treat – yogurt from Zinga…or as I like to call it, Bazinga!

A car side visit after church with two of my favorite goofballs – love them!

Six of the nine golf balls I found on Sunday afternoon – talk about a haul!

Well – that’s it for now. So long and good night to you all, see you here again next week. Same time. Same place. Except, there may be a post before this time next week. We’ll see. Have a good week!

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