It All Happens in a Rush

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So, I might have mentioned about two weeks ago that I was moving and that is so very true; in just nine short days I will be bound for Virginia and I’ll have to be honest, when I hit the highway I won’t be looking back! I suppose that sounds harsh but honestly, I’ve been waiting for this day for over a year now – my heart hasn’t really been happy in Mississippi and while I’m well aware that moving isn’t a magical cure all, I do know that being with my family makes my heart very happy.

I also have to say, as a child who was raised traveling all over the states I’ve always wanted to live in more than one state – and yes, I was born in California so technically I’ve already lived in more than one state but we moved from California to Mississippi shortly after I turned two and I don’t remember too much of that, so I’m going to say that it doesn’t count. 🙂

As I said, I feel like I’ve been waiting on this for ages – maybe a little more than a year is not actually ages but when you want something and you have to wait for it, I assure you that time doesn’t move as quickly as you’d like. It is funny though, that when it happened…it happened all in a rush. So let me share with you the timeline and story of how quickly things fell into place…with a few funny little someecards thrown in for good measure; because there are too many about moving that are too funny!

Wednesday – Some family friends that I’d not seen in a while messaged me on Facebook to inquire about the house, so I sent the link to the pictures of the house. I didn’t really get too worked up or excited about it because I cannot tell you how many people had asked to see the pictures of the house. I just sent the link and went on about it. Later that night, they messaged me and asked if they could come see the house the next day. I said yes and then…cleaning frenzy!! I keep my house relatively clean as it is, but still…you never know if what you consider clean works for anyone else, you know?

Thursday – I spent most of Thursday feeling slightly anxious; if you all haven’t caught on my now, I can do some worrying. Lord knows it doesn’t help me in the long run and I need to work on it, but I guess we’re all just hard-wired a certain way. Right on cue, my prospective buyers arrived and perused the house with me. They seemed thoroughly impressed with the house and while I love my home, I am always apprehensive when someone else comes to look at it. We talked about the house and they mentioned that they really might be interested; they wanted to bring their daughter by because she would be the one to decide as she would be living in the house. We exchanged numbers and I might have gotten a wee bit excited once they left. I tried to be calm because I’ve gotten excited before, only to be let down – it didn’t help with the calm that two of my friends kept texting me to tell me “this is it…I just know it!”

Friday – My parents arrived in town to visit until Tuesday; I spoke with the potential house buyers and they asked about bringing their daughter by on Saturday. We all agreed that was fine.

Saturday – The couple brought their daughter by on Saturday afternoon and she quickly perused the house. I knew her parents had really seemed to like the house; mostly because they’d told me so but I couldn’t gauge her reaction quite as well. They told us they’d talk about it and let us know something by Monday evening….
Sunday – And so we wait…
Monday – I was completely on edge all day Monday; again I know, I need to chill out. I worked and thought about the house. I went to lunch with my parents and thought about the house. I worked some more and thought about the house. When my Dad picked me up, he said he’d talked to the prospective buyers and they were looking into one or two more things before they let us know for sure and they’d call back that night. He said everything seemed positive and so I calmed down…some…
We went to my cousin’s graduation and throughout all of the celebration, I had that same thought in the back of my mind “is this it…could this be the moment…” I couldn’t not think about it. It was crazy. We went to my cousin’s grad party afterwards and since my Aunt and Uncle live in the land of no cell reception, we had to wait till we got home at about 9:45 to check and see…yep, a missed call. My Dad called back and I made myself busy around the house, completely convinced that they would tell us that they had decided to look elsewhere. My Mom decided to show me the groceries she’d bought for me that day and so as we stood with the refrigerator door open and my Dad stood on the other side of the kitchen counter, things played out like this:
Mom: Do you see, I bought you some chicken and ground beef…there is also sausage…
Dad: *makes big thumbs up sign*
Natalie: Wait, they want the house? That means they want the house??
Dad: *nodding emphatically with a big grin*
Natalie: I get to move??? *tears started to pour down my cheeks…*
Mom: Yes goofy, you get to move. Do you see the sausage I bought you?
Natalie: *now crying like a crazy person, through my tears I say* I see the sausage…and I get to move!
Tuesday – My parents left for home and I was cautiously thrilled to think that I’d join them in just a little over a month…
Wednesday – Still cautiously happy; just waiting for that one more call to let me know everything had gone well at the bank and we’d be all set.
Thursday – The phone call came in; everything went well at the bank and we were all set. We scheduled a moving day for the house of June 12th. My Dad rented a truck for the 10th to move out all my stuff and it suddenly became very real that I was finally, finally getting to move to Virginia.

I write this post today because now the process is almost complete – I met with the girl who is buying my house today and guys, she isn’t buying it – it’s bought! I am officially no longer a homeowner, ha-ha! A moment I’ve been waiting to happen for weeks and months and well, over a year…has happened! I may or may not have listened to the song “Best Day of My Life” on the way back from the Credit Union – and while I’m sure I’ll have days that surpass this one (probably next week when I actually move, ha-ha) for now, it has been pretty close to being the best day of my life!

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