Moving Right Along

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Wow – you guys, I am technically homeless for the next two days and I am thrilled! Ha-ha! I don’t know, I feel like I should be having these emotions of loss or sadness or something…but I have none of that. Maybe it comes from waiting for over a year for this to happen, but the only emotion I feel is excitement and it builds with each step that is completed…

This is the text my Dad sent me at about two yesterday afternoon!

I must first say that my Dad is, hands-down the best person (and Dad) in the world – he truly is! After getting up at 4:30 in the morning on Monday to go to work, he then flew down to Jackson on Monday night, didn’t arrive until 9:15 at night and then he even offered to drive home! He went on Tuesday and picked up the truck and loaded it up all day Tuesday…did I mention he did this in the rain??? Seriously – I have the best Dad ever and I haven’t gotten him a Father’s Day gift yet because…HELLO – what does one possibly get the best Dad in the world?? Truly though – he is the best dad and…what do you get? Really, I have no clue what to get him and that’s the real reason I haven’t gotten anything yet!

Why are men so hard to shop for?? Oh well, I’m going down a rabbit hole that is neither here nor there.
Here are just a couple photos from the last 24 hours in my first home…

It’s blurry, I know…but Watson said “please don’t forget me…”

We are ready to roll – let’s do this!

Yes…yes…everything looks good. All of “our” things are packed. Good, good.

My whole life – stuffed in a big yellow truck!

The new owners have already come & started to get it ready to be moved…they must be excited too!

This truck is ready to ROLL!!!

My Dad and I (mostly me…but he’d already done enough, so I let him chill) cleaned up the house – I almost died inhaling bathroom cleaner fumes but that’s alright…I told myself it was the last time I’d have to clean the bathroom(s). And yes Mom, I know – I will have to clean my bathroom at the house but you know what I mean, ha-ha! Once the house was swept, mopped, vacuumed, scrubbed, dust-busted (that’s not a word) and just generally all scrubbed down, we had a reward for a job well done – cupcakes from Margie’s Mixing Bowl! Y’all – I’m sad I discovered this three days before I moved, but check her place out – the cupcakes are delicious!

Empty (almost) living room – the couch & chair are staying for the new owners!

Everything looks so much bigger when there is no furniture…

One last night in my bedroom…

I finally settled down enough to sleep around 10:30 but I guess I’m just anxiously awaiting the next few days because I woke up at 5:30 in the morning! I don’t know why, but I managed to just lay in the bed until about 6:15 and then I got up, waved my Dad and the Penske truck on down the driveway, put the last few things in my car and headed out to work. I waved at the house in the rear view mirror…I’m on to a new adventure and I can’t wait!

Bye-bye first house…you’ll be in good hands with your new owner!

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