The Final Countdown

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This is it – the last week…the final countdown if you will. Can’t you just hear that song in your head when you hear the words? Is that just me? Really? Oh well….

Mostly pictures this week because packing all weekend has turned my brain into goo, trying to make sure all the last minute things are taken care of is causing that brain goo to liquefy and well…I’m just hanging on till Friday at 2….and then I’ll be Virginia bound!

He is in love with his car seat – granted, it’s in the middle of the living room. I hope he likes it this much when it’s in the car.

I only thought I had a lot of boxes on Monday…I just had no idea…

The office lizard on Tuesday…or at least one of the office lizards…

Oh, the struggles of a clumsy person….

On Wednesday, I definitely had a moment…of course, I had it at work. I’m sure it has a lot to do with being completely clumsy. I stepped all wrong and smacked my toe into the corner of my desk and it bent my toenail back halfway. You want to talk about feeling like you need to scream – I certainly wanted to, but since I was in the front office and we had a client in the front office, I just silently wailed in pain, sat down and clutched my poor toe for the next ten minutes. I’m telling you – being less than graceful can be so much fun!

We both got haircuts on Thursday – this is the before and after…ha-ha!

Yes – I cut ALL my hair off. All of it.

I decided about a week or so ago that since I was going to a new place, I’d just go crazy drastic and finally let Lilah, my hair cutting friend do what she’s always wanted and chop all my hair off. I found a picture that I liked and so I went in on Thursday, sat down and showed her the picture and said…”go for it!” I was totally fine with it except for a one point when the woman seated near me said “OH MY GOD – SHE IS CUTTING ALL YOUR HAIR OFF!!!” I wanted to tell her to please shut up and that yes, I knew she was cutting all my hair off and thank you. I didn’t – I refrained. I managed to make it through just fine and I have to say that I absolutely LOVE it. Love it! Hooray for another good change!

Friday night “last supper” with my sweet friend Kristen!

A gorgeous sunset on the way home on Friday – have you ever seen such color??

This was Saturday morning & I only thought this was bad….

I basically packed all weekend – you see, I somehow thought that I’d already done a whole lot and in reality, I hadn’t done as much as I thought. So I spent Friday night, almost all day Saturday and a huge chunk of Sunday packing…and packing…and packing! And I’m telling you all; I think I have about had it. I’m thrilled about moving but the packing has almost left me ready to lose my mind. Thankfully, at this point it is done. It’s as good as it’s going to get (don’t freak out if you read this Dad, it’s fine) and I’ve let it go…and yes, I hear that song in my head too. Don’t judge.

13 Dead End Drive – getting in one last game before I gave it to David…

Too many instructions…oh Lordy…

My final Sunday with my sweet loves – I will miss them!

Another lapful of sweethearts – I will miss my babies for sure!

The state of the house by the time Sunday afternoon rolled around…

I was fairly certain I’d be completely swamped by the time Sunday afternoon rolled around but my cavalry arrived in the form of my best friend David and his Mom, Ginny. Thank goodness for them or I’d have never made it, I know that for sure. My house looks like some kind of crazy maze and I can’t wait till all the boxes are on the truck and I know it’s done!

Only four short days to go now – I don’t know what kind of weekend you are going to have but I think mine might end up being slightly hectic. Oh dear. Oh well, this too shall pass…and when it does, I’ll be living in Virginia! Yahoo!

One thought on “The Final Countdown

  1. Hallelujah!!! You got it all packed!!
    Enjoyed hearing your thoughts this last week of the MS Adventures of Natalie!


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